Drives Like Carp. Ain’t dat da trout.

Andy Hazell

I know it rains a lot there, but this is entirely unnecessary, global warming or not. An Englishman with too much time on his hands, no aesthetic sense, and an apparent unawareness of the innumerable socializing opportunities afforded World of Warcraft enthusiasts and Star Trek fans, has converted his Vauxhall Corsa into a giant fish.

He said: “I get plenty of fishy looks from people, but I generally have a whale of a time with it…These days it seems that car makers love a slippery and aerodynamic design, so I thought to myself, a fish is the next step.

“The car has a hydraulic system fitted to it so it can swish its tail and open and close its mouth…”

In the past he has designed and made a life-size tractor that was made out of tin.

Around these parts, we just call that a Motomaster.


5 thoughts on “Drives Like Carp. Ain’t dat da trout.

  1. Ah the English eccentric, warms your heart.
    I owned a ‘Marina’ once, it let in more water than it kept out and had an 8-track stereo system for which I had only 2 tapes in all the years I owned it. I now cannot stand the Four Tops and anything from ‘The Big Wheels of Motown’.
    I wonder what music the chap plays in his fish? Marilion?

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