Some days the world makes even less sense than usual and you are left with three choices: fight it, float with it, or forward the agenda of mindless insanity that bubbles forth from the accursed, lipless mouth of the blind idiot god Azathoth at the heart of all things.

Guess which we picked!

Ladies and gentlemen: Tommy Seebach and his Danish disco dancers!

and no, they’re not actually topless but it sure can be hard to tell on these old kinescopes, eh?

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17 thoughts on “Apache!

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  2. It’s SO ON! Even Vicus is posting crazy YouTubes.

    mercury is in retrograde, which explains a helluva lot, actually. And it’s coming out of retrograde for my birthday! I’m so special.

  3. And to thicken the plot( from wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Seebach )

    “A tribute show to Seebach— The Tommy Seebach Show— tours Denmark and continues to bring his music to old and new fans.

    Recently, people in the United States have rediscovered the promotional video for Seebach’s 1977 disco version of the Shadows’ hit “Apache,” in which he is seen prancing around the forest with female dancers and attempting to lip-synch.”

    And I thought Harry ‘K.C.” Casey had it rough . . . .

  4. Git OUT! That is hilarious! Sort of like Beatlemania, for Danish disco stars?

    Summer is the time for non-intellectualism. I think we should have a contest for LEAST intellectual music video posted. What say you?

  5. Wow. Them be some bad out-fits.
    What kind of ganja were these guys were smoking before doing this video?
    I want a dime bag.

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