Vancouver Timelapse: September 5

After three consecutive years of trying and failing to leave the city of Vancouver (to take a job in Yellowknife that didn’t work out, by dying of an undiagnosed bile duct condition which was discovered and cured by accident, by renting a paradise cottage in Penticton which was pulled out from under me at the last second), faithful readers might well ask, “So, what gives with that? How is it really so hard?”

Well, could you leave this easily?

Double rainbow lighting WHAT DOES IT MEAN Vancouver shot by Ted Mogan

Double rainbow lighting WHAT DOES IT MEAN Vancouver shot by Ted Mogan

Vancouver Rainbow by Andrew Strain

Vancouver Rainbow by Andrew Strain


Vancouver Sunset by Robin McMillan

Vancouver Sunset by Robin McMillan

Two words, people: No Filter.

Hump Day Unicorn Chaser: The Wisdom of Bob Ross

Bob Ross is your Unicorn Chaser for today

Bob Ross is your Unicorn Chaser for today

Didn’t we used to have a tradition on the blog where, on Wednesdays, we posted a delightful little brain cleanser, the Unicorn Chaser? Yes, yes we did. What happened to it? Shit happened, boys and girls, as it is wont to do however little fiber you eat. But today we are bringing it back with these words of wisdom from that great hippie master Bob Ross.

Why Not?

Keep Calm and Pretend it's Not Monday

Keep Calm and Pretend it’s Not Monday

So it’s not Wednesday. It feels like it: I’ve already blown through half my work hours allowed for the week at the Daily Dot and a fat lot of good it did me so it’s time for a little break.

Welcome to Honorary Hump Day.

Here’s a great video from our old friend Mark Day, who made a lightning visit to Burning Man (not that we’re jellus) and is now looking more Californian than we’ve ever seen him. Congratulations, you’ve made a nearly full recovery from your Hebridean upbringing. Stay till the end for bonus AWWWWWW.

Why the nose? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Hump Day Unicorn Chaser: what did you do yesterday raincoaster edition

I'm a fucking unicorn

I’m a fucking unicorn

Truth be told, I’m not really feeling the whole Unicorn Chaser phenomenon, but it’s fucking Wednesday so here you go with the kyoot kittehs and assorted adorbz shit.

Snuggie-clad ProtoGay Performs Beyonce:

Seriously, The Thuggie should give that kid some money and backup dancers from Glee and shoot their own commercial. 105,000 views in ten days isn’t scruffy.

If that wasn’t gay enough, let’s have a Kiki!

Okay, your unicorn chaser cutemeister is officially outta here.

Dandelion bailing the fuck outta here

Dandelion bailing the fuck outta here

Time to get real. IF this internet will let me (Starbucks, we’re gonna have words, I tell ya; when Wind mobile is faster, you KNOW you’ve got a problem).

So, what did your intrepid blogger do yesterday, you’re all wondering? Yes? Put your plausible faces on, audience, I like a little effort on your part.

  1. Interviewed Anonymous for an hour and a half on the Par:AnoIA leaks site. Got trolled, what do you expect? but survived.
  2. Sent another list of questions to State Rep Dan Gordon of Rhode Island (this is the third time; he says he’ll answer this time, who knows, he even might)
  3. Sent an email interview question list to Brian Vidovic of EXP bar and restaurant, which hopes to open soon IF they can get this tsuris with their liquor license cleared up.
  4. Interviewed John Young, the founder of Cryptome (and a co-founder of WikiLeaks) and god, wasn’t THAT an experience and a half. Post should be up on the Daily Dot tomorrow, and will be epicsauce. Unless your initials are DDB or JA. Or raincoaster. But how did he KNOW I was a deranged terrorist?
  5. Actually got a workout done, 20 minutes on the stationary bike but better than nothing. I’m doing a 30 day boot camp thingy, so far so good.
  6. Deciphered a math puzzle GIF at 4am, found out the original poster back in 2004, found an alternate version of the same puzzle with the opposite result, found the most lucid and easy to follow explanation on the net, and wrote it up for my Morning GIF: the Fibonacci Bamboozle. God I wish I had to go to a party with math nerds, so I could wear a tank dress with a spiral of sequins on it and explain I was wearing “Fibonacci Sequins!”
  7. Tweaked my Adsense account and ads on
  8. Set up monetization on my YouTube channel, but for whatever reason I can’t activate it on the video with over a million views. Ranted at Support after taking 45 minutes to FIND support at YouTube.
  9. Storified the epic Twitter battle between the new @AnonymousIRC and @Wikileaks.
  10. Read several apparently-still-classified documents on infosec and learned a great deal.
  11. Scored half price sushi at T&T for dinner, keeping strictly to my No Flour, No Sugar, No Salt diet. Oh, and did all this while getting in an hour and a half of walking as well.
  12. Felt smug right up until falling asleep face-first in my book.

Which reminds me it’s time to get off the internet, jam some food down my gullet, and get my workout in for today. What did I do today? Pitched four stories or five, can’t remember, wrote up the John Young interview, revised it, waited…waited…waited, went and got my other blog posts up.