now I can dance…with charo!

Yes. With bonus Charo appearance. Which is actually how I found this on YouTube, through a Charo Search, but never mind. Tina Arena has, besides a kickass name, a kickass voice and a kickass song, and she deserves some attention. Pay it to the URL listed, UPDATE: no, don’t. Looks like she let the URL lapse, never a good sign.

UPDATE: out of the ashes, the video is reborn. No idea why they took it down in the first place.

5 thoughts on “now I can dance…with charo!

  1. I really want to find some video of her guitar playing. It’s surreal to watch, as if a Vegas showgirl suddenly sat down at the harpsichord and laid down a few of Scarlatti’s sonatas.

  2. I’d only had one coffee. A thousand pardons, I get it now.

    I’m trying to figure out her story. Is she a transexual? Is she gay? She’s certainly had her lips (way over-) done. But the voice is 100% chick. Cool song, cool video, possible Gay Pride anthem, even if she’s actually totally straight.

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