GPOY: the morning after

GPOY and how are YOU this morning?

GPOY and how are YOU this morning?

What can I say? Between travelling to Ruralopolis again for a mini-working-vacation and writing up the Julian Assange Follies (or should that be the UK Foreign Office Follies?) for the Daily Dot, all overnight, I can’t say I’m well-rested.

Which is too bad, because apparently I have a wedding to plan. See you all on a nice, secluded beach in Ecuador soon. We’re registered at Jane’s Defence Weekly; we want matching night vision goggles. Can’t think what for…


Julian Assange knows that you know

Julian Assange knows that you know

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GPOY: Rage Faces Edition



Sure is Monday, ain’t it?

Takes a fair bit to put me off my writing stride when I’ve got so much good material, but today had ALL of it, in bucketloads. Still, I can gloat about my TrapWire article being as far as I can tell the first in North America outside of @UpdateBen’s brilliant Storify, which you should definitely read. I got 24 Reddits. Hooboy, am I ever flattered! However, thanks to huge pickup by Anonymous (thanks, guys!) it got 428 tweets and 166 Facebook shares and likes, so Operation Global Media Domination is doing well, at least. I just wish I’d written the followup instead of us just syndicating the article from That Other Site. Still, if I can find something to FOI (and surely there must be something) I can go for it. The question is, will the bosses pay for my time rooting through the emails?

Then I hung around online for two hours I should have been working out or at least getting my butt off these cheapo Waves chairs that are gonna make some chiropractor rich just as soon as I can afford one, only to find out Ecuador can’t make up its fucking mind. DON’T THESE PEOPLE KNOW I HAVE DEADLINES???

Julian Assange, if this comes down when I’m afk I will never forgive you.

And me all out of gin. This week can only get better, right?

Spy vs I

Your International Spy Name is Countess Moonstone

Your Code Name: Clam Chowder
You Reside in: Paris

Why You’re a Good Spy: You have total recall

So, what have you been up to lately? I have been recovering from some weird stomach bug and going deep into the world of hackers, leakers, whistleblowers, spies, and Anonymii. On the one hand I have about a hundred pages of raw notes (only a slight exaggeration). On the other, wrestling this all into neat, linear narratives is easier said than done, even if you think “linear narratives” is easy to say, and if you do you’re either a voice coach or a pretentious twerp.

Not that we have anything against either of those.

In Operation Global Media Domination news, things have been progressing moderately well. Still not published in the Guardian, having to take yet another whack at the story, but having given up on getting a quote from the Minister in question, I’m just going to write around her. She will awaken in the morning completely surrounded by exclusive, internationally famous quotes from an angry and outraged citizenry. Some times “no comment” says volumes.

Was at the 100th anniversary of the Bunker Project, Canada’s #1 social media podcast. I’m very proud to have been singled out as the one who got them censored on iTunes, and I DIDN’T EVEN DROP ONE F BOMB THIS TIME! Mother would be so proud.

Flamed out on my audition to be part of a panel for CBC Radio’s On The Coast, discussing the week in BC. Reasons:

  1. I am SO NOT about the hyperlocal, particularly lately. Ask me about internet privacy in Australia or Russia’s weaponization of sex spam and I can talk and talk. Ask me where Fort Langley is and I’ll ask why I should care.
  2. Cathy says with all this talk of Anonymous and WikiLeaks and so on, I frighten people. This is true, of course. My own boss’s eyes got very wide when I listed the Anons I know who are in prison now (Kahuna, Trick, and Anarchaos, for starters… and Sabu, who is NOT in prison…but wait for it.). But I continue to believe there’s a market for it. Come on, Eli Roth, back up a blogger here! Scary sells!

Oh well, should, say, the morning show ever need to do an in-depth investigation of government corruption and CSIS, for instance, they know I’m their girl. Now to get back to emailing hackers for interviews and checking for a reply from the Department of Homeland Security

And then this happened…

Julian Assange by Cara Spoza

Julian Assange by Cara Spoza

Some people wonder why I like fangirl sites. Read this and wonder no more.

  • Lorraine, I really like your style, the way you write, the interviews you make are always very interesting and original…..why dont you do a “Greenwald” and move on to a better more well known venue? You’ve got plenty of talent.

  •  Thanks, that’s really kind of you to say. I do have an assignment from the Guardian, but they didn’t like the first draft. I have to raise my game if I want to work for them regularly.

    And the people at the Daily Dot are awesome. They are a great team of fun, helpful people all of whom have more pure journalism experience than I do. Much as I like to swear at editorial cuts and deadlines, they are great to work with and I’d miss them if I left.

    Also: let’s just say the major news outlets are not beating down my door. Anonymous, hackers and leaks are not mainstream enough to be very marketable, and my style is quirky. But I did have an interview Friday with On the Coast, CBC’s afternoon radio show; if it works out, I’ll be on a weekly panel discussing current events. Hope I was amusing and interesting enough in the interview. Wish me luck.

  • Xochitl

    Lorraine those are great news! I wish you the very best and keep us post it.


  •  Thanks!

  • LadyB

    Besides it’s clear you know what you’re talking about, raincoaster, and this is very rare when speaking of tech stuff/web journalism/hacking communities/Internet dynamics and related arguments.

    Maybe you could try the Guardian, they are changing editorial line in these very days  ;P

  •  I’m going to put you all down as references, okay? If I ask John Young he’ll just tell me to get fucked, references are lies, resumes are fabrications, etc, etc.

    I want to get my big Anon vs Pedo story out before I hit the Guardian up for that. They don’t really have anyone doing Anonymous on a regular basis except Barratt Brown and I can’t see myself knocking him aside

  • TooMuchSunshine

    Indeed. RC is more knowleadgeable in these areas than many self described “experts”

  • Thanks! now, tell all your local and national papers, tv and radio stations.

  • Xochitl

    I will, do you know Spanish?

  •  Nope. I can count to five in Spanish, thanks to Count von Count on Sesame Street, but that’s it, alas.

Hump Day Unicorn Chaser: what did you do yesterday raincoaster edition

I'm a fucking unicorn

I’m a fucking unicorn

Truth be told, I’m not really feeling the whole Unicorn Chaser phenomenon, but it’s fucking Wednesday so here you go with the kyoot kittehs and assorted adorbz shit.

Snuggie-clad ProtoGay Performs Beyonce:

Seriously, The Thuggie should give that kid some money and backup dancers from Glee and shoot their own commercial. 105,000 views in ten days isn’t scruffy.

If that wasn’t gay enough, let’s have a Kiki!

Okay, your unicorn chaser cutemeister is officially outta here.

Dandelion bailing the fuck outta here

Dandelion bailing the fuck outta here

Time to get real. IF this internet will let me (Starbucks, we’re gonna have words, I tell ya; when Wind mobile is faster, you KNOW you’ve got a problem).

So, what did your intrepid blogger do yesterday, you’re all wondering? Yes? Put your plausible faces on, audience, I like a little effort on your part.

  1. Interviewed Anonymous for an hour and a half on the Par:AnoIA leaks site. Got trolled, what do you expect? but survived.
  2. Sent another list of questions to State Rep Dan Gordon of Rhode Island (this is the third time; he says he’ll answer this time, who knows, he even might)
  3. Sent an email interview question list to Brian Vidovic of EXP bar and restaurant, which hopes to open soon IF they can get this tsuris with their liquor license cleared up.
  4. Interviewed John Young, the founder of Cryptome (and a co-founder of WikiLeaks) and god, wasn’t THAT an experience and a half. Post should be up on the Daily Dot tomorrow, and will be epicsauce. Unless your initials are DDB or JA. Or raincoaster. But how did he KNOW I was a deranged terrorist?
  5. Actually got a workout done, 20 minutes on the stationary bike but better than nothing. I’m doing a 30 day boot camp thingy, so far so good.
  6. Deciphered a math puzzle GIF at 4am, found out the original poster back in 2004, found an alternate version of the same puzzle with the opposite result, found the most lucid and easy to follow explanation on the net, and wrote it up for my Morning GIF: the Fibonacci Bamboozle. God I wish I had to go to a party with math nerds, so I could wear a tank dress with a spiral of sequins on it and explain I was wearing “Fibonacci Sequins!”
  7. Tweaked my Adsense account and ads on
  8. Set up monetization on my YouTube channel, but for whatever reason I can’t activate it on the video with over a million views. Ranted at Support after taking 45 minutes to FIND support at YouTube.
  9. Storified the epic Twitter battle between the new @AnonymousIRC and @Wikileaks.
  10. Read several apparently-still-classified documents on infosec and learned a great deal.
  11. Scored half price sushi at T&T for dinner, keeping strictly to my No Flour, No Sugar, No Salt diet. Oh, and did all this while getting in an hour and a half of walking as well.
  12. Felt smug right up until falling asleep face-first in my book.

Which reminds me it’s time to get off the internet, jam some food down my gullet, and get my workout in for today. What did I do today? Pitched four stories or five, can’t remember, wrote up the John Young interview, revised it, waited…waited…waited, went and got my other blog posts up.