One for Metro

emo lawn

Awwww, Metro will feel so special. I recall there was some bitching about the last time I posted something for him, but then not everyone likes getting their picture taken.

This is a Blogathon post. Don’t just sit there, SPONSOR ME!

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2 thoughts on “One for Metro

  1. Well I appreciate the link, but you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here, as you so often do.

    I don’t care what my lawn does. It seems happy enough on its own, and I don’t see why I should make us both miserable by mowing it.

    Now the garden is a different thing. A friend offered to weed it for me a couple of weeks ago–claimed she could do it in an hour. But with the amount of meths she’d been getting through, what with the all-night blogging, she probably also believed she could fly, or that she was some sort of social media guru or something.

    Naturally said weeding didn’t get done. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s hard to be disappointed when something you don’t believe will happen doesn’t.

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