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So that’s twice in my life. I think that’s a respectably low number of times, and I still owe AA for the first one. That’s not Alcoholics Anonymous (where would *I* ever encounter such people?) it’s Aquarian Angel. As with many of my good friends, I don’t know her actual name; well, I know 50% of it, but I also know she’s both extremely closety about her online life and armed with a shotgun she calls “Betsy.” Why do they always give them girl’s names? Is it like hurricanes or something, where you just look at it and know it’s a “Louisette” or “Martha” or something?

Where was I? Oh, yes: on painkillers.

Mention should be made (today I was out at a client’s, teaching them all about blogging and you just KNOW that mention was made of avoiding the passive voice) of the fact that today my fine heinie is featured over at the Grassy Knoll Institute. Where he got the photo I have no idea, but what can I say? After the winter we’ve had, the tramp stamp needed to be let out for some fresh air.

And this concludes our coverage of April 1, 2008.

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16 thoughts on “raincoasterrolled

  1. My only question is, how did the nocturnal raincoaster get such a deep tan? Last I saw her, she was pretty pale and pasty (but emphasis still on the ‘pretty’!)


  2. Hmmm…I thought you were vehemently anti-tattoo. I must assume that the tattoos in the photo are temporary ones for the photo shoot.

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