New Ingrid Betancourt video!

This newly-released Ingrid Betancourt footage is truly remarkable. In her own words, she explains what it was like to be a prisoner of FARC for all those years, chained in one place, able to make friends only with the vermin who scuttled through her lonely cell, and gives her thoughts on freedom and Hugo Chavez. Then she humps the backdrop.

At least, I THINK that’s what she’s saying. Like I speak Spanish!

via DListed

8 thoughts on “New Ingrid Betancourt video!

  1. Yes!!!!! There should be weekly “midget Amy Winehouse” updates across all blogs – everywhere!

    I thought she/he/it was describing the role the U.S. played in hunting down Pablo Escobar and his cartel. :)

    At the end, I distinctly heard a bit a shout out to the classic Arnold film “Predator” – when the midget yells:

    “Hugo Chavez – get to the chopper!”

  2. I’m glad SOMEBODY can make out what she’s saying. Not that the visuals aren’t priceless in and of themselves.

    Did you see her Hillary Clinton videos? Quite an eyeful.

  3. Well, she’s mostly just saying ‘I’m Free, Free!'(estoy libre!), then says that things were bad in the jungle, then that she’s having a good time now, more stuff about Freedom, but I can’t make out what she says about Chavez at the end. To me it sounds like ‘don’t lie’, but I could be wrong.

  4. Oh yeah, she did do a Shakira video…Hips Don’t Lie. Think she was regressing a bit?

    Thanks for the translation. These words will, of course, go down in history!

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