From the front page of the Guardian, italics mine:

State funeral planned for Lady Thatcher

Lady Thatcher is expected to be granted the rare honour of a state funeral when she dies.

Aw, man! I should always read past the jump before making plans. Now what am I gonna do with all this Champagne?

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29 thoughts on “Psyche!

  1. The Guardian? They like her about as well as I do, so probably. On the other hand, they’re always posting headlines like “Dead woman shot in parking-lot attacks” and I’m thinking why bother if she was already dead? You know?

  2. @FFE:
    Hey–that guy gets at least one state funeral a year!

    And you could probably solve the problem by typing with BOTH hands.

    No, no, I meant put down the bottle. Though I can see how that could be misunderstood.

    Are you sure it’s an error, though? State funerals always seem to gather the largest number of sonsofbitches to gether.

    What’s with the teasers today? Ray Comfort (also known as “bananaman”) posted this on his own blog:

    Sad News for Some

    Ray Comfort died today in his sleep at the age of 58 years.

    One day you are probably going to hear something like that, but don’t you believe it for a moment. When a Christian passes on, he doesn’t die …

    Despite, apparently, the evidence of medical science.

    It’s not hard to believe Mr. Comfort will become a zombie. He certainly needs brains.

    However, I really think you should institute his comment policy. Mmmmmwhahahaha!

  3. Sorry–forgot to paste in the link:
    Make sure to watch this only in an an Anti-teh-crazy room.

    And remember. If the banana is “the perfect shape for the human mouth,” then so’s everything that’s also shaped like a banana.

  4. No doubt, good one indeed! You scared the crap out of me. And here I thought I’d been missing all the important news!

  5. Ah SO, have you been spying on me too? Yes, I started going over there out of morbid curiosity…and couldn’t resist leaving a comment or two.

    Trust me, I will eventually work my way up to Vangroover.

  6. Her Grace Mlle La Marchionesse La RegenKuestner De W under B de la Z
    Your Grace


    Excusez moy

    Harrumphus, Harrummpha, Harrumphissum

    The Lady T must be the only competent Prime Minister since Mr Churchill left office in 1945

    I used to think that things could not get worse after Harold Wislon – Lady Slag=Heap has so much to answer for

    UND then along came the Grocer (Edward Heath) who lied about everything ….

    ..and Mr Callaghan – it is said that he failed his exams to become a Tax Officer (Higher Grade) and so he had no alternative but to go into Politics, leading him to Number 10, Downing Street

    It says a lot about how low the Britisch had sunk, but at least they had the good sense to elect the Iron Lady (la Dame avec la Hand-Bagge)

    One can only sympathize with these poor Colonials and (ex)Colonials

    Some envy is perhaps only human from those who have had the doubtful wisdom of electing the Rudd-Monster and that kindly mensch the Harper-Creature

    UND perhaps the (ex)Colonials might profitably reflect that they might have been better off remaining LOYAL to George III … THAN the REVOLTING obnoxiousness of entrusting themselves to the TREE-Murderer and his followers – perhaps it is not surprising that the election of a Shrub should be the latest outcome

    I remain your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  7. Well, it is true that you’ve had a lot of wankers at #10 Downing Street, but efficiency and justice are completely different goals; Mrs. Thatcher was devoted only to one of them, and that the wrong one.

  8. We need more Reagans and Thatchers in the world, and fewer LOL Politicos. Less vapid rhetoric and more cojones. We need more Condoleezas and fewer Nancy (Pelosi) boys.

  9. Excuse me, but I think you made a typo there. “We need fewer Reagans…” He was, after all, an actor by trade whose primary skill was the ability to fake any quality he, hiimself, did not possess, and who was effectively senile throughout most of his second term. He was the very embodiment of the vapid rhetoric you claim to despise, a man who wouldn’t set his watch until his wife’s astrologer told him what time it was.

    This doesn’t mean he wasn’t a nice man; it just means he was not in Thatcher’s class whatsoever.

    Now, Hitler: there was a highly effective leader. It matters, which direction you lead them in.

  10. Rain, you can’t be serious, unless you’re seriously yanking my crank.

    You forget that Reagan’s policies ended the Cold War, brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union and freed the Balkan States from communist oppression, which also unified Berlin?

    You forget that his strategies resolved the Iran Hostage Crisis after Carter botched it?

    You forget that he dismantled the economic destruction of Jimmy Carter, stopped double-digit inflation by cutting taxes which provided the economic stimulus that created a booming economy years after he left office?

    Either you’re more naive than I thought, or you’re gullible in believing the left wing media trash. Or maybe you’re just yanking my crank.

    And if Hitler was an effective leader, he’d never have attacked his Russian allies, who brutally and successfully trashed the German Wehrmacht so that the western allies could mop it up later.

    No animosity intended… You gave me an honest itch that I had to scratch.

  11. Don’t you mean the Kitchen Cabinet…in concert with Gorbachev, who was acting in parallel on the other side of the world?

    You’re forgetting Canada’s role in the Iran Hostage Crisis, aren’t you? And The October Surprise, something that Reagan’s crew set the stage for.

    Hey, bring it. This blog is long-overdue for a political dustup.

    Although if you fall back on “oh, you’re a Lefty!” to write me off, you might find that most of my political allies are Tories and Libertarians. The Left-Right dichotomy is less applicable now and we’ve got a strange alliance of Libertarians and Communal Anarchists. I mean, Guido Fawkes is one of my favorite blogs, and he’s a Capitalist to the bone.

  12. You’re really just plain giving credit to Reagan for brains he didn’t possess.

    Reagan did teach me many political lessons: mostly that being likeable goes much, much farther than you’d think. That lesson was learned as well by a man named Bill Clinton, who sax-ed his way into the hearts of enough people to win two terms.

  13. Sorry Bunk. Gotta respectfully disagree. Particularly on the economic business.

    Reagan gave the US the trillion-dollar defecit, after campaigning against Carter on bugetary mismanagement. Once in office he ripped the brakes off and presented a bigger budget than Carter ever brought down. He’s one of the Big Three debt accumulators who tipped the US into seventy percent of its current $9-and-counting-trillion hole.

    (Want to guess the last name of the other two? Hint: not democrats.)

    In January ’81, the US defecit was $70 billion, debt was about $900 bil. In 1988? $200 billion and 2-point-something trillion.

    He backed tinpot dictators and torturers simply because they claimed to be anti-leftist. Then there’s the whole Iran-Contra affair, of course, in which he was either a fantastically incompetent dupe or an active and incompetent conspirator.

    He appointed a guy to run the EPA (Watt’s his name) who believed Jesus was coming any minute and would be angry that we hadn’t used up all those natural resources he gifted us with.

    He failed to take any leadership on AIDS until roughly 20,000 Americans had died of it. His first remarks came in 1987, six years after the first warnings were delivered. This had a lot to do with pandering to the hardcore evangelical base who raised so much money for him and his.

    If you care about such things: Reagan reformed immigration in such a fashion that some 4 million undocumented aliens, some 2 million of them Mexican citizens, instantly became Americans.

    Soviet Communism would have collapsed under its own weight no matter who was in charge. Same for the nuclear arsenal reduction, the USSR couldn’t afford the accelerating buildup. Nor could the US, really.

    The world might need some of the elements the not-yet-dead Iron Lady brought to her job, particularly her terrier-like sense of purpose, but it sure doesn’t need another one, and it does not need another Reagan. Except in the sense that any other president living or dead would be better than the current abomination.

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