Operation Global Media Domination: The Helen Mirren Situation

TIAI am thrilled to the very core of my being to report that thanks to the mysterious workings of the intertubes this humble blog is now #1 in Google searches for

Helen Mirren Naked.”

Once again, that search term is Helen Mirren Naked. For the hard of reading, we repeat: Helen Mirren Naked.

And that blog post is here Helen Mirren Topless: Tardis Companion Hot.

4 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: The Helen Mirren Situation

  1. There’s a pic of her in todays Daily Mail lauding the bikini-clad Mirren as a model of beauty at 63. Well yeah, she has’t had children now has she? Take a photo of a woman 20 years younger who’s had 4 children and her body will be literally f—ed.

    My sister, 8 years older, has reminded me how fabulous her body is. And at my mumbled response tells me that having babies does that too you and it was my choice. Well hey that exchange always brightens my day :-/

    Yeah I know I know, Rain – you look fab in a bikini.

  2. I don’t look fab in a bikini, but it’s my goal to look a lot better by summer’s end. Sisters can be so supportive, can’t they? Just remind her of this exchange when she’s in a nursing home alone because she has no children to visit her.

    silverstar, I think you’re in the US, aren’t you? I’m only boasting about Google.ca. Total world domination will take a little more time.

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