Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, and Happy Birthday to Shane McGowan

Slightly belated, but only by a couple of hours.



That’s right, it’s Shane McGowan‘s birthday! Or was, until a couple of hours ago. Yeah, Jesus is dead and Shane McGowan is alive; whodathunkit?

Normally we have a tradition of posting the Fairytale of New York, but for some reason I’m just not feeling it this year. Had the Christmas spirit going pretty well up until Christmas itself, whereupon I decided I needed to kill something. I killed the mood instead of a bystander by going for a two hour walk with my cousin, where we found a nice little sailboat, about 25 feet of sailboat, washed up on the rocks at English Bay.

A real, live shipwreck for Christmas!

Which brings us to today’s story. Normally we have a tradition of posting A Christmas Story by Sarban (NOT the one with the Red Ryder BB Gun) but in honour of whoever is having a worse Christmas than me because they got shipwrecked on a night when all the hotels are booked and everything is closed, I’ll link instead to the truly spine-chilling “Christmas Eve on a Haunted Hulk.” Enjoy?

If that doesn’t float your boat, here’s a slick and enjoyable remix of Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas, in mellow hip-hop style, via Doc Rocket on Facebook.

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Fuck the Yule Log Video: Lil Bub Wins Christmas!

Lil Bub rules yule

Lil Bub rules yule

It’s a fact! Take that musty old VHS tape of the Christmas yule log and toss it on the fire, because there’s a new time-waster in town. The internet’s cutest cat, Lil BUB, has come out with a full hour of her napping and purring by the fireside.

Seriously. That’s all it is. One cat drooling and making noises and intermittently sleeping, with a fire in the background. Enjoy!

What could be better than an hour of a magical squonking, snorting and purring BUB at a cozy fire?

Loop it on your screen, and let BUB warm your home with SCIENCE and MAGIC this holiday season.


Getting Lucky: Two Perspectives

Daft Punk is daft if they think they will get lucky in THOSE outfits

Daft Punk is daft if they think they will get lucky in THOSE outfits

Welcome to your Friday Late Night Dance Party, featuring Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

First up, from 70′s tv fixture Soul Train (OMG there’s a Soul Train CRUISE!!!) via GOOD magazine. Hands up who learned these moves in Grade 7? And what ever happened to elephant baggies pants? Or satin pantsuits for the disco? And GET OFFA MY LAWN!

Next up, an entirely more Orthodox take on the smash hit, from, released to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and featuring some very hot breakdancing boys in need of more bobby pins.

Black (metal) Christmas!

Fuck Christmas

Fuck Christmas

Yes, it’s a week into December and I’ve decided it’s time to start with the Christmas shizz for this year. Some years we’ve taken a wide-eyed and innocent approach (I think that was the year we were four) and some years more of a Merry Fucking Christmas approach, but this year I think we’ll go with a Punk Rock Christmas, including this lovely album cover from Bing Crosby (signed!) and a tuneful welcome to the Yuletide from the Peanuts gang, via Journal of a Journalist.

GPOY: Rage Faces Edition



Sure is Monday, ain’t it?

Takes a fair bit to put me off my writing stride when I’ve got so much good material, but today had ALL of it, in bucketloads. Still, I can gloat about my TrapWire article being as far as I can tell the first in North America outside of @UpdateBen’s brilliant Storify, which you should definitely read. I got 24 Reddits. Hooboy, am I ever flattered! However, thanks to huge pickup by Anonymous (thanks, guys!) it got 428 tweets and 166 Facebook shares and likes, so Operation Global Media Domination is doing well, at least. I just wish I’d written the followup instead of us just syndicating the article from That Other Site. Still, if I can find something to FOI (and surely there must be something) I can go for it. The question is, will the bosses pay for my time rooting through the emails?

Then I hung around online for two hours I should have been working out or at least getting my butt off these cheapo Waves chairs that are gonna make some chiropractor rich just as soon as I can afford one, only to find out Ecuador can’t make up its fucking mind. DON’T THESE PEOPLE KNOW I HAVE DEADLINES???

Julian Assange, if this comes down when I’m afk I will never forgive you.

And me all out of gin. This week can only get better, right?