SETI totally harshing our screaming, giggling high

 stop smiling, you smug bastard!

Bummer, dude.

from which if I’d realized back when I posted the first one, I’d not have posted them at all. So much for trusting Fark. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t blogrolled them.

Here is the actual Tuesday announcement. And below is the hold-your-boosters post from

Major SETI Institute Announcement

Editor’s update: For all of you out there who have been waving your arms around and speculating, this is not an announcement about finding a signal from ETs, the face on Mars, or anything else. It is far more mundane. Details of the announcement were released – under press embargo – to reporters last week. A press release about the announcement will be issued on Tuesday by the SETI Institute.

Editor’s update: To those of you who have been speculating about what will be announced tomorrow: The original calendar posting on this page simply had date, time, and location. Nothing else. It was posted here a week ago – on 9 October. A detailed – but embargoed – media alert was sent out at the same time to reporters by the SETI Institute in which no mention is made of signals from outer space. Yet, the announcement is indeed a major one for the SETI Institute.

Please ask yourself this: do you (1) really think that the SETI Institute would issue some sort of major announcement i.e. detection of a signal from another civilization – a week ahead of announcing it formally – and then (2) expect the media to sit on such amazing news – for an entire week? The next time y’all start to whip up a frenzy – out of thin air – use a little common sense before you hit [send].

10:00 – 11:00 am PDT

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Location: SETI Institute, 515 N. Whisman Road, Mountain View, CA, US

Web Site Address:

2 thoughts on “SETI totally harshing our screaming, giggling high

  1. Well aren’t you the charmer, asshole. With social skills like that you’re either a rocket scientist with BO or an unemployed programmer living in your Mom’s basement.

    However assoholic you may be, you are correct and I’ll change the URL. So much for trusting Fark: I knew there was a reason I hadn’t blogrolled them.

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