Vancouver Murder Map

Now THIS should calm down The Sister. Ever since that Christmas I had to duck under police tape to get into my house, she’s been a little paranoid about my neighbors and my neighborhood. Sillies! The guy that the cops shot that time was from Poco! Bloody tourists, always getting in their practical compact family sedans, driving down to Cocaine Corner to get their drugs, and getting shot outside my house.

Or are they? As this Vancouver Sun map of murders in the Lower Mainland clearly shows, if you don’t want to get killed, you should hang out on the Downtown EastSide. And for GOD’S SAKE stay out of Langley!

15 thoughts on “Vancouver Murder Map

  1. Yeah, Belltown, where I live has a reputation as a bad place to be. But it’s mostly from the party-goers that hit the clubs every Friday and Saturday night. If they want to clean up Belltown, just close the clubs.

  2. This is crazy, I can’t beleive how badly things have become. I hear it on the news all the time, but seeing it in a picture is enlightening. I have blogged about this too, and am trying to help change things a little with a rock program for Teens…….

  3. Cool, I shall check out your program.

    What really pisses me off is, you always hear “the victim was known to police” or “the victim was a known gangster”. ORLY? Then why was “the victim” not locked up, as being “a danger to himself or others” the way they lock up the mentally ill. Surely gun-toting gangsters in the middle of a gang war are “a danger to others.”

  4. “Known to police” is shorthand for “had a criminal record.” That’s it.

    I’d suggest that the police are correctly pursuing the ones who are truly and evidently a major danger to others–the shooters.

    If you could lock up people for being a potential danger to others the jails would be stuffed with Vancouver drivers.

    Query–do any of those pins represent the recent police shootings? Not being snarky, just genuinely curious.

  5. You CAN lock people up for being a potential danger to others. The mentally ill have been incarcerated this way for decades, and there’s been a recent push to have it applied to the Hell’s Angels as well.

    In this particular case, when I say “known to police” what I mean (and I got this from talking to cops) is that the police know that the source of their income is illegal, they know these people are breaking the law, but they do not currently have what the Crown considers to be enough evidence to lay charges. Perhaps in this case the responsibility resides with the Crown prosecutors, or perhaps the forensic auditors aren’t competent.

    And if you want to know what the pins represent, click on the See Larger Map, where each of the pins is explained and tagged to a news story.

  6. I love spatial analysis of crime. Now, if we could only get some of the historical datasets in matrix form, we could try to find behavioral patterns.

  7. Interesting link, Steven. I’m with them; I think this recession will be more like the one in the Seventies, which saw high unemployment tied with high interest rates. It pretty much slaughtered the economy for a few years and I still remember the sense of relief when it lifted, even though I was still in elementary school. That’s how pervasive it was.

    They called it Stagflation, for stagnation and inflation tied together.

  8. Actually raincoaster, it’s not that easy to lock people up for mental illnesses anymore. Well, at least not in Fracskatchewan anyway… which doesn’t help you much there… or here for that matter.

    It takes quite a bit to have someone certified, in more cases than not, the mentally ill are walking the streets when they shouldn’t be. Don’t even get me started…

  9. Oh, I’m completely with you. It was the government that decided to close the hospitals, saying they’d be “better off with proper, community-based care” which they then failed to provide. I’m not suggesting locking up people for being mentally ill.

    I’m suggesting a creative application of existing statutes, much as RICO was repurposed in the Eighties and used quite successfully against the Mafia in New York.

  10. What a bunch of nonsense. 99.99999% of the region is safer than anywhere on Earth. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t engage in criminal, illegal behaviour.

    The DTES is still a disgrace. 50 years ago the citizens would not have put up with the now “acceptable” displays of mental illness and debauchery that goes on there.

  11. Well, of course; the reason you see so many mentally ill people on the street is, as I said in the comment right above you, that the government removed the supports that were there to ensure such people didn’t end up there.

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