weirdest. penis. ev-ar!

Duck Dick

From Picture of the Day.

Seriously, is this how they make Innsmouthers?

I knew ducks were pretty kinky, but this is just sick.

Funny, he doesn’t look Jewish.

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13 thoughts on “weirdest. penis. ev-ar!

  1. Whatever it eats for breakfast, I’m glad there isn’t more of it going around.

    It isn’t necessary to leave a link to your blog; you name is already a link to your blog. Too much self-linkage is not really the DONE THING.

  2. Pingback: best. title. ev-ar. « raincoaster

  3. Yeah well…I’m going to leave that stand, nonsequiter though it may be, because it’s not obviously offensive. But yeah, be more careful about dropping links next time. Do the random link drop again and you’ll find yourself banned. Try to keep it relevant.

    Of course, if you DO fuck ducks, it’s perfectly relevant. Carry on.

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