Kuato sings Chocolate Rain

We’ve long been Kuatonatics around the ol’ raincoaster blog, and not just because of his cunning linguistic skills and way with teh ladeez. No indeed, he’s a true Renaissance monster, complete with musical talents beyond the pink harmonica, as you can see from this moving edition of Tay Zonday’s instant classic from a couple of years back, Chocolate Rain.

in related news, here’s Chad Vader’s cover.

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Science for Sadists or Aeronautics from Aerchie

I’ve always heard those Aussies were somewhat rough around the edges. Having seen the instructions for creating your own airplane that Archie posted on his blog, I have to say that was somewhat understating the case, in the way that the Irish troubles are referred to as the Troubles.

This, my friends, is how Bruce goes to Kitty Hawk. Click on the image to go to his site and see the rest of the instructions. And you’ll need your airsick bag.

Build a plane

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Social Media, 18th Century Style

You just KNOW Jane Austen, were she alive today, would be one of those irritating people on Facebook with five hundred friends, all of whom she PMs regularly, curating groups, Superpoking with the best of them, and annoying the HELL out of everyone who knows her.




What’s more, it UPDATES, so keep clicking on that News Feed pic!

Stolen from CasaAz

Does this make my ass look fat?

Does this make my ass look fat?

The secret is contouring, darlings.

In totally unrelated news, I started a new job last week (Yay! CeleBitchy is one of the very top gossip blogs in the world!) currently on the very leanest kind of part-time because my computer is so crashy and I’m so crushed for time. At last count I was actually working SEVEN part-time jobs, all to get enough money for a laptop, since some of the funding I was counting on to make that happen has failed to materialize. It’s only till the end of the month, but the odds that I will snap and commit recreational homicide are increasing by the day, particularly in relation to those who text me more than five times per day, or telephone me more than twice per day or at all before nine in the morning.

In related news, there are some consolations. Here’s a picture from the inaugural (and highly respectful) post I did for CeleBitchy, Prince Harry remembers on the 5th of November.

Prince Hot Ginge in uniform