Anonifamous: The challenges of an idea in the wake of celebrity


Can Anonymous itself survive the scrutiny of the public? Particularly in light of a Hollywood movie coming soon from Brad Pitt’s production house.

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The genesis of the hacktivist collective Anonymous is a far cry from either hacking or activism. It began as a way to raise hell, for a group of mostly kids tired of a rule-bound world to careen around in their digital clown cars smashing the mailboxes of the Internet’s Babbits.

Since that beginning, the group, insofar as it can be called a group, has changed. Repeatedly. It has moved from lulz, or kicks, to extremely earnest political activities, to self-celebration, and on the way, has alienated many, and not just those who consider the group vandals, but many of those vandals themselves.

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You’re all gonna die. (Whatever).


Well, this is a chipper document to read while the west coast is on tsunami alert because of the big earthquake in Chile. An internationally known structural geologist says to Tofino “You’re all gonna die. (Whatever).” If the well-wishes weren’t bad enough, the excruciating punctuation adds the perfect fingers-on-a-chalkboard note.

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Sometimes I wish I didn’t know the things I know (see references listed at the bottom of this article).

But even if I didn’t have a PhD in Structural Geology (study of movements in the Earth’s crust, e.g. faults), and even if I hadn’t read most every scientific paper published about the earthquake and tsunami risk here on the West Coast, I think I’d be asking someone who did know. This is life-and-death stuff.

Even more relevant now, with a new geological study published last month, saying that the likelihood of the big earthquake+tsunami is nearly 4 times as likely to happen within the next 50 years than previously thought. I sold my house on Chestermans based on the old data

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BIL Conference Vancouver this weekend!


Getting back in the public speaking saddle this weekend with the all-volunteer BIL conference. Great people doing great things.

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BIL conference

BIL conference

You’ve heard about TED. Have you heard about BIL?

BIL is the quirky, populist, unconference known as the ad hoc analogue to TED. Open to the public and fully participant driven, our yearly gathering features a wild mix of technologists, scientists, artists, hackers, and those with a passion for community awareness, social entrepreneurship, and innovation. BIL emerged from a community of people who aspire to change the world for the better- everyone is on equal standing and we meet to share ideas, problems that need solving, and discoveries we are excited about with a quite diverse national and international crowd. Our attendees are our speakers and our speakers are our attendees and in true unconference style, attendees are responsible for shaping the conference itself through their participation.

BIL is organized and observed by the participants. BIL emerged from a community of people who aspire to change…

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Bitcoin Basics for Beginners: a new workshop for Vancouver and Victoria


Two new talks coming: Victoria on March 20th, Vancouver on March 23rd! Not so much “how to make a billion in bitcoin,” more like “how not to LOSE a million in bitcoin.” De-mystifying the cryptocurrency field.

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First new lectures in two years! Our courses are capped at a dozen participants to ensure maximum personalized attention and conviviality.

We feature BOTH online and in-person workshops. See them all on our Google calendar. Register securely with Paypal.

Thursday, March 20th in Victoria: Bitcoin for Beginners. 2-4 pm (a second session from 7-9 will be added if demand justifies it)

This two hour lecture is a straightforward introduction to the world of cryptocurrency with a special focus on Bitcoin. We’ll demystify the world of online currency and lay out the real risks, and real opportunities, in the field. Should your business accept bitcoin? What can you use it for? There’s still money to be made, but you might be surprised to learn just where and how.

This workshop is $50: to register, email bloggingclasses at and pay securely via Paypal (accepts Paypal, credit card, and…

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