the Right Honourable Dr Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, picks his nose and eats it

That’s basically it. Gordon Brown, Chancellor (=Finance Minister), sits on-camera behind Tony Blair on the day he is to present his new budget and slowly and methodically picks his nose and eats it, over a period of two excruciatingly long minutes. Quite frankly, I couldn’t make it all the way to the end; I thought he was going to break through to his brain case any second. Maybe he thinks it comes under “recycling” and is a new green initiative?

Hat tip to Guido, who put the creative choice of soundtrack to it and who’s been up to much interesting stuff while I’ve been quietly starving from lack of Internet and fattening foods.

Note to self: juice fasts make me homicidally enraged. Remember to fast before confronting enemies; also, can hide the bodies in my now-baggy clothes.

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10 thoughts on “the Right Honourable Dr Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, picks his nose and eats it

  1. Well done Coasty I knew you would see the error of your ways inthe end and join in the Broon hate. I remeber the spag harvest or things about it over the years . I

    Hope all well with you.

  2. Yes, I suppose so. Do you think that’s why they’re so stupid? They’ve carved a hole in their brains and eaten them? It would also account for all those Zombie metaphors going around.

    newmania, I am not and have never been a doctrinaire Labour member. Do not confuse me with Polly Fucking Toynbee or that awful Robinson lapdog. The anarchists on all sides hate Labour with a passion.

    Guido could be the most flagrant bore in recorded history and he’d still be my homeboy. Taking shots at Tories? Awesome, let the carefully-groomed fur fly. I just like the man. I felt SO SORRY FOR HIM in that interview. What a mistake! My heart bled. Of course, he’s an anarcho-capitalist, so he’d probably bottle and sell the blood in the back streets of Cairo or something.

  3. The Marchioness of WitchH under B de La Zouche

    Your Grace

    I flatter myself that Herr NeuMenschia & I agree on so many things, but I do not think that we should hate Senor Bruno or dismiss him as the Great Britisch kNose-Picker

    Instead we should donate him to the European Commission where so many outstandingly “wonderful” British Politicians at the twilight of their careers after unjust rejection by the Electorate have solved their Pension problems by taking the European Union to the next level with only modest salaries & expense alowances in return

    Herr Braun has avoided becoming known as the Great Britisch Pension-Snatcher – over a 10 year period, he has taken increased taxes on Britisch Pension Funds by £60 billion or is it more, thus ensuring that already poor Pensioners would be even poorer in their retirements

    and he has done so without any apparent regret or remorse … and without any criticism for this by his Labour Supporteers

    I suppose this is what is meant by Socialists having a Social Conscience and caring about the less fortunate members of our Society

    So many of my trendy-lefty friends opine so strongly that he is the best man to succeed Cruella de Blair’s husband as the First :Lord of the Britisch Treasury

    Yr Grace’s obedt servant etc

    G E

  4. Brown–a socialist?

    Clearly the lines of political debate have been shifted as far right in Brittania they have here.

    A cretin is a cretin, political stripe notwithstanding.

  5. Metro nailed it. Do not mistake the Labour party as it now stands for socialists. What do you think the real Socialists would do to these people? We’d kick their asses, ridicule them, and call them fascists, that’s what we’d do, and indeed that IS what we do all the time around these parts, my soft spot for Tony Blair’s smile of unearthly beauty notwithstanding.

    You should know that.

  6. Hello there, this is Gordon Brown, Your Most esteemed Chancellor.

    err, yes, sorry about my nose picking the other day, i was deep in thought on devising another stealth tax on nose-picking anyhow, to my point below-

    I’d like for you to have a chance of voting for me at the link here: as i know most people are upset of a possible power coup by me in the Labour party, not having voting for me, so here’s your chance to have your say!

    I’d like to become Prime Minister asap before im rumbled about my mis-management of the economy. I also Like shafting people who work hard with millions of stealth taxes & rewarding idle benefiteers, so this will make me very popular.

    Also, see this news article about my guide on how to scrounge off the state & screwing the system here:

    So, cast your vote for me in the above link!

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