Harper’s Government Hosts “The African Hitler”

For what it's worth, passed on from Cryptome:


Toronto, Canada, 26 March 2006 (GLAC) – The Canadian government led by the conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in association with several Canadian multinationals, has invited the African Hitler, the dictator Paul Kagame, for a visit to Canada on April 25th and 26th 2006, Great Lakes Confidential has learnt from very reliable sources.

On his way to Canada, Paul Kagame drags with him the blood of millions of people. According to a diplomat who confided in Grands-Lacs Confidentiel, "Beyond any doubt, Kagame is the greatest african killer of all times". The gesture of the Canadian government to invite such an individual affects greatly the respect the whole world has for Canada in terms of human rights and democratic values.

"Canada often played a foreign politics of hypocrisy. A true Pharisee, pretending to be a prophet of light" the source said.

Early 1990's, some Western powers, among which the United States (Clinton's administration), the British and Belgian governments, appointed Paul Kagame to head a war that aimed at " reshaping the heart of the African continent". It is with this precise objective that Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni accepted to be in command of "the darkest page of the African history of the last 50 years" our source, a diplomat, said.

Paul Kagame is the main trigger of the Rwandan genocide of april 1994. With Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, he also is the main architect of the war of occupation, depopulation and exploitation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This war has caused the death of more than 5 million people since 1998. It is also Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni the engineers of the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye, the first President democratically elected in Burundi since the independence. Mr. Ndadaye was butchered on October 21st 1993.

Why are Canadian multinationals interested in Paul Kagame who rules Rwanda, one of the poorest countries in the world with no natural resources what so ever to offer them?

These multinationals with their Canadian lobbyists play at two levels :

1. They financed a conference held exclusively about the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), entitled "Gouvernance et secteur minier : le défi congolais" (governance and mine sector: the challenge of the Congo" which took place in Montreal on march 30 – 31, 2006. To view the program of the conference click on the following hyperlink:http://www.unites.uqam.ca/grama/pdf/Colloque_RDCongo_programme.pdf

2. At the second level, those lobbyists are organizing another conference under the fallacious theme "Education and economic Development in Africa". The conference pretends to use the analysis that the experts have made at the conference to put in action plans for the future of the Congo.

When one would expect a guest from the concerned country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo; it is Paul Kagame who is officially invited by the Canadian Government to meet the multinationals and sign mineral deals that will affect the lives of thousands in the DRC. Our source, a member of the conference organizer committee warns that the impact of Kagame's deal with the Canadian multinationals in the Congo could be effective as early as 2006 for the 20 years to come.

"Paul Kagame's arrival in Canada meets the multinational's need to refinance the military option so as to perpetuate the looting of the resources in Africa. The DRC will be sold in pledge. What is determinant is the level at which Paul Kagame will meet the executives of the Canadian multinationals. The Canadian policy to keep on supporting such a mass killer, meaning the continuity of the depopulation of Africa, is simply a shame" affirms our source.

Several Canadian and American business men, high level political personalities, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Ottawa, representatives of Canadian and American multinationals will inevitably be at the meetings of the 25th and 26th of April in Montreal, to listen to the "guest speaker", the greatest living war criminal.

When inviting Paul Kagame, the government of Stephen Harper :

1. Tramples on the democratic values and human rights that many canadians want to protect.2. Gets openly involved in a new war of conquest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as in a new wave of massacres of the Congolese population.

On the African level, the meeting of Paul Kagame with Western powers coincides with a disturbing situation occurring in Burundi and DRC which manifests itself in the following manner:

· The recent visit of James Kabarebe, the head of the Rwandan army, to Burundi and Tanzania.

· The arrival of many mercenaries in Bujumbura en route to invade the DRC.

· The uncompromising stand of the Rwandans living in the DRC, threatening the Congolese government in order to obtain a "tutsiland" at the gunpoint.

· Early March this year, a failed coup attempt took place in Bujumbura aiming at toppling the second democratically elected regime of Burundi. Overthrowing the democratic regime in Burundi is the price Burundi will have to pay to serve as a corridor to Kagame's mercenaries to invade the DRC. The chaos in Bujumbura will be a favourable opportunity for this new invasion.

· The first democratic elections planed for June 2006 in DRC might put an end to the looting of the Congo's abundant natural resources. This will not be good for the multinationals who financed the war for "reshaping Central Africa".

A specialist of strategic Issues in the Great Lakes region of Africa, from his office in Toronto, specifies that this visit "must be cancelled by any possible means. It is a question of Congolese people living in Canada, in association with other Africans, to get organized, to put pressure, write to Canadian government's representatives to cancel the visit of this criminal".

In order to disguise this visit which is crucial for the future of Central Africa, pro-Kagame lobbyists invented from scratch, the so-called conference on education in Africa, whereas the true intentions of the Harper government are to :

– Keep for ever the free access of multinationals to the huge mining ressources of the DRC as well as the chaos and the abuse on populations that goes with it.- Sign new agreements between the Canadian multinationals and Kagame so as to start the war over again and stop the coming elections in DRC.

– Show the Canadian government's support to Paul Kagame to have him continue with his favourite mission consisting of plunging Central Africa into mourning.

If the Canadian Government had honest intentions towards the DRC, it would first appear by its respect for the democratic elections planned for June 2006, the first elections since 1960. The Canadian government would wait for the elections of the new government to initiate connections between the new government and mining companies.

On the contrary, the speed of the invitation, between Stephen Harper's elections at the end of January 2006 and before the Congolese elections in June, is a true insult for the Congolese people that prepares for elections with so much enthusiasm.

To hide its support to the criminal, the conservative government of Ottawa, chose to invite Kagame in Montreal, far from the capital city, to give the impression that it is simply a business visit. But there again, what business could be discussed between Rwanda and Canadian mining companies, except for Congolese business? The liberal government of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien refused to receive a visit from Kagame.

Among the multinationals that financed and still support the war of the depopulation and looting in DRC, one can name the following Canadian companies: Barrick Gold, American Mineral Fields (AMF), Tenke Mining, Banro Resource, Consolidated Trillion, First Quantum Minerals, International Panorama Resource, Melkior Resources, Samax Gold and Starpoint Goldfields. The above mineral companies obtained very lucrative mineral concessions of copper, cobalt, gold, platinum, zinc and many more.

1. American Mineral Field (AMFI) : On the board of directors are Georges Bush Senior and Brian Mulroney ( conservative former Prime Minister of Canada and spiritual father of Stephen Harper).

2. Banro : George Bush Senior and Brian Mulroney are on the board of directors.

3. Barrick Gold: Is it a mere coincidence that the key organizer of the meetings is PLACERDOME, a subsidiary of Barrick Gold?

In an article entitled "The Western Heart of Darkness " published by the "Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Monitor" of October 2001, Asad Ismi informs us that : <<Barrick Gold and Banro hold mining properties in eastern Congo under Rwandan/Ugandan control. Banro has 47 mining concessions in Sud Kivu and Maniema provinces while Barrick got exploration and exploitation rights to "a huge tract of land" (82,000 sq. km) in Orientale province. As reported in "Le Monde Diplomatique," Barrick and Banro have been accused of "funding military operations in exchange for lucrative contracts". Banro is also included in the U.N. list of companies involved in the illegal exploitation of the eastern Congo. The company is importing cassiterites (tin ores) from the rebel area into Canada.>>

In the same article, Asad made curious revelations to readers about the attitude of Canadian conservative governments in the Congo war. One can notice the link between Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney, two Canadian Prime Ministers from the conservative party who chose to collaborate with Rwanda concerning the natural resources of the Congo.

In another article signed by a Montreal based organization <<Alternatives>> and entitled "Untold suffering in the Congo", intriguing connections are revealed between Barrick Gold, American Mineral Field and various personalities from the international political scene such as Georges Bush, Brian Mulroney, Andrew Young, George H.W. Bush, Edward Neys (former american ambassador in Canada and president of the private firm PR firm Burston-Marsteller), ex american senator Howard Baker ; J. Trevor Eyton (a member of the canadian senate) and Vernon Jordan (one of Bill Clinton's lawyers). To read this article, click here :


At the time when Paul Kagame is accused from everywhere around the world for being the one who triggered the Rwandese genocide, can we assume his invitation to Canada happens by chance? Or could it be a recurrent factor in the politics of the Canadian conservative party? One can then fully understand the fact that Louise Arbour, the then Attorney General of the TPIR (Tribunal Pénal International for Rwanda), received from M. Hourigan, investigator at the Uniited Nations, documents incriminating Paul Kagame as the one who triggered the rwandese genocide and decided to make them disappear. This action is in total agreement with the Pharisee's culture of Canadian politics in Africa.

The National Post, a Canadian newspaper, in its march 1st 2000 edition, exposes this mafia conspiracy against justice by the exact same people who claim they represent justice.

<<Three Tutsi informants have revealed to the United Nations that they were part of an elite strike team that assassinated the Hutu president in 1994, shedding new light on an event that triggered the genocide of at least 500,000 people in Rwanda. The informants told UN investigators in 1997 that the killing of President Juvenal Habyarimana was carried out "with the assistance of a foreign government" under the overall command of Paul Kagame, now the vice-president of Rwanda. But when the information was presented to Louise Arbour, then the chief UN war crimes prosecutor, she terminated the investigation, the report said. Their information and request [They asked only that their safety be guaranteed] was raised with Judge Arbour", said the report, dated Aug. 1, 1997. "Although she was at first very positive, she later advised that this issue was not within the ICTR mandate and would not be investigated". >>

To read the full text by Stephen Edwards (of the National Post) please click here:


Let's remind the readers of Grands-Lacs Confidentiel, some high war actions of Paul Kagame.

· In the Democratic Republic of the Congo: In an article dated march 17th,2006 published by the NGO " Alternatives ", the number of deaths due to the war imposed by the international mafia on Congolese people now reaches over ten million people (http://www.alternatives.ca/article2396.html ). Among those one counts the massacres of Kasika (where women were buried alive), Makobola, Kahungwe, Kisangani, and so on. Reaction of the International justice: Null.

· With the help of the American government under the Clinton administration, Paul Kagame was placed at the head of the Rwandan Patriotic Front by his masters in London and Washington for a double mission: topple the Rwandese government of Juvenal Habyarimana and redefine the map of Central Africa.

· In the north of Rwanda (Byumba, Kagitumba and other villages) where the attack started, many hutu were killed cold bloodedly and their body thrown in common graves. Many reliable non-governmental organizations report on this.

· In order to get ready for his raking of the heart of Africa, Paul Kagame prepares, with the help of tutsi extremists, the toppling of the first democratically elected government of Burundi. Melchior Ndadaye is savagely murdered on October 21st 1993. This crime plunges Burundi into a war that goes on up to now.

· Paul Kagame is now officially accused by his own body guard, Abdul Ruzibiza, to be the person who triggered the Rwandese genocide. The coup war planned at Bobo Dialousso (Burkina Faso) by Kagame himself. A few months later, the plane bringing the Rwandese president Juvenal Habyarimana, the burundese president, Cyprien Ntaryamira, and several other political personalities is shot down when it was ready to land in Kigali. Abdul Ruzibiza confirms he was on the site where the missile was sent to shoot the plane of President Habyarimana. M. Ruzibiza finished his testimony at the Tribunal Pénal International pour le Rwanda (TPIR) in the first half of the month of march 2006.

· Contrary to the naked lies that President Habyarimana's assassination was perpetrated by hutu extremists, reliable accusations abound and weight heavily on Paul Kagame for his crimes in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. What does the attitude of Canada reveal to us, in welcoming such a criminal, with blood from head to toe?

· The whole world still remembers the massacres of thousands of Rwandese refugees in the DRC, in the region of Tingi-Tingi. Over 340 000 people died there under the boots Kagame (Stephen Smith of the journal Libération reports: http://ospiti.peacelink.it/bukavu/znews024.html ).


Grands-Lacs Confidentiel appeals to all the African organizations based in Western countries and more specifically in Canada and the United States, to get organized and mobilized against the arrival of the African Hitler in Montreal, Canada. Concrete actions may include:

– To protest by writing a letter directly addressed to the Prime Minister of Canada, Right Honourable Stephen Harper and to the Minister of foreign affairs.- Write to the Member of parliament in your area.

– Address a letter specifically to the Minister of Citizenship and immigration, l'Honorable Monte Solberg, requesting him not to deliver an entry visa to Canada for Paul Kagame. It is the minister of citizenship and immigration who holds the final decision on the visa to be issued. The letter must be sent to him three weeks before the arrival of Kagame.

– Contact other Africans and friends of Africa to organize demonstrations in Ottawa and Montreal.

– Join the groups determined to ban the criminal Paul Kagame from Canada through legal procedures.

– Please remember to attach photographs of crimes committed in the DRC by Kagame and his team.

Grands-Lacs Confidential appeals to all associations of Congolese, Burundian, Rwandan and Ugandan people, as well as all friends of Africa to support by financial contributions the present initiative to get an order against Kagame through the law.



· To obtain the program of Paul Kagame's visit in Canada (html format) click here :


· To obtain the program in pdf format, click here:


· To understand the connections between those who organize the event and Barrick Gold, one of the Canadian multinationals that was around during the war in the DRC, click here :


When accepting to give an entry visa to the " greatest living criminal ", the canadian government proclaims its choice: getting access to minerals in Congo at any cost even if this means the total elimination of the Congolese population in all exploitable areas.

When accepting to give an entry visa to Paul Kagame, the Canadian government confirms its prostitution with the " Africa Hitler", affirming the continuity of the war and the looting of the natural resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to make that country ungovernable and easy to dismember.

This alliance between Canada and the criminal Kagame proves the statement of Asad Ismi in his article << Western Heart of Darkness >>: "The destruction of the Congo says much more about the West than it does about the Central African country. It reveals most clearly that the West is largely a criminal enterprise, the prosperity of which is based on the genocide of Third World people and the theft of their resources."

Toronto, March 26th 2006.

– 30 –

Esdras MASAN
Chief Editor, Grands-Lacs Confidentiel
E-mail : glac_editor[at]yahoo.com

6 thoughts on “Harper’s Government Hosts “The African Hitler”

  1. You are very misinformed and biased. Hard to believe that you are actually a Chief Editor. Where do you get your informations, FRANCE? loool. I laughed so many times reading your article. It is actually quite funny. You have no idea of the true intentions of one of AFRICA’s greatest leaders, Paul Kagame. He is transforming RW right before our eyes. Chose to believe it or not the dynamics in the region are set, Kagame, his vision, THE NEW RWANDA, and the RPF are here to stay! And contrary to what you claim it was Rwandans that liberated Rwanda from the genocide. The move was not US backed far from that. Similarly, plans for the invasion of CONGO, the forced return of the genocidaires and toppling Mobutu also originated in Kigali. The proof is the infamous Kigali—Kinshasa march of the RPF soldiers led by military genius James Kabarebe! We had no resources, but fought with heart and courage! I will be more then willing to give you facts and books to read on the TRUE NATURE OF ONE OF AFRICA”S GREATEST LEADERS as well as the direction Rwanda is heading in!

    Jean-Guy Afrika

  2. Thank you for sharing. Moron. You are perfectly well informed, but seem to have difficulty with comprehension: I didn’t write that piece. The author of that piece doesn’t read my comments section. Tell it to Cryptome, Jean-Guy Francofonie.

  3. You should really check your sources before you print an INFORMERCIAL for Grands Lacs Confidentiel. This is the same diabolical propaganda crap that was allowed to fester and manipulate people and public opinion leading up to the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. Nothing has changed and us dummies in the west eat it up every time. The baseless, sourceless, and twisted recount and interpretation of facts is unacceptable and insulting to Rwandan Genocide survivors who have seen most of their families completely wiped out in 1994.
    The peace process in Burundi was actually accelerated by the fact that Kagame and the RPF have secured the region and kept the unrelenting Interahamwe (the machete wielding thugs and militias of the Genocide) on the run. This reality isolated the Burundian rebel forces and put pressure on them to sign on to a peace accord. Kagame has had no choice for over a decade.
    As for Banro, you should check and see with the company how much money they are putting into local education, health care, and job training for the local Congolese in capacities of everything from miners to engineers, not to mention all of the building and support services being granted to the locals. millions of dollars of real empowerment for Africa – not corruptly distributed aid that never shows up.
    Focus on the real thugs like Mugabe and Charles Taylor, and all of the other kleptocrats who have been perpetuating African misery.
    Stop this propoganda.

  4. Like I said, I got it from Cryptome and posted it "for what it's worth." I figured that the truth would come out in the comments section. The whole thing is obviously heated propaganda, but virtually all African press is "heated propaganda" in tone; that it's hysterically overstated doesn't mean it's ignorable. Which is why I posted it in the first place. 

    As for Taylor, he's in custody. Mugabe…well that's not a simple case, to say the least.

    And I encourage YOU to post your sources, since you bring it up. Links work in the comments section.

  5. I encourage you to read the “Country Report on Human Rights Practices-2005” for Rwanda, recently released by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (http://www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2005/61587.htm). The report clearly states: On January 25, the UN reported that the [Rwandan] government continued to ”maintain security arrangements” with and provide weapons to armed proxy groups, including ex-Congolese Rally for Democracy-Goma (RCD-G) combatants who continued to operate and commit serious human rights violations in the DRC, including killings and rapes.

    This report is especially interesting given that Bush is suppose to meet with Kagame in the WHite House later on today (May 31, 2006). Kagame will also be giving an interview over at the VOA.

    There is also an article in this week’s ” BBC Focus on Africa” which indicates just how “wonderful” the situation is in Rwanda right now. (see BBC Focus on AFrica Magazine April-June 2006 pg 42 “Governor Walker”)

    What about the approximately 100,000 refugees who fled in front of Kabila and Kabarebe during their march towards Kinshasa? Whatever happened to them?

    As for Banro, how about doing a cost benefit analysis to see just how much the company is REALLY contributing to the development of the DRC compared to how much they are earning. Just as it is foolish to believe everything that is printed/reported by the press so is it foolish to believe self-reports by companies–especially when it is so difficult to verify the information. Furthermore, after having read the Lutundula report, and the recent IMC report I would want to know just exactly what the terms of their contract is with the Congolese government before praising Banro for good works. (http://www.banro.com/s/SocialResponsibility.asp)

    As for Mr. Jean-Guy Afrika, please do give citations for sources on the current situation in Rwanda and anything you might have on the Great Lakes region. I am especially interested in any sources that you may have which will either verify or disprove the findings of the investigation into the plane crash that killed two African presidents.

    Thank you

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