MC Nuts vs the Shat: rapping the classics, old skool

I love that the YouTube post for the following says, with a boundless and entirely irrational optimism, “See for more like this,” almost as if you’d want to. The shrivelled and crusty cockles of one’s heart are bewarméd at their boyish enthusiasm and entirely unjustifiable pride in product. You GO, girlfriends!

How not to rap the classics: with a cheap squirrel costume, rancid moves, a transparent mercenaric desperation to appeal to “yoof,” and an intrusive fake “street” accent, eg the Lake Country‘s tourism campaign’s would-be-viral video of Wordsworth‘s great Romantic poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud“.  

Contagious? Like ebola, baby! This thing has infected hard drives all over the world and, in fact, any laptop laid on a table that’s had an electronic device that has played this within the last thirty days is 80% likely to have its circuits liquified, spewing silicon in horrific gushes from every oriface.

Now, watch how it should be done, by that master of subtlety, The Shat!

Honestly, when William. Fucking. Shatner. pulls this off better than you, it’s time to turn in your Norton Anthology.

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16 thoughts on “MC Nuts vs the Shat: rapping the classics, old skool

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  2. Brilliant. He’s in a small group that man — celebrities who are often ridiculous, but who join in the fun, making fun of themselves. Is it only Canadians who do that? ‘Cause, IMO, Pam Anderson is in the group too.

  3. Yes, I saw Borat as well and she’s definitely on the list.

    I do think it’s just Canadians who are like this. Hunter S. Thompson said we frightened him because we were all seemingly normal, yet actually batshit insane.

    And speaking of insanity, I’m off for a run in the rain. While I’m gone, check out my new blog, running through rain, and leave me a nice comment, won’t you? I beg so nicely.

  4. Go get moist, for all of us … You do beg nicely, but your whining and snivelling is often so much more interesting.

    I’d say that the William doing the smacking down here is Da Shakes. Da Shat is just the messenger. What, I think the question is, won’t the Shat do?

    The Canadian talent for self-mockery is why Stephen Harper should soon be whacked into the long grass. He has the sense of humour of a loaf of bread. That’s why his office filters, twists, and spins every piece of information it puts out.

    Even when Rick Mercer, in his most Quisling-ish moment, went to sleep over at his house, he couldn’t unbend enough to mock himself just a little.

    Fortunately we have people for that.

  5. I warned you. Could it POSSIBLY be worse? Wordsworth was the kindest of men, but if I were that squirrel or that marketing company I would live in fear of his vengeful revenant.

  6. This just filtered to us via google: actually around 15% of our daily traffic (3,000 uniques) comes from youtube. Optimistic yes, irrational, no.

  7. Fair enough, but last time I checked, you had not made it a live link, just text. You’d double your clickthroughs if you made that change.

    Also, no comments? No ratings? Dude, you’re cutting yourself off from a lot of user loyalty. People will ALWAYS come back to see what someone replied to their comments.

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