i iz geenyus, yo

bad clone 

Stolen from Envelope Filter, because he only got 82.7% and Camus told us that it was the moral responsibility of the more intellectual to oppress the less intellectual, lest they take over the world and fuck it up.

No, really. He totally, totally said that.

How smart are you?

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8 thoughts on “i iz geenyus, yo

  1. And if such is the duty of intellectuals, where the &*$^ did that clown Bush come from? Who is responsible for letting the monkey have the keys to the banana plantation?

    Did I spell bannana right?

  2. If you apply the handicap I came up with to allow for the fact that I’m not north american, I actually got 110%. How smart is that?!

    Seriously – that quiz was skewed toward those resident in your neck of the woods. I did well! And I was honest enough to not Google anything. Like a real man.

    Aaaanyway – congrats on being smarter. I concede the floor.

  3. Thank you. Americans wrote the IQ test, and Canadians outscore them an average of 7 points, so geographical proximity is not the issue.

    What is this Google of which you speak?

  4. I got 25/25 and I didn’t cheat. Even got the stupid US-centric questions about state capitals and distances in miles correct. That makes me smarter than 99.83% of you. Although, if there are 6.5 billion people in the world, that means there are 45 million who are still smarter than me. Wherever they are. Bow down before my superior intellect, bitches.

  5. Your Number Correct: 25/25 You are smarter than 98.82% of the populaton.
    Are you a genius? Find out!

    Average Number Correct: 18.1/25
    Percentile: 98.82

    And I selected ‘other’ to account for my octoroon-ness, which must even give me a slight edge over Vealmince >B^D>

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