DramaSec Lite: Spamboy and The Butthurt Kid

Been awhile since we had one of these, eh? But been quite a week for it (I’ll share the rest later). After basically having retired from volunteering in the support forums for several weeks, this popped up on the radar today. First, I commented on another blogger’s post about a spammer, then the spammer spam-liked all my comments and made some kind of insult which the blogger immediately wiped. Then spamboy send me a message via my contact form:

You like his blog so much I thought you might also like what he said about you when he thought you were his enemy. As I said, just a troll. And you are little better. https://andykaufmanskavalkadekrew.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/wordpress-support-volunteer-speaks-out-tushy-when-answering-support-request/

To which I naturally replied that I have gotten death threats from ISIS, and that sort of thing doesn’t bother me. Spamboy wasn’t happy with that, though, so he took it to the technical support forums where, as I said above, I have been largely absent for some weeks.

Timethief and Raincoaster

  1. aopinionatedman
    Apr 22, 2015, 12:06 AM

    Dear WP admins,

    So can any “blogger” claim they are a “help” here in the support forum and use this place to paste their “help links” everywhere to gain whitehat SEO like timethief does? Or is she special and the only blogger allowed to hawk these forums and “gain” her page ranking in this way?


    The blog I need help with is aopinionatedman.com.

  2. mypersonallthing
    Apr 22, 2015, 2:43 AM

    I want to know about that too!

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for your message on the contact form, and also for the personal insults on that other blogger’s blog. As I said to you via email, I have gotten death threats from ISIS and your butthurt is of no interest to me.

    If you wish to follow the recommended procedure, please fill out this form and stuff it up your ass. Your swollen head fits up there, so I know there’s a lot of room.

  4. For staff: spamboy, the OP, is posting in the technical forum because he lost a war in somebody’s comments section, and his mommy was unable to soothe him:https://andykaufmanskavalkadekrew.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/opinionated-man-enbraces-title-of-expert-cyberbully/#comment-13285

  5. Speaking of SEO.


well, better late than never, eh?

You may not LOL, but I sure did. More than a year after I left the Daily Dot, I’ve been taken off their password system. That’s proactive security, people, that’s some ace security.

Hello from Passpack!
Sorry, but it seems you’ve been removed from Daily_Dot’s connections.
To verify, login to:


Go to the “People” tab.

You can no longer exchange secure messages or send each other passwords.


Gee, what SHOULD I have done, when I had the chance?

In related news, their political reporter (formerly Anonymous reporter) Dell Cameron tried to fisk an article of mine last night, but his tweet had a glaring spelling mistake and apparently he thinks it’s still 2014. Then he deleted it.

Then he tweeted this.

I’m On My Deathbed So I’m Coming Clean: Here’s The Gruesome Truth About What Happened To My First Wife

Swear to god, this short story in a Cthulian vein almost redeems ThoughtCatalog. Almost. It’s THAT good.

Thought Catalog

Tiffany BaileyTiffany Bailey

Some people spend their whole lives bored. They might not even know it, but they are. They get up in the morning, go to work, head home, eat dinner, go to bed – this same tired routine playing out endlessly, endlessly, day after day until they find themselves in the ground. Some people will never realize they wasted their life until it’s already over.

Not me. I lived my life to the fullest. I did everything I ever wanted to – ate the finest foods, traveled to exotic lands, slept with beautiful women – because I understood what most people don’t. I knew that everyone is handed this one chance to experience the world as it spins in the darkness of space, but more importantly I knew that you only get so many spins.

I have my first wife to thank for this. It will surprise some…

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451 Indian companies have two weeks to find women directors—or face the music

Hmmmmmm, I could use a richly-paid directorship with all travel expenses paid. Make me offers, India!


It has been little over a year since the Securities And Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the country’s market regulator, made it mandatory for listed companies (pdf) to have at least one woman director on their boards.

Indian companies have till April 1, 2015—or two more weeks—to comply with the new rules. The earlier deadline was Oct. 1, 2014. Despite the six-month extension given by the SEBI, most companies have failed to appoint a woman director.

Of the 1,479 companies listed on India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE), 451—or one-third—still haven’t complied, data from PRIME database, a capital markets information provider, shows. The data is accurate as of March 15.

This means that women directors need to be appointed at the rate of 30 per day for the next 15 days for these NSE-listed firms to be compliant, according to Pranav Haldea, managing director of PRIME database.

At the 200 leading companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE),

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Canadian Sniper: watch the trailer

Canadian Sniper, currently breaking box office records from Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, is a poignant lumbersexual domestic drama illustrating the post traumatic stress of a, yes, Canadian Sniper, isolated and alone in an environment deprived even of a backyard rink.