The Weekend Effect

Reverse Dandelion

Reverse Dandelion

I’m feeling somewhat blown myself, recently. Between work burnout and working out burnout, it’s been a very, very tough week. Hopefully the weekend will have this effect on me. I could use some help getting myself back together lately.

Because Monday, I have to come back 100%, and thanks to the timelines of other people, I have to do it by 4am.

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Hump Day Unicorn Chaser: Ethersec Anon Edition

Ethersec Anon would like to take the whole world on a trip

Ethersec Anon would like to take the whole world on a trip

I thought this was cheery and pretty and freaky enough to make a pretty sweet Unicorn Chaser, and I dunno about you but I need a double this week, so here it is. Since it’s Anonymous in trippy format, I thought immediately of Ethersec. Ethersec, you may or may not know, is Anonymous‘ attempt to hack religion.

From my post on the DailyDot:

The posting [says] that everyone is an agent of change, and that EtherSec is a collective of specially gifted people whose talents “allow us to perceive the reality outside of the matrix.”

If you remember your Matrix trilogy, effectively it [is saying] everyone is Neo. There is just enough unspecific appeal to the spirit and promise of action to pique interest.

The manifesto goes on to outline a word salad of spiritualism, quantum physics, and nerdery that will surely tug at the heartstrings of any Westerner who feels there’s something wrong with the world and yearns for a spiritual alternative, but who cannot tolerate organized religion. That’s a pretty sizable number of people.

So, if yoga and Occupy aren’t doing it for you, maybe up the ante and try Tai Chi and Ethersec. If nothing else, NOBODY will be able to one-up you at brunch at Sophie’s.

Hump Day Unicorn Chaser: Empowering Musical Interlude Edition

Rosie sez we can do it

Rosie sez we can do it

Those of you who’ve been following along on Twitter know that this has been a fraught week chez raincoaster, but as always, at least it’s been good for hits [UPDATE: I can't get away with a tasteless joke on my own damn blog anymore, it seems. What is the world coming to?]. While it’s been awful for self-esteem, it’s also been kind of awesome, as I see the support I’ve gotten from the most and least expected places. You know who you are, and I’ve tried to thank each of you individually. If I missed you, it’s my fault, and let me know so I can correct it. The negatives didn’t really bother me once the facts got straightened out; it was the support posts, comments, emails and tweets that gave me the sniffles.

So, for myself and anyone else who is firing on three cylinders instead of 12 right now, here are some empowering music videos. If nothing else, you can watch them and remind yourself how much prettier you are than Christina Aguilera.

Pink: So What?

Taylor Mali: What Teachers Make
which contains the awesome line “I have a policy about honesty and asskicking, which is if you ask for it, then I have to let you have it.”

Christina Aguilera: Fighter

Post-Valentine’s Day Unicorn Chaser

Geek Online Dating with Julian Assange

Geek Online Dating with Julian Assange; satisfaction guaranteed or your encryption key back!

And how was YOUR Valentine’s Day?

Spokesmodeling: looks like somebody’s found a way to keep Wikileaks flush while fighting court cases around the world! Smart thinking; the marketing of is challenging in the extreme, thanks to people’s selfish refusal to be sexually attracted to the physically repulsive. All they need is a little marketing makeover (and diet and exercise, facials, stylists, and grooming tips) and POOF! Instant sex god dating site.

Also related: Penis Puppy! Awww, so cute…and about 30 inches long!

Penis Puppy

Penis Puppy

If you’re not dating, how are you spending your time? If you’re like me, like this:

Tea and hardcovers

Tea and hardcovers

You KNOW you have no secrets on the internet. Oh, PS: You left the webcam on.

Post-Hump Day Occupy Unicorn Chaser

Short Attention Span Lemur presents: your Occupy Unicorn Chaser!

Short Attention Span Lemur presents: your Occupy Unicorn Chaser!

A day late and $75 billion short on your Unicorn Chaser good news roundup. After what went down last night in Oakland, I think we could all use a Unicorn Chaser, and the sooner the better.

What went down in Oakland, did I hear you ask? This:

But hey, cheer up!

Occupy Rockettes. If Michael Lohan can do it, you can too!

Occupy Rockettes. If Michael Lohan can do it, you can too!

There! All better! Not quite?


Occu-Pumpkin to be turned into Occu-pie!


Well, I didn’t want to bring out the heavy artillery, but okay. Here goes. Be careful: better sit down for this.

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