Who am I today?

I am, apparently, two people. Which is fewer than normal for me.

I'm Joe Strummer and you're not

I’m Joe Strummer and you’re not

Which Punk Icon Are You?

You got: Joe Strummer from The Clash

You have a cynical view of the world, but you’re nevertheless very earnest and truly believe that people have the power to bring about positive change. You’re very curious and creative, and are very active in seeking out inspiration in unlikely places.


I am the Thin White Duke and you aren't

I am the Thin White Duke and you aren’t

Try the Which Bowie are You quiz at Zimbio. and tell them AND Buzzfeed to provide a goddam embed code, wouldja?

Time to celebrate! Who knows, I may take the Geographic Cure soon enough!

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Quiz: Which The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Character are you?

Unlike the last time I took this (when I was Edmund) I turned out to be Lucy, so apparently I’m becoming progressively more innocent as I age, which proves that William Blake was right all along. FACT.

You can take the quiz here.

You Scored as Lucy Pevensie

You are Lucy Pevensie, youngest of the family. Your playfulness and curiosity lead you to new places and new people. You are always supporting your family and friends, lending assistance wherever you can. You are honest, but often accused of lying.

Lucy Pevensie
Edmund Pevensie
Peter Pevensie
Jadis, The White Witch
Susan Pevensie

The Most Astonishingly Accurate Internet Quiz in All of Time and Space

We at the ol’ raincoaster blog have long been known as vigorous advocates of the dispassionate scientific method. So naturally, we cast a deeply skeptical eye over those so-called accurate quizzes that populate the back pages of women’s magazines and the lesser blogosphere. We are not pushovers; we are not fools.

We are, however, apparently Lucy.

You Are Lucy

You are smart as a whip… maybe a little too smart for your own good! Other people tend to annoy you.

You tell it like it is, and you’re not about to spare anyone’s feelings. You’re very blunt.You are assertive to the point of being aggressive. You know what you want, and you’re going to make sure you get it.

Deep down, you’re trying to be helpful. You give good advice, even if people don’t want to hear it. You always shoot from the hip.

It’s quite clear this quiz, unlike most, is scientifically 100% accurate. We feel confident giving this our Scientific Seal of Approval.


celebrity sperminators?

celebrity sperminators?

You know how fond we are of our internet quizzes around these parts (particularly when we’re feeling lazy, which is always). This may be our greatest find in all of Internet Quiz history. Oh, first we were all like, that site is so skanky! It’s fucking Essex Online, with a side of Whalley.tripod.com crossed with JerseyShore.com.

It is nothing more nor less than a celebrity sperm bank.

And…it’s British people. So their definition of “celebrity” includes basically anyone with a tan and competent orthodontistry.

But they have a quiz, so we gave it a whirl. Well, just LOOK at this, wouldja?

Famedaddy Bono

Famedaddy Bono

Obviously this quiz is wise beyond the lot of mortals. HOW DID IT KNOW???? Le sigh. Some day.


New Life Choices

Daphne blends in

Daphne blends in

When first one begins to make new life choices, there is only one place for an intrepid change-maker to start: self-analysis. And for quality self-analysis, I always turn to internet quizzes.

You Are Stalking

You tend to be very obsessive. Once you focus your attention on something or someone, it’s all you think about.
You are also very secretive. People don’t know much about the life that you lead.

You are attracted to weak people. You may want to prey on them, but you also may just want to help them.You need attention, and you can get desperate if you aren’t getting attention from the right person. You’ll do about anything to get noticed.

Check, check, check, and CHECK. That’s the hard part over with.

Next stop: the wardrobe department! As you can see from the GPOY at the top of the post, that’s all taken care of.

Sadly, the bottom has dropped out of the formerly-lucrative blackmail market. In a world currently enduring its sixth season of Jersey Shore, there is no market for shame whatsoever.

This leaves me with the unanswered critical question: how in hell do I make a living from this particular assortment of talents? I hate the thought of going into politics!