Trend Alert: Ghost Whipping!

Ghost riding: SO 2007! The new hotness: Ghost Whipping.

I’m not sure where the whipping comes into things, as there are no apparent signs of ghost abuse in the video; perhaps it refers to what your underwear does under these conditions?

Raj can gloat all he wants about his pimped-out ride, but does he have a sun roof? Sun floor? Sun doors? Sun hood?

You know my sweet ride is crazy insane, going walking pace hee-yah in da BIKE LANE!

Lyrics over the jump.

Alright ch’all! We already told you bout ghost ridin the whip, now about to teach you how to ghost whip the ride! Vibe with me y’all.

The best thing you’ve never seen before
It’s the Invisible Riiiiide, It’s the Invisible Riiiiiide (where’d your ride ride off to)
Giddy-up and ghost whip the floor
It’s the Invisible Riiiiide, It’s the Invisible Riiiiiide (where’d your ride ride off to)

Picture me rollin in my 500 candy top
Ghost whippin so hard, make ya panties drop
Cuz my ride — it’s invisible baby
Like this hotty ridin’ shotty — an invisible lady
My ride’s invisible, I gotta keep it clean
I ain’t ridin’ dirty, I gotta be seen
Make it bling while I sing
in the wash
Make it bling til while I eat the
hell outta this ganache
Scrub that body girl, go!, scrub that body girl, yeah!
Scrub that body girl, oh!, scrub that body girl, yeah!
Car so clean lookin’ like a museum
Rims spinnin’ so fast that you can’t see ’em
Wom-en on the glass, straight naughty wet tee-in’
The body of a clean European


I got a sunroof, and a sun floor
and a sun hood, and a sun door
Hey! Check beneath the front seat axel, bro
“yo!” from my camel toe
Go slow when I ghost whip, like my gramps
No blind spots, switch lanes like a champ
Ladies lined up, switch dames like a tramp
Parlay with a leeamp like a peeamp
And in the PM — high beams Lith-i-um
Shine to show the way for ghost whippin with my frieends
I know — it’s hard to see what we in
But you can do it too, just drop a squat and put the key in

7 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Ghost Whipping!

  1. Not like me to be disturbed on several levels by Jeff Lynne? I’ve been disturbed by him since ‘Out of the Blue’ was released, despite several catchy melodies on that double album, because of the apparent surrender of the vision he showed in ‘On the Third Day’ to Louis Clark and his overcommercialized pop-symphonic motions . . .

    Oh, you meant about being polite . . .

    Never mind.

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