100% plastic: the Anna Nicole Smith doll

Anna Nicole Smith, the resemblance is uncanny 

So inasmuch as it’s completely synthetic, it’s that much more perfect a representation of the gawdy trainwreck that was Vicky Lynn.

Buy it now on eBay! Before Howard Stern gets custody

Beautiful One of a Kind Custom Doll
Inspired by Anna Nicole Smith

Artist Tina Lia‘s original creations have been featured in Rolling Stone Online Magazine

This stunning doll has been customized using a new from the box:
Obitsu 27cm Fleshtone Head with Rooted Light Blonde Hair
Obitsu 27cm Fleshtone Soft Bust Body

Handcrafted Fashions by Tina Lia are designed for gentle removal
Dress this gorgeous doll up in all your favorite outfits

Anna Nicole Smith nude doll

or not, as the case may be.

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22 thoughts on “100% plastic: the Anna Nicole Smith doll

  1. It’s no where near looking authentic. What’s missing aside from the diaper bag full of drugs (nod to stiletto girl) is that there’s no 5 month old methadone addicted baby attached to a nipple or held in her arms.

  2. The Marchioness of W under B de la Z

    Your Grace

    Wie traurig ….. und ruhig fliesst der Rhein
    [How sad …. and peaceful goes on flowing the Western River, the borderland between Light/French & German Civilisation]

    It may be that Miss Smith lived the life that she wanted to live, but (like all of us flawed Eagles) perhaps there may have been part of her conduct on which she did not reflect with satisfaction

    A Life has been wasted and lost by her, notwithstanding the glittering saccherine-smiles

    Miss Smith was someone’s Daughter – she presumably had a Father and a Mother ….. and perhaps brother/s and/or sister/s – her Family & her Community have lost her


    There is also a precious little person – one trembles for the effect of all this on a vulnerable human being


    As Brian says, we must “Look on the Brighter Side of Life, di-dum, di-dum di-dum di-dum”

    Always, there are the Lawyers ….. and the US taxman

    Wir mussen nicht vergessen [Forget Not] die Lawyers ,,,, und den TaxMensch who will be relishing his share of the Realizations from all this – presumably the great American Republic [huMankind’s best hope] has death duties + the income tax on these Lawyers’ salaries, which will pay for the occasional “Smart Bomb”

    Yr Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

    PS Instructions for den AerChie (a man of refined taste and great erudition) who will be visiting the Marchioness’s Place

    1. Please put on your No-Sheila filter (there are some things which are not to be talked of in the Company of Ladies and Children and Junior Eagles)

    2. Is it really true that the AntiPodeans do not have death duties – shocking

    3. One worries when M Metro uses Latin, especially when 2 internet Translators crash when translating it

    4. What does Memento Mori mean in Australian, which readily translates into EngLisch – is it something like “Don’t forget to turn off the Lights as your Spirit departs this Mortal Coil, with Paternity unSettled & without leaving a Will” ?

    G E

  3. The Americans actually don’t have death duties for estates worth over a certain amount. Bush the First put that in, Clinton took it out, Bush the Second put it back in, stronger. And as far as I know there was never a father in the picture for her, and her mother is trailer trash who took six figures from a US tv show to be their guide at her funeral service, which she stage-managed for the benefit of that tv show, to the detriment of the mourners, of whom there were many who were actually upset.

    In fairness to Anna Nicole I’ll say she appears never to have been deliberately cruel, and many of the people around her actually liked her. Her assistant is apparently devastated, and Birkhead is also reportedly very upset, among others.

    But…live by the strobe, die by the strobe.

  4. I actually liked ANS, overall. She had the utmost gall to woo, win, and subsequently fight for eight years to get what she wanted. Bravo, I say.

    A memento mori was usually a medallion worn about the neck in ancient times (possibly about AD 1000 to 1700 or so?–haven’t time to check). The phrase means “Memento of Death” and was a way of reminding us poor brief mortals that in the midst of life we are in death, and that we should, metaphysically speaking, have our baggage packed.

  5. Doesn’t work very well currently. Hell, people are having ashes made into cubic zirconia and wearing them! Regardless how sad the life, I cannot believe it’s the very best way to show respect for the dead: by rendering them into bling. Still, in certain cases it might be more appropriate than others.

  6. Estaria bueno una de tamaño natural, para asi poder garcharsela y llenarle esas tetas de leche…

  7. I love miss Anna Nicole smith. She has always been my idol ever since I was a teen. I think its kinda fucked up how people make comments about her daughter Danny Lynn. I guess it just shows the intellegance in the united states when people are going about talking shit about a child that is shy of 2 yrs old that is growing up with a mother. Fuck all you arrogant mother fuckers that are saying shit on this chatty site about complimentary bags of drugs and sniffing shit. So what if Anna Nicole did drugs, i’m sure you did your share of shit to. It’s not like she was hurting anybody else and until you can put yourself into someone elses position and life of losing someone that is that close to you and that has held you up when you were weak you don’t know a fucking thing because you are actually far to selfish to see that people have soul ties with their children. Did you ever think that it was her way of coping and that she honestly didn’t have anyone in her life at her darkest hour really. Theres people all across the country that are turned away from their families and shunned, Anna nicole just so happend to be one of those people and surprisingly she made a name for herself. And while your fat pussy asses are all setting behind computer screens with fudge sickles attatched to your white t’s and wife beaters why don’t you just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET BACK TO YAA OWN MUH FUCKIN LIFE. What you mad at her for? what her titties got big? Bitch yaa got yaa own titties why aint they workin for yaa? If yaa ask me I’d say yall bitches talkin the shit are the ones faker than them salt water bags called breast implants so don’t hate.

    Btw this doll is over priced

    Jonny Monroe.

  8. anna nicole’s life was tragedy, she wasn’t intelligent , educated just pretty face, but in the world today it’s not enough. there are million beautuful, educated, talented women.anna made horrible choices.she didn’t have ‘love relationship’ with l.birkhead, he was just’gay sperm donor’ who broke contract cos he wanted more money.very sad story. more ugly things will come up on rita cosby trial, regarding her book about anna nicole’s life.

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