Fuck Sabu: and here’s why

Fuck Sabu, Fuck FBI

Fuck Sabu, Fuck FBI

If you don’t know who Sabu is, this post isn’t going to clarify a single damn thing, except that you, my friend, do not want to be Sabu right now, or ever, really. And you certainly don’t want to have been Sabu during the Stratfor hack, because reasons.

If you don’t know who Jeremy Hammond is, allow me to refer you to this post and this article, and now that you’re all up to speed, I’d like to paste in here for posterity a post I made over on the completely impartial Julian Assange Fancier’s Guild.

I resent Sabu’s turning more than Lamo’s because Lamo never actually turned. He didn’t betray a movement that he’d been part of. He wasn’t One of Us, as it were. He’s said that politically we are complete opposites.

Sabu could have been a great man if he hadn’t ratted out his brothers-in-arms. I honestly don’t care about his children. I don’t. He did more harm to the world they’ll grow up in than can be conceived of. And god help me, but he really HAD IT; he had what it took to fire up tens of thousands of people and create an inspired force working for the cause of freedom. And he turned. I don’t care about his reasons: I’m sure they’re nice kids, but in a hundred years they’ll be dust just like all the rest of us. And if the US is still a prison state, it will be in part because of his failure of courage.

Let him explain that to those children he’s doomed to grow up in that state.

Say it with me, my friends: Fuck Sabu.

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6 thoughts on “Fuck Sabu: and here’s why

  1. Wow.

    : (

    I’m the kid of someone “everyone” said “Fuck him!” about.
    Except he was the one who didn’t betray his children and the world he wanted to protect for posterity.
    Yet, he was not actually as right as he thought he was.
    He figured he was, and never wavered.
    He didn’t even waver to protect his children. Boy did it suck!
    Anyway, I haven’t read up on the subjects you address with eloquence and passion.
    Just hurt to hear someone say “fuck his kids!”
    I appreciate your helping me out with this hack job.
    I know you must be volunteering.
    : D
    Makes you awesome!
    And the world a better place.

  2. Thanks. Sabu should have used his talents for good instead of being a rat. You can look him up on Wikipedia for background. He’ll go down in history as a famous turncoat.

  3. Rain Man Coaster

    Do not answer:

    So your friends and such are the (I hope) Anonymous Hackers and such.

    If you happen to know or know of any let em know that a whole buch of us appreciate their passionate defense.
    Haven’t researched Sabu yet, but if he turned on this, it si seriously sad.
    Can’t complain tho, I have done nothing to help. Can’t hack to save my life.
    Just write, and wiggle peoples minds loose. Madness ensues.

    Super appreciate you and whoever else, or not you and whoever!


  4. I haven’t hacked my stats, and I honestly have had that many views of my blog. In the old days I used to update it 10 times a day.

    I will pass on your comments to people in Anonymous. You don’t have to hack to help; just look at OpFreeAishah!

  5. I won’t hijack your comments again.
    Will invent somewhere else to talk to the invisible.
    With your numbers you had to have at least one visit sometime, just by the laws of average. : )
    I will look at OpFreeAishah, as well.
    Thank you for your kindness.
    Thanks for you service.
    You really helped me out. I appreciate you Raincoaster!

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