cartoon o’ the day: Cathy remixed

from Squid vs Unicorn, via Gawker, from whence I am not banned. Did I mention that?

Cathy remixed

8 thoughts on “cartoon o’ the day: Cathy remixed

  1. Agreed. Cathy is the Nancy of the Nineties.

    Can someone (ANYONE) explain the appeal of Nancy? The BoingBoingers seem to think it’s sweetly Beckettian, but that’s just projecting meaning where there is none. It’s not even Tolstoian; there are no holy idiots in Nancy, just idiots.

  2. BoingBoing can be extremely amusing, yet it also has a tendency to disappear up its own arse sometimes. That said, BB *did* have some recent posts about the gaping maw of suckitude that is Marmaduke, so perhaps they *do* have *some* judgement. Oh, and look for the half-suit to show up in an Adam cartoon shortly.

    Now if we could only get rid of Dolly, Jeffy, Billy, and Our Grandpa Who Art in Heaven…

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