Friday Movie and Cocktail Pairing: They Live and Bubblegum Vodka


Another perfect pairing for your weekend! Enjoy!

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They Live! And you'd better believe Rowdy Roddy Piper is gonna do something about it!

They Live! And you’d better believe Rowdy Roddy Piper is gonna do something about it!

It came from Outer Space. It came from 1988. It came, yes, from Rowdy Roddy Piper.

And it was glorious!

It wasThey Live!!!

The plot is a fantastic, John Carpenterian twist on the “hidden overlords” theme which is universal to the human psyche. Or is that just me? Mullet-headed drifter Nada (see what he did there?) searches for a job. A job somewhere that has no ish with mullets and the Canadian Tuxedo he sports, presumably. Nada scores a construction gig and, elated, rummages around in trash and stumbles across a pair of bitchin’ Wayfarers.

Deus Ex Machina alert!

He puts them on, the better to complete his ensemble as The Ultimate 80′s Dude, and finds that, to his shock/horror, through their lenses the world we think of as normal is…

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Attention Edward Snowden: INCOMING!

Well, this should end well.

Flounce Bingo, the national game of the Internet

Flounce Bingo, the national game of the Internet

There are some people the internet will miss, and me as well. And then there are some who…well…

So, I’m an admin in a hacker group on Facebook. This is challenging enough with people who are real, rather than made-up personas, and who speak English rather than some garbled patois known only to troll forums, intelligible only to RealGirls and other similarly mentally-challenged persons or entities. But not everyone who is there is real, sane, fluent in English, or respectful of boundaries.

Since I am identifiably and undeniably female on Facebook, those persons feel that I must be the most welcoming, friendly, helpful, and empathic admin.

This is a mistake.

Here is one of them. Let’s mock him, shall we?

Via completely, utterly unsolicited private message on Facebook:

Well, gee. Glad I could help.

Edward, you’re welcome.

Friday Pairing: VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES and the Zombie Cocktail


The next in our ongoing series of movie/cocktail pairings for a crazy weekend in.

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Why HELLO there

Why HELLO there

Or, as it’s known in the original Spanish, LA REBELION DE LAS MUERTAS. Or, as it’s known chez raincoaster, “another extremely hot Paul Naschy movie.”

For weedy, consumptive contemporary zombie fans (why do even the zombies look anorexic in Hollywood? Oh yeah, no brains there!) who think zombies are caused by some sort of contagious cooties and don’t differ all that much from the people you see staffing the till at gas stations in the wee small hours, this movie is a true shocker. You see, it has real zombies. And real movie stars.

Paul Naschy, one of my favorite (reluctant) movie stars, wrote, directed, and/or starred in an all-too-forgotten series of horror movies throughout the late 60′s and up as late as the 90′s. His heroes were flawed; well, actually they were generally homicidal werewolves who, when in human form, were consumed with complex self-hatred. So, less flawed than…

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Facebook facing it

From the Department of Holy Shit, comes this apology from the Ottawa Citizen to David Bowie. Lest you think this a minor fracas in the media wars, realize that every major media outlet in the planet grabbed this as a headline, thus getting it wrong all the way across the globe. And yes, click the add more.