A Man of Mystery

Russell Crowe, before the paunch

For no reason I can imagine except that my life has been deprived of it so far, a DVD of the movie Gladiator has just shown up in my mailbox, purchased from Amazon on my behalf by a name I do not recognize with no further contact details.


The only person who’s really been outraged by the fact that I haven’t yet been exposed to the buff and beefy (instead of just puffy) version of Russell Crowe is a gay man whose name is definitely not the one on the receipt.


Oh well, the timing couldn’t be better as I will be taking it easy today as I was up till all hours last night with the Shebeen Club drinking: one Strongbow (why do I do this? why do I inventory it?), two and a half glasses of wine which Lydia bought, one Highland Park 12 year old whiskey which I bought (and bought Lydia one, leaving me effectively penniless till the paypal hits the bank around Friday) and then ran into an old friend on the way home who waylaid me for another two (or was it three?) pints of Dead Frog Nut Brown Ale at the ‘Ho.

You know? The ‘Ho? It doesn’t blow!

A friend of mine got taken to the Ivanhoe for her first legal beer on her birthday. I don’t know how many she had, nor does she because she had that many. How many? So many she passed out and woke up around three in the morning, sitting in a corner with her purse in her lap and a blanket thrown over her. Nothing was missing, either.

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20 thoughts on “A Man of Mystery

  1. Good, I’m looking forward to it. I just got my DVD player working last week, thanks to Kendra, and all I’ve got is one Harry Potter movie, Ocean’s 11 and 12 (very pretty to look at) and about eight bellydance/cardiohula exercise vids.

  2. Aha! I think I’ve narrowed it down to…ONE possibility. We shall see, we shall see. And I shall see the movie just as soon as I get off my butt and go grab some dinner.

  3. Great movie. Since you mentioned Paypal I thought I’d get your take on this. Bought Lorelle’s book via Splashpress media about seven weeks ago. Used my credit card, paypal kicked in. Don’t have a paypal account. Tried emailing Splashpress no reply. Am I stiffed.

  4. “Vis atcque Honor” [Strength and Honour]




    … I will have my vengeance,
    in this Life or the Next”

    No, I’m Spartacus

  5. Bakin, you’re possibly in luck. Seven weeks isn’t an unusual length of time to wait for a book from the US, and Paypal normally works pretty well. I HAVE heard of problems from time to time, but not generally for using a credit card; credit cards have strict rules about their use, and are tightly regulated. I would email Paypal, actually. Their Help staff have been helpful to me in the past.

    You might also want to drop a comment over at Lorelle’s. She probably knows how to kick the gears at Paypal and her own publisher as well.

  6. Good job I didn’t read this yesterday! (Guilt MAY have ruined my fond memory.)(On further thought, nah!) Little Blondie heard us talking about “The Son”. Turns out she’s got him on speed dial. Small world eh? It shouldn’t surprise me, even when he was a little kid people of all ages and ilk would say ‘Hi!’ to him no matter where we went. Disconcerting at times for sure. Handy though! An anonymous DVD is sure nicer than an anonymous comment although it says a lot about their take on your type of film. Maybe you turn the sound off? Lydia

  7. Oh god, Lydia, you have NO IDEA what a small world it is; my favorite restaurant in Ottawa belongs to her cousins! I mean, you move three thousand miles away only to run into people you probably went to school with. And your son is decorative, friendly, hugely tall, and outgoing; hard to miss.

    I’m enjoying the film, though I haven’t got through to the end yet. Stayed up till four trying to do a WordPress update. GAWD! And then slept all day; I was almost to the point of being up in the daytime normally. Dammit.

  8. I wonder if that’s the restaurant his cousin is involved with! That would be a lark! Finished my book (thank you). What a fast, fascinating read. Is the next book a continuation? DVD you can borrow – the complete set of the ’72 hockey series. You’ll be ready for Canada Day! It’s great, even though you were a child with limited memory.

  9. Oh wow, I remember that series! It was epic!

    The restaurant is Fratelli’s. It’s awesome. Apparently I must try the Tuscan fish stew next time, although my sister has me eating the gorgonzola pasta. The wine list is phenomenal there; they have a Cab Sauv called Cuttaway Hill, Australian, that I can’t get here in BC that was really everything you want a Cab Sauv to be, and it was $13 at the Ontario liquor store. Cheap like borscht for that quality. I’d save up and buy a case if I could get my hands on it.

  10. The next book will be a continuation, but also a bit more spiritual I think. Still early days, it could go in any direction. I can’t tell you the number of people who picked up the book and went through it in one night. It’s hard to put down.

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