WWTJD? What would Tom Jones do?

Well, it’s a question. When I was little I used to ask myself what Anne Murray would do…then it became Kate Jackson. Yeah, that’s how old I am!

In any case, men can do a lot worse than to ask themselves: What Would Tom Jones Do? Think about it: rudderless milquetoasts everywhere suddenly become assertive, seductive, sweaty, ice-cool, red hot, and Welsh-American-accented!

From CulturePulp, by Mike Russell

What Would Tom Jones Do?

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83 thoughts on “WWTJD? What would Tom Jones do?

  1. “Brazen hormonal lather” would make a pretty good blog name, come to think of it.

    Jeremy: were you wearing a black jumpsuit, cut to the waist when you typed that?

    FFE, excellent. When I get my Shakespearean company off the ground you can play that guy, whatsisname with the leeks…

  2. Jeez. No need to get violent Frontier.

    Now I will be in a mild coma until muttering “What would Aragorn do” enough times to lull myself into a sense of zen complacency.

  3. Hey, Rain started the Canadian “what if” bit. Besides, now I’ve found myself pondering “What Would Lorne Greene Do?”

    Incidentally, I studied political theory under the great grand-nephew of the author of the original book “What Would Jesus Do?” and he wrote an updated version that kicked off the “WWJD” craze of the mid-1990’s. The few times I’ve talked to him about it, he seemed to expressed extreme bemusement at how popular Christianity managed to trivialize the concept into a mantra easily marketed on bracelets, posters, bumperstickers, t-shirts and other bric-a-brac, knickknacks, wampum, gumball machine trinkets and other stuff I’m sure Jesus really wanted to be made available to the masses.

  4. Gee, it took one eighth of a second to get that “O.”

    Either you are bad bad girls or I am a bad bad girl I cannot figure out which.

  5. What do you think I’ve been working on ever since I posted this? It takes time to watch all of LOTR, ya know.

    BTW I’m working on an article comparing the French Rabbit with the Japanese. I have a LOT of research to do, but I’m not sure I’ll remember it in the morning.

  6. I have an entire thesis comparing the American cow, the French cow, and the Swiss cow. Now I discover I have been usurped by the rabbit. Oh the humanity.

    [it is not your fault, you were blogging under the influence of Viggo]

  7. Hey it took me three posts to even clue in you guys were talking about battery operated rabbits. We do not have that fancy stuff at the convent you know. When we say rabbit — or cow — we mean a mammal. Jeez.

  8. Not sure why this popped up again, but the idea of TOM as catnip has become my best way of explaining the phenom. I guess we owe that to your boss? LOVED this cartoon so much the first time I saw it, I’ve saved it all this time.

  9. Okay you all…we’re talking Bruce Campbell…lets see, how could we make money at this?

    Girl fights?

    Done to death.


    Bruce…Me, Max blindfolds and a huge vat of Diet Coke and bungee cords.

    Hey, this could WORK.


  10. I’m seeing Campbell chained to the bottom of the Diet Coke vat, the Diet Coke spiked with Bacardi and limes, and you have to drink him free before he drowns. What say you?

  11. I second the motion.

    Only Max will win because she’s a world class Diet Coke Drinker.
    Still, I’ll take the challange just to see her go for it.

    anita marie

  12. “Listen up you primitive screwheads. This. Is my boom stick.”

    Happy sigh.

    Hey I cannot suck Coca Cola with bacardi in it, I can do the straight Diet coke with occassional side shots of vodka for courage though.

  13. Wow that is such a coincidence I do not trust doctors.

    Trust in Bast, Rain, you can do it.

    Also he has these little contact lenses so you cannot see when his eyes glow.

    It will be great.

  14. We better let Anita pick. I just made off with her cat Insanity Jones who is the only house cat in recorded history to take down full grown firemen. A cat so feared, postmen will hand deliver mail instead of risking the mailbox when Insanity Jones lies by it. I have this so won.

  15. “do you think you could change the mixer to Coke Cherry Zero”

    Well we could do that… how long did you say you could hold your breath again?

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  17. Did someone say rabbit vibrator i have 4 of them and they are the best toys in the world. Now thats one thing that china made that will far out live the original vibrator.

  18. Are you in canada vancover ? I have seen them on the net for next to nothing now only a few bucks that is,,,
    ;-) they are all good toys.

  19. I know its very cold out in canada i have some friends who live out thier i hear its so cold they do a ice run when the lakes ice over ;)

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