lolgoths #1! Kimveer Gill

Presenting the first in what we at the ol’ raincoaster blog hope will be a long-running and completely tasteless feature. Think of it as Great Cthulhu‘s answer to lolgays, lolgeeks and lolcats.


Because I just haven’t busted out my inner egregiously offensive child lately, and she’s almost chewed through the steel door…


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30 thoughts on “lolgoths #1! Kimveer Gill

  1. That guy looks way too happy to be a murderer. I think I already said this but I could see myself doing him. And that in itself is fucking tasteless. Or is that tasteless fucking?

  2. Well I might just do that. Yeah, the downvotes don’t seem to have any rhyme to them at all, do they? And there’s a lot more crap on reddit lately eg “how I didn’t get to the front page and reddit service sux” oh whatever, grow a pair!

  3. Fuckity fuck fuck. I accidently double clicked on it and that just buried it again! Goddam, isn’t there aw ay to take back what you just did?

  4. I just swapped the time around so it’ll post later. I’m zipping in and out of universes and space time continuums here while I watch Calls for Cthulhu #5: it’s a goth cultist thing, you wouldn’t understand.

  5. errr …. what do they teach in these North-Amerikan Skules

    It is bad enough that, like most Amerikaner, an erudite & perceptive young man like Senor FFE struggles to spell “candoUr”

    [sotto voce – the lady may have a thin, elongated slice of steel]

    ….. I think Mlle S meant to wRite something along the lines of “f…..gLY tasteless”

    Es macht man denken, nee

    Das ist es, doch

    Yr ob servt etc

    G E

  6. dammit – continuA, your Grace, continuA

    … one must maintain some standards in these demoKratic & enlightened times

    We expect such things from mere colonials & ex-colonials

    but even in the hands of the gNobility, Is not even Latin safe

    Nil illegitime carborundum [not to be translated for Sheilas]

    Nil rei publicae romanae desperandum est [don’t take Scipio too seriously, especially after a particualrly bad day at Cannae]


  7. Everybody is on this Ican kick. I’m almost afraid to post a picture of my cat for fear it will be defaced in some absurd manner.

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  9. What did yo do to Henry Rollins? I don’t care for him for some reason and I have no idea why. Maybe I don’t trust musicians who don’t drink or smoke.

    OR maybe it’s his face. The guy is wooden and never smiles. And he’s built like a huge block of meat.

    I found this when looking him up – I know who he is but I wanted a reminder of how weird he looks (IT is VERY GRAPHIC),985&oid=fcf8ad274a4db084&ei=UTF-8

  10. It probably IS Rollins, although it doesn’t look nearly beefy enough from this angle.

    I haven’t posted it yet, but I will. It should be fun. I luv me some Rollins; he’s like Bob Newhart’s enraged evil twin.

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