l8r d00dz

I would put up a post, but quite frankly I’m completely frazzled and preoccupied. I am like a Chihuahua on crack. In a blender.

I need to round up a good solid $300 by the end of this month, OR ELSE. Seriously, I haven’t even got the presence of mind to trawl through the quizzes and post something amusing. Besides, I’ve spent most of the past two days running around the city putting up flyers for my blogging course this weekend.

Seriously: anybody want to hire me to coach them via IM. Like, before Monday?

You see that Operation Global Media Domination Paypal button, right? Right?

5 thoughts on “l8r d00dz

  1. Be wary of Russian millionaires sending you their sons.

    Sign up for Raincoasters course immediately folks, she’s very very good.

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