how cocaine is produced

The subtitles while the coke peasants at lunch are the most interesting part of this fascinating video from Defamer (unless you actually use coke, in which case the whole thing is a paranoid can’t-tear-yourself-away fantasy trainwreck; I wonder how many OCD-related suicides will result from viewing this video).

“Do you do drugs?”
[laughter] “No, the guerrillas don’t allow it.” How cocaine is produced
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4 thoughts on “how cocaine is produced

  1. You mean I’ve been paying all those bloody Peruvian orphans $2.00 per hour and I could have done it for 25¢?

    You’re all fired! Hear me? Quit whining–I don’t care how sick your mama is. Go on, get out!

    And cripes–imagine the money I could have saved on industrial safety supplies! A pair of acid-resistant wellies could cost up to $10, not to mention the fume masks, gloves, etc.

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