George Sodini’s blog: the plan

George Sodini, the LA Fitness shooter

Yes, George Sodini, the LA Fitness Shooter. I’m going to preface this with a great big I THINK THIS IS FAKE. This is my first impression, on reading it and looking at it (one awfully plain HTML site, with not a whole lotta content NOT related to the plan to kill people at a Pittsburgh gym). The only content on that site not related to the plan looks like a thin attempt to “backdate” it and make it look like this was a long time coming. I say either he didn’t do this site and some quick-thinking opportunist who wanted to perpetrate a fraud took his best shot, OR he did do it in order to set up some kind of pity defense. Not only does the emptiness of the majority of the site ring hollow, but there is nothing personally identifying there which hasn’t already been exposed elsewhere. I’m not seeing any actual images of his personal possessions, environment, etc. All the photos but the one of him are nondescript LA shots that could have been taken by/from anyone/where.

That said, here for the record, is the plan page of the site, copied (with permission!!! Look at the footer) from the site. I forget how to look up who registered a URL and when, but I’ll check that out as soon as it comes to me.

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George Sodini
Age 48.
DOB 9/30/1960
DOD 8/4/2009
5-10, 155 lbs.
Never married.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Why do this?? To young girls? Just read below. I kept a running log that includes my thoughts and actions, after I saw this project was going to drag on.

November 5, 2008:
Planned to do this in the summer but figure to stick around to see the election outcome. This particular one got so much attention and I was just curious. Not like I give a flying fcuk who won, since this exit plan was already planned. Good luck to Obama! He will be successful. The liberal media LOVES him. Amerika has chosen The Black Man. Good! In light of this I got ideas outside of Obama’s plans for the economy and such. Here it is: Every black man should get a young white girl hoe to hone up on. Kinda a reverse indentured servitude thing. Long ago, many a older white male landowner had a young Negro wench girl for his desires. Bout’ time tables are turned on that shit. Besides, dem young white hoez dig da bruthrs! LOL. More so than they dig the white dudes! Every daddy know when he sends his little girl to college, she be bangin a bruthr real good. I saw it. “Not my little girl”, daddy says! (Yeah right!!) Black dudes have thier choice of best white hoez. You do the math, there are enough young white so all the brothers can each have one for 3 or 6 months or so.

December 22, 2008:
Time is moving along. Planned to have this done already. I will just keep a running log here as time passes. Many of the young girls here look so beautiful as to not be human, very edible. After joining this gym, started lifting weights and like it. Much info about weight programs, diet etc on the web. Or anything for that matter. Instead of TV I can Google for hours to relax. TV and most movies are dull.

December 24, 2008:
Moving into Christmas again. No girlfriend since 1984, last Christmas with Pam was in 1983. Who knows why. I am not ugly or too weird. No sex since July 1990 either (I was 29). No shit! Over eighteen years ago. And did it maybe only 50-75 times in my life. Getting to think that a woman now would just, uh, get in the way of things. Isolated. I have extra money and enjoy traveling, too, wtih my 25-30 days of vacation. LA was the best! But going alone is not too fun. Invited to a party on Christmas day tomorrow. Seems about 15-25 people will actually show. I like her parties; I can meet new people and talk. Got the next 8 days off. I should have exit plan done and practiced by then. I know nothing will change, no matter how hard I try or what goals I set.

December 28, 2008:
Glad I stayed around. All these days off are great. I will shoot for Tuesday, January 6, 2009, at maybe 8:15. I have list of to-do items to make.

December 29, 2008:
Just got back from tanning, been doing this for a while. No gym today, my elbow is sore again. I actually look good. I dress good, am clean-shaven, bathe, touch of cologne – yet 30 million women rejected me – over an 18 or 25-year period. That is how I see it. Thirty million is my rough guesstimate of how many desirable single women there are. A man needs a woman for confidence. He gets a boost on the job, career, with other men, and everywhere else when he knows inside he has someone to spend the night with and who is also a friend. This type of life I see is a closed world with me specifically and totally excluded. Every other guy does this successfully to a degree. Flying solo for many years is a destroyer. Yet many people say I am easy to get along with, etc. Looking back, I owe nothing to desirable females who ask for anything, except for basic courtesy – usually. Looking back over everything, what bothers me most is the inability to work towards whatever change I choose.

December 30, 2008:
While driving I radio surfed to a talk show. The caller was a 30ish black man who was describing the despair in certain black communities. According to him, life is cheap there because you are going to die anyway when you get old. It is the quality of life that is important, he said. If you know the past 40 years were crappy, why live another 30 crappy years then die? His point was they engage in dangerous behavior which tends to shorten the lifespans, to die now and avoid the next 30 crappy years, using my example. The host got sarcastic and ended the call instead of trying understanding his point. Agreement wasn’t necesary. I put music back on. But it was an interesting, and useful point for me to hear.

December 31, 2008:
My anger and rage is largely gone since I began lifting weights. Lifting drains me but I still have energy. Somebody else suggested running but that did not help me. I guess strenuous exercise is necesary for a man. So I just learned that now at 48. Maybe 30 years later than I would have liked. My dad never (not once) talked to me or asked about my life’s details and tell me what he knew. He was just a useless sperm doner. Don’t know why, find it fun talking to young kids when I visit someone. Brother was actually counter-productive and would try to embarase me or discourage my efferts when persuing things, esp girls early on (teen years). Useless bully. Result is I am learning basics by trial and error in my 40s, followed by discuragement. Seems odd, but thats true. Writing all this is helping me justify my plan and to see the futility of continuing. Too embarassed to tell anyone this, at almost 50 one is expected to just know these things.
I hope it doesn’t snow on Tuesday. Just thought of that. The crowd will be thin so I would postpone. Shit!

Now that I am on the topic of family and people I know, I might as well make a summary of sorts to show where things stand. This is New Years Eve I have time, no date tonight of course, so:

Honorable mention:

Tetelestai Church in Pittsburgh, PA – “Be Ye Holy, even as I have been Ye holy! Thus saith the lord thy God!”, as pastor R— K—- [redacted by raincoaster] would proclaim. Holy shit, religion is a waste. But this guy teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder then still go to heaven. Ask him. Call him at [redacted by raincoaster]. If no answer there, he should still live at [redacted by raincoaster]. In any case, guilt and fear kept me there 13 long years until Nov 2006. I think his crap did the most damage. Their web site:

Mum – The Central Boss. 717 Highview Road, Pgh PA 15234. Don’t piss her off or she will be mad and vindictive for years. She actually thinks she’s normal. Very dominant. Her way and only her way with no flexibility toward everyone in the household. A power and control thing. People outside the immediate family like her. Why are people vicious with their closest ones? She is the Boss above all other Bosses.

Michael Sodini – A Boss, my brother (Mike Sodini) 216 Horseshoe Dr, Mars PA – Always the big bully, twice the size of most others. When he bullied or harassed someone, it was the other person who “deserved it”. It was always about him. Way to self absorbed, too. Still is. Used to like to embarrass guys in front of their girlfriends. Lots of other shit. Kind of guy you actually loved to hate. The biggest, most self-centered jagoff I know. He took those bullying “skills” into the business world and is doing good financially. He is a big wheel only in his mind. Most people can see thru all his manipulation. He calls only when he wants something.

Sherry – sister – More of a victim than anything. Copes by exercising much control over her adult children. We used to be close until her control of L & D caused a conflict. Never the same after.

David – neph, sis’s son (girlfriend Mallory Squires). Good young guy, though.

Lisa – niece, sis’s daught. Attractive, smart, emotional – all good YW qualities.


Andy Pulkowski – I have been in barrooms and church groups. The worst people by far are the religious types. Especially a right-wing, stiff-faced fundie like Andy. A condescending, demeaning, passive-aggresive person. Frigid, rigid, linear and totally inflexible. Being a very serious person, he cannot hide his frown-lined face. He better not try to smile; lest his face might crack. I knew children of parents who grew up in strict religious homes. Religion has a certain stink to it of guilt, shame, fear, and that moral standard that always contradicts the natural tendencies and desires of a person. Therin lies the conflict. Young person cannot experiment with things to decide on their own and establish their own parameters. So they tend to cut loose and really rebel much worse than the average young person. Ma and Pa never know what goes on. They easily BS their parents because they want to believe their little one is an angel. Andy has a young daughter Bethany Pulkowski away at college, High Point University. I saw her picture on his desk. She’s your basic, attractive, young girl. Please reread my entry made on Nov 5th. That’s only one thing she can do. You Andy types out there need to further strengthen your strict resolve and do more of the same thing! Because those girls were great when I recall my college years! She is someone’s (or many guy’s) little hoe now, I am sure.

Another point about andy. How can someone be cold, vicious, sarcastic and generally nasty ALL THE TIME and then make the claim about their church life and how good they are? Total hypocritical idiots.

That’s all for now. That felt good.

Let’s continue…

January 5, 2009:
Was at the gym to lift. Very crowded. Tomorrow should be good. There is a woman there that gives me a certain look every time I am there. I decided to walk over and make a comment about the crowds but she left when I finished the exercise. Better that I do not get sidetracked from tomorrow’s plan anyways. Life is just playing games. One or two dates with her, then the end. No matter how many changes I try to make, things stay the same. Every evening I am alone, and then go to bed alone. Young women were brutal when I was younger, now they aren’t as much, probably because they just see me just as another old man.
I see twenty something couples everywhere. I see a twenty something guy with a nice twentyish young women. I think those years slipped right by for me. Why should I continue another 20+ years alone? I will just work, come home, eat, maybe do something, then go to bed (alone) for the next day of the same thing. This is the Auschwitz Syndrome, to be in serious pain so long one thinks it is normal. I cannot wait for tomorrow!

January 6, 2009:
I can do this. Leaving work today, I felt like a zombie – just going thru the motions. Get on the bus, get the car, drive home…..My mind is screwed up anymore, I can’t concentrate at work or think at all.
This log is not detailed. It is only for confidence to do this. The future holds even less than what I have today.
It is 6:40pm, about hour and a half to go. God have mercy. I wish life could be better for all and the crazy world can somehow run smoother. I wish I had answers. Bye.

It is 8:45PM: I chickened out! Shit! I brought the loaded guns, everything. Hell!

April 24, 2009:
Early last month, we had our second general layoff. I survived. First one was in November. When I began 10 years ago, that used to be a nice place to work. I understand the need to reduce staff when times sour, but this is out of proportion to the economic problems at this time. The economy is shrinking by about 4-5%. They decided not to pay Christmas bonus – for staff that amounts to about 8% of yearly pay. Well, OK. Plus no yearly “merit” raise, another 3.5%. That totals to about 11% cut. Plus two layoffs of 5% staff in each case. Do the math. I know this firm is using this downturn as an excuse to take advanage of a bad situation and kill jobs UNNECESSARILY. The second layoff people who actually did work were let go. We all need to pick up the slack so the company can cut beyond what is necesary. Wasn’t going to mention it, because of all this shit, it is K&L Gates, the large law firm headquartered here in Pittsburgh. Just call it K&L Gates Corporation. Most people there are OK and I would never have a shoot ’em up there. They paid me for 10 years, so far!

I predict I won’t survive the next layoff. That is when there is no point to continue. RIght now, life is bearable and I can get by indefinitely. Something bad must happen. The paycheck is all I have left. The future holds nothing for me. Twenty five years of nothing fun. I never even spent one weekend with a girl in my life, even at my own place. Also unlikely to find another similar job. I guess then is when I take care of things. I don’t have kids, close friends or anything. Just me here. If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

I enjoy writing these entries, I have no plans to go back and edit or even read most stuff already written. If you get bored, just click that “x” at the top, right corner of your browser. Bye.

May 4, 2009:
I was so eager to do this last year. The big problem on my mind now is that my job will end soon. One project is being transistioned to another. The other one I am solely responsible, but is being fast tracked to production. I estimate maybe a month. I am not ready for the job market. I am ok what I do, a .NET software developer. Not at the top of the class, but I do a good job. I survived two general layoffs and other little layoffs they are having but keeping quiet about. I hear things.

The problem is I feel too good now to do this but too bad to enjoy life. I know I will never enjoy life. This is an over 30 year trend. Some people are happy, some are miserable. It is difficult to live almost continuously feeling an undercurrent of fear, worry, discontentment and helplessness. I can talk and joke around and sound happy but under it all is something different that seems unchangable and a permanent part of my being. I need to realize the details of what I never accomplished in life and to be convinced the future is merely a continuation of the past – WHICH IT ALWAYS has been. I am making a list of items that will provide motivation to do the exit plan, it won’t be published. I always had hope that maybe things will improve especially if I make big attempts to change my life. I made many big changes in the past two years but everything is still the same. Life is over. Even though I look good, dress well, well groomed – nails, teeth, hair, etc. Who knows.

What is it like to be dead? I always think I am forgetting something, that’s one reason I postponed. Similar to when you leave to get in your car to go somewhere – you hesitate with a thought: “what am I forgetting?”. In this case, I cannot make a return trip!

I like to write and talk. Ironic because I haven’t met anybody recently (past 30 years) who I want to be close friends with OR who want to be close friends with me. I was always open to suggestions to what I am doing wrong, no brother or father (mine are useless) or close friend to nudge me and give it bluntly yet tactfully wtf I am doing wrong. A personal coach or someone who knows what he is doing would be perfect. Money is highly secondary for a solution.

May 5, 2009:
To pull the exit plan off, it popped into my mind to just use some booze. I want to do this before I get laid off, for reasons not worth mentioning but don’t seem to have the balls. After the gym, I stopped at Shop N Save and got a fifth of vodka and a small bottle of Jack Daniels. I haven’t had a drink since September 1, 1988, just over 20 years. It doesn’t matter now, I need to use it to take the edge off of carrying out the exit plan. I will be taking some every now and then to get used to it and see if the alcohol effects will embolden me. Weed would be fun to try again. I don’t know who has any. Life is over, who cares? I just need to use common sense, can’t drink and drive, etc. This idea just hit me at a point in time and I immediately acted on it. Same thing happened when I decided to go back to Pitt full time, first day was Monday, May 8, 1989, and to buy the house that closed on Friday, September 30, 1996, to name two examples I remember so well.

The list idea yesterday is working. I carry it in my wallet and add to it. I am feeling to good to do carry this out, but too bad to enjoy ANYTHING. My life’s dilema.

May 6, 2009:
I started the JD. About one ounce with some tea to get me started. No big deal.

May 7, 2009:
Went to the gym and did mostly cardio. My heart rate was 117 just from walking on the treadmill at 3.4. This should be done a few times a week for maybe 15 mins or so to keep the heart active. I sprinted a few times to push the limits.

May 18, 2009:
I actually had a date today. It was with a woman I met on the bus in March. We got together at Two PPG Place for lunch. The last date for me was May 1, 2008. Women just don’t like me. There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate) and I cannot find one. Not one of them finds me attractive. I am looking at The List I made from my May 4th idea. I forgot about that for several days. That tells me where I stand. These problems have gotten worse over a 30 year period. I need to expect nothing from me or other people. All through the years I thought we had the ability to change ourselves – I guess that is incorrect. Looking at The List makes me realize how TOTALLY ALONE, a deeper word is ISOLATED, I am from all else.
I no longer have any expectations of myself. I have no options because I cannot work toward and achieve even the smallest goals. That is, ABOVE ALL, what bothers me the most. Not to be able to work towards what I want in my life. I believe I am deserve that. I read recently it is called “self efficacy”, but who knows. Is that more psychobable?

May 25, 2009:
I was invited to a picnic, and I went. An older woman there, out of the blue, asked if I liked high school. Then quickly asked if I was picked on very much. Intersting why she would ask that. But, thanks, I already know what the problem is, but a solution eludes me.

May 29, 2009:
Another lonely Friday night, I’m done. This is too much.

June 2, 2009:
Some people I was talking with believed I date a lot and get around with women. They think this because I showed an email I got from a hot woman to the department gossip, but it didn’t work out. All this is funny. Actually, I haven’t had sex since I was 29 years old, 19 years ago. That’s true.

June 5, 2009:
I was reading several posts on different forums and it seems many teenage girls have sex frequently. One 16 year old does it usually three times a day with her boyfriend. So, err, after a month of that, this little hoe has had more sex than ME in my LIFE, and I am 48. One more reason. Thanks for nada, bitches! Bye.

July 4, 2009:
Wow, already late evening. I stayed in all day. Can’t believe there was NOTHING to do today. No parties or picnics. WTF. No need to leave now.

July 20, 2009:
Been a long time since last write. Everything still sucks. But I got a promotion and a raise, even in this shitty Obama ecomomy. No more grunt programming. Go figure! New boss is great. He tactfully says when you did something wrong or complements on good things. Never confused with him. But that is NOT what I want in life. I guess some of us were simply meant to walk a lonely path. I have slept alone for over 20 years. Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. Proof I am a total malfunction. Girls and women don’t even give me a second look ANYWHERE. There is something BLATANTLY wrong with me that NO goddam person will tell me what it is. Every person just wants to be fucking nice and say nice things to me. Flattery. Oh yeah, I am sure you can get a date anytime. You look good, etc. Pussies.
Awwww, wait. I can just start being self-righteous and say I live a good, clean life. I am holy, that’s all Rick Knapp stuff. Hear that you mother fucker: I Am Just Good!

July 23, 2009:


I just looked out my front window and saw a beautiful college-age girl leave Bob Fox’s house, across the street. I guess he got a good lay today. College girls are hoez. I masturbate. Frequently. He is about 45 years old. She was a long haired, hot little hottie with a beautiful bod. I masturbate. Frequently. Some were simply meant to walk a lonely path in life. I don’t usually look out, but just happened to notice. Holy fuck. I have masturbated since age 13. Thanks, mum and brother (by blood alone). And dad, old man, for TOTALLY ignoring me through the years. All of you DEEPLY helped me be this way.

I wish I can go back to 1975 and fix things. Awe, that wont work, big BULLY BROTHER would assert his bull shit. He was twice my size. He never messed with guys bigger than 5’10, or so. He is a PUSSY at heart. Remember, Michael is my brother (we have common parents, that’s all) is still a BOSS. Repetition only for emphasis: HE IS ONLY A BULLY, even at 50ish! Never forget that! Because he exudes confidence. People believe bull shit if delivered WITH CONFIDENCE. Get it??

On the same thought, things occured to me today. Michael NEVER had an attractive girlfriend. Debbie, Barb, Kim, … then I lost track. Not to say I had any (execpt Pam, who was about a 7.25). He married a Chinese-descent, petite woman with no body, no ass, no chest and no personality. She never laughs or smiles, neither does he. But she is highly intelligent and an excellent cook. I can testify to that! She home bakes her own DELICIOUS wheat bread! But who cares about that type of small bull crap? Mike even mentioned when we were visiting dad that “she’s not very attractive”.

I don’t know where I am going with this. I am getting tired, feels good to write and get it all out.

On still another thought, I had 20+ years of sobriety and achieved nothing about friendships, girlfriends, guys, etc. Zilch. What a waste.

Bye, for today.

August 2, 2009:
The biggest problem of all is not having relationships or friends, but not being able to achieve and acquire what I desire in those or many other areas. Everthing stays the same regardless of the effert I put in. If I had control over my life then I would be happier. But for about the past 30 years, I have not

August 3, 2009:
I took off today, Monday, and tomorrow to practice my routine and make sure it is well polished. I need to work out every detail, there is only one shot. Also I need to be completely immersed into something before I can be successful. I haven’t had a drink since Friday at about 2:30. Total effort needed. Tomorrow is the big day.

Unfortunately I talked to my neighbor today, who is very positive and upbeat. I need to remain focused and absorbed COMPLETELY. Last time I tried this, in January, I chickened out. Lets see how this new approach works.

Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus. At least that is what I was told. Eternal life does NOT depend on works. If it did, we will all be in hell. Christ paid for EVERY sin, so how can I or you be judged BY GOD for a sin when the penalty was ALREADY paid. People judge but that does not matter. I was reading the Bible and The Integrity of God beginning yesterday, because soon I will see them.

I will try not to add anymore entries because this computer clicking distracts me.

Also, any of the “Practice Papers” left on my coffee table I used or the notes in my gym bag can be published freely. I will not be embarased, because, well, I will be dead. Some people like to study that stuff. Maybe all this will shed insight on why some people just cannot make things happen in their life, which can potentially benefit others.


1. Probably 99% of the people who know me well don’t even think I was this crazy. Told by at least 100 girls/women over the years I was a “nice guy”. Not kidding.

2. Lee Ann Valdiserri had my baby in early 1991. Haven’t seen her since she was about four months into it. I knew her sister, Chris, from high school.

3. Net worth slightly more than $250K, (after all debt) as of end of 2008.

4. Death Lives!

© 2009 George Sodini
This should not be taken off the web. It is obviously my view and opinion.
Reproduce this as you wish, in its entirity.
**Copy this to usenet/newsgroups where my voice will speak forever!**
Don’t modify it, you can correct my spelling errors, I used WordPad.
Unless the names are required legally to be blotted out, then fine. Thanks.

463 thoughts on “George Sodini’s blog: the plan

  1. Wow!!!!!

    This is so sad. And to know that who ever read this (if it was ever read) never picked on what he would actually do. Its sad that this is what our society boils down too. Depressed people who take the lives of others because they are unhappy.

    Just makes me really sad!

  2. You know, that’s an interesting point you raise. If it had been up for any length of time, surely SOMEONE would have seen it. Yes, there are nutter pages all over the internet, but they do get reported with relative frequency since Columbine. I wonder what we’ll learn in the next few days. I’d like to know when that website was registered, for instance.

    I am always hesitant to put down a cold-blooded act like this to emotion. I’m of the opinion that lots of people get depressed, but most of them are sane enough, or moral enough, not to shoot people. I think it comes down to either insanity (possible, but too often used as an excuse) or evil. I mean, I MET Willy Pickton. I do believe the man is sane. And I do believe he’s deeply evil, by choice.

  3. It could be the “REAL DEAL” But then again the few clues the papers & othe rinternet news sites gave us could of easily been added in.
    What bored person would seriously go through ALL the trouble to make up an entire online diary & all that jazz just to dupe ppl?
    Then again funnier things HAVE happened….
    I think it’s the real deal. This guy was obviously disturbed & felt left out of life. I bet if he did manage to get a girlfriend she woulda picked p on his “not quite there in the head/kinda wacked/potential stalker if i dump him/clingy & possessive” vibe..

  4. I think it’s a fake, too. You can’t buy liquor at the Shop N Save. We only have state liquor stores here.

  5. Anyone who actually remembers the date of their last drink isn’t likely to pick up a quart of vodka and a bottle of JD and merely sip it. This thing is phony from the get go. Too bad that someone out there is so twisted

  6. Interesting, thanks APS412.

    Yeah, I keep remembering the Hitler Diaries and so many other fakes. Hoaxes are a bit of a fascination of mine, as is internet drama. Once upon a time if you plugged “Internet Drama” into Yahoo, my blog came up third. Some people just simply get off on pretending to be other people, even really horrible other people. Sad little twisties they are, too.

  7. Here is the WhoIs info for his website:

    The domain name itself was registered as follows:
    Domain created on 01-Aug-2000
    Domain expires on 01-Aug-2010
    Last updated on 19-Dec-2008

  8. it could possibly be real, possibly. there are truly many, many blogs & online diaries ppl write that get like 1 visitor the entire time they are up & running, if 1 visitor.
    I bet if sumone happened upon this or the real blog an alarm woulda gone off in their heads.
    what gave the police the tip off he wrote an online diary in the first place? he obviously left a clue somewhere that led them to it.
    i’d luv to see the real diary/blog (if this is not it).
    he mentions sobriety a lot. then he says he had a drink friday night. i wonder if he went to 12 step meetings to pick up gals or obsess?
    also he mentions the name bob fox as an across the street neighbor…hmmmm….is bob fox real or a fake name for a real person?
    hopefully in days to come we will find out more.
    it is no surprize he chose a place with young, attractive women in it to exact his “revenge”.

  9. thanx blissfulgirl for the info below & raincoaster for posting this for us :)

    George Sodini
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714


    Administrative Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Domain created on 01-Aug-2000
    Domain expires on 01-Aug-2010
    Last updated on 19-Dec-2008

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Domain registration and hosting powered by DomainDiscover
    As low as $9/year, including FREE: responsive toll-free support,
    URL/frame/email forwarding, easy management system, and full featured DNS.”

  10. Front Page Information
    Website Title: None given.
    SEO Score: 62%
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    AboutUs: Wiki article on

    Indexed Data

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    Whois Record
    George Sodini
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714


    Administrative Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Domain created on 01-Aug-2000
    Domain expires on 01-Aug-2010
    Last updated on 19-Dec-2008

    Domain servers in listed order:


  11. A quick White Pages search for Pittsburgh shows that the is indeed a Bob Fox who lives at an address that would be directly across the street from the address listed in the WhoIs info.

  12. I am 50/50 on the “it’s fake”; he’s got the mass murderer “my mom is a bitch and i hate her which is why i hate women” schtick down….but the latest report from CNN said that he was there to kill (and did kill) a potential ex-girlfriend….if he was that pissed about the ex/mom/women in general….wouldn’t there be at least some mention of a girlfriend in his writings? even if he didn’t name her? it stands to reason that if she dumped him that he would go off about her in his writings

  13. Thanks. Now THIS confuses me:

    Last updated on 19-Dec-2008

    After all, there are posts right up to the other day. Or does that refer only to his registration details?

    And on that note, unfortunately I have to go get some sleep. All nighters are not healthy. I very much appreciate your help and your thoughts.

  14. Last updated on 19-Dec-2008 only means the domain name account information was last updated on that date. It doesn’t refer to the actual website itself.

  15. the date he said he purchased the alcohol we didnt sell liquor in shop n save yet… i believe it to be a fake.

  16. Pingback: George Sodini La Fitness Killer An Obama Supporter | Virginia Right!

  17. If the Shop N Save didn’t sell alcohol yet on May 5, 2009 is it possible that there is a liquor store near by it (next door type of thing)?

    The liquor store near me is next door to the grocery store so when we pick up a bottle we often say we’re picking up a bottle at Safeway even though they don’t sell it there.

  18. Pittsburgh is not far from Ohio or W.Virginia where you can get liquor in any Wal-Mart, grocery store, 7-11, etc. It’s entirely possible he could have driven there to get it.

  19. What a freak show. How many people read this blog before this nutter went on his killing spree? Why wasn’t it reported? Crazy people..crazy world!

  20. Its not fake, its real…this is the real deal. I live in Pittsburgh. As soon as this guys name was released I googled it and found it. Its sad…

  21. The blog is real…the web host has confirmed that the final entry was made shortly before this horrible act on Aug 4th.

    A very sad commentary of this lost soul’s life.

    Thinking…It’s quite possible that he kept his blog entries private until yesterday.

    No doubt about it this guy was disturbed. His entries are enlightening, but raise more questions than they answer. Why causes a person to look, act and function so outwardly normal and yet be so disturbed without detection from anyone??

    No excuses for what this guy did but it certainly makes me wonder what the hell happened in his life to cause him to feel so desperatly lonely and detached…..hmmmm

  22. What APS412 said about state-stores for alcohol was true… the strange thing though is that this domain has been registered for over 9 years. Maybe (keeping in mind that his spelling and grammar suck) he meant that he went to Shop N Save and also went and bought alcohol? Still, that wording seems like he meant to say he got it AT the grocery store.

    Anyway, here you can see the domain registration info:

    It would be interesting to know if it is a hoax though.

  23. Enough about liquor, there are some very specific details about family members here and in this day and age it is very hard to make this information up. The family of this man will be able to confirm it’s authenticity very easily. Just wait and see.

  24. I think the key to this individual lies in the Tetelestai Church he mentions above. He says, “Holy shit, religion is a waste. But this guy teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder then still go to heaven… I think his crap did the most damage.” This is a dispensationalist Church. His blog is no crazier than what is taught in a dispensationalist church about the end of the world, the Rapture, and the supposed fate of the Jews. Dispensationalism teaches, condones and sanctifies mass murder.

  25. Well, Its sad thats for some points I can almost believe it is real but I was looking at the picture and in his blogs he mentions his sobriety for the last 20 or so years but if you look the picture is taken in a bar at a jukebox the drink in his hand could very well be non alcoholic but for people withe the kinds of thoughts and depression he has it is highly unlikely most depressed people dont go to bars and order a pepsi!!

  26. i can’t say whether it’s fake or real. However, considering that the shooting only happend later last night, is it really plausible that someone heard about the shooting and JUST THAT QUICKLY created this fake blog? I’m not buying that. Plus, the domain was obviously preregistered by this guy and I don’t think anyone could have figured out his writing style that quickly so as to create more recent entries that blend right in with ones George might have written himself.

  27. Sounds pretty legit to me. There are so many random details and nothing really seems “out of character” from what we know about this guy. The many dates he mentioned could be corroborated along with some of the facts to gain some truth.

    It really is a sad story. I am not giving acceptance for what he did as harming/killing someone else is never acceptable. It’s just sad to know that there are many people out there that feel like him and are hopeless. obviously most people are able to deal with their feelings in some way other than going on a rampage. If this act and blog were not a cry for help I don’t know what is.

  28. i think it’s real b/c this guy obvioulsy is a lunatic and would be dumb enough to write all this if he’s dumb enough to blame all women for his problems and walk into a gym and open fire. stupid people do really stupid things. psycho people do CRAZY things, like this douche. maybe it had nothing to do with how you looked buddy, i bet you had a very charming personality. lol!

  29. Two more cents:
    The South Fayette Shop N Save is just down Washington Pike from the LA Fitness where the shooting occurred; also, there’s a Wine & Spirit Store at that same address.

  30. The blog isn’t fake.

    You can check and see that he created it back before 2001. He is also the owner according to domain registration (do a whois lookup)

    So, that is really his. Unless someone used his name and information to register the site back in 2001.

    You may also be interested to know he also was the owner of this website:

    You can see he is the owner according to domain registation. If you look at the version of the website with his name, you can see at the bottom he goes by the name “crazygeorge” online.

    The website is still up.

    It has a password to log in, you can see his email address if you look at the HTML source.. he says you can email him for the password.

    But the password is also in the HTML file. It is ‘snippers’

    and that causes the page to redistry to

    (used to redirect to


  31. CNN cites the May 5th liquor run to Shop N Save, along with a lot of other entries. The writing style stays consistent with these citations. This is the real blog.

    This guy really needed some attention.

  32. So the last time he had sex resulted in a pregnancy…interesting. The guy spewed venom and rage because he had no family life and yet he abandoned the girl and claims ‘no children’.

    If there is a living child out there, he/she could possibly be legally entitled to the assets as the sole heir to the estate. He probably never paid a dime in child support, so it would be the right way to settle it.

  33. If prostitution were legal this guy might not have flipped out. A few trips to a brothel would have relieved the pressure on him.

  34. I love how people think this is fake after what happened last night. He was obviously crazy enough to do something horrible to innocent people.

    You can buy liquor at the South Fayette Shop N Save, you have been able to for a long time now. Its not a big deal at where he got it.

    And he is now getting what he wanted, attention. Shouldn’t we actually be paying more attention to the innocent victims that were killed and injured, even just the witnesses who are going to have to live with this horrible experience? We should all have them within our thoughts and prayers that they and their families can recover from such a horrific incident last night instead of discussing his blog.

  35. Very interesting.. =

    source says pass is ‘snippers’… doesn’t seem to load..

    source also points to pictures of ‘Stacy’

    “Stacy, right click and select “Save Picture As…”. I cropped a few of them, pick which one you want or all of them. Let me know when you got these so I can take them down.”

    Also an email address listed

    I’d like to see the real site..

  36. This is real. I know people mentioned in the blog, personally. This creeps me out. Anyone in this guy’s life could have been killed, and that’s scary.

    About God’s forgiveness: God will forgive those who repent of their sin (that was the work of Jesus on the cross), not those who sin without remorse, like George did. Mass-murderers can be saved, should they repent. That’s not dispensationalist, that’s Jesus’ promise (remember the criminal that hung next to him was promised he would be in paradise with Jesus). If not, what hope does anyone have?

    This guy’s hope was to murder and see Jesus. There was no prepentance, there. Trust me, he’ll see Jesus, but from the wrong side of the aisle.

  37. he actually ranks his ex-girlfriend as a “7.25”. can you imagine doing that to women? reducing them to a scale of 1 through 10! our society really is full of sick, shallow, juvenile men. sad.

  38. huh. Never noticed the ending ‘h’ in Pittsburgh before, either. Probably a lot of Georges out there, with their warped views on women. Wonder why he wasn’t concerned enough about his child born in 1991, to seek him/her out and try to help. But helping anyone else obviously was not what he enjoyed or gained satisfaction from doing. A lot of people feel like outcasts if they don’t have close friends or relationships, but that doesn’t make them into murderers. Wonder what neuro pathways in his brain made him think murdering women before shooting himself was the way to spend his last minutes here. Can understand some of his likes and dislikes, and some of his writing makes him seem like a sane, reasoning sort of person. But his views of women, & as a result probably his sexual nature, are so twisted. How do people get to be this way? His explanations are inadequate. Guess he’s getting now, what he thought he wanted in life, and couldn’t go on without: Attention from other people who are interested in him.

  39. It’s too bad nobody ever advised him to go get some counseling and maybe some meds. He had a great job and made some decent money. If he just got some help he could have maybe had a nice life and this whole horrible tragedy would have never happened.

    People like to make fun of therapy, but it could have prevented a tragedy here. It’s time to give therapists their due, just like how we venerate cops and firefighters. People like this guy who shot up the gym shouldn’t feel ashamed to go get help.

  40. Wow. I feel bad that he felt so isolated, buy I really wish he didn’t take innocent people with him.

    God rest the souls of his victims and I hope that the injured recover fully.

  41. hiya-
    typical normal ‘merican guy ….
    well one thing i would like to point out …
    not one mention of the “gun” issue, that i see.
    ( and should not see )
    another point – let the shit settle for a few days, and see what rises to the surface – no point trying to make sense of it yet ….

  42. I’m shocked, saddened and disappointed. The guy was so twisted and pitiful, yet he was all the things that many men and women want to be. I appreciate that he wrote this blog to give insight into his mind, but I saddened that no one knew of the problems he had.

    Oh, the fact that he put everyone that he didn’t like on blast is pure comedy if the situation wasn’t so tragic.

    My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

  43. Well, according to, the site appears to have been legitimately his since at least 2000. (Seems to match up to the WHOIS records.) Mostly boring stuff, occasionally nothing more than a ‘car for sale’ ad.

    Notably, though, he used to go by the name “CrazyGeorge”; and also had the domain name doesn’t have anything newer than a ‘car for sale’ in 2004 on; although there are a few listings in 2007 for; doesn’t have any content for them.

  44. FUCKING GIRLS KILLED HIM….I fell sorry for him…but many stupid americans will be now planning to do the same to get some fame…all West full of stupid jerks LOL

  45. What can I say, this blog makes the whole story even more saddening, not that it excuses what this man did, it’s really sad what happened to him.

  46. On the May 5th entry, the killer indicates that he bouth vodka at the Shop N Save. You can’t buy liquor at a grocery store in PA or any other place except a liquor store or distributor. I’m convinced this is fake based on that comment.

  47. Sorry. To clarify, Stacey is on the Saturn listing page on, but commented out. I modified the html via firefox to reveal the pictures. Is this the ex at the gym that is referred to in the news?

  48. Actually, Carla Valdiserri has no relationship with George Sodini. Carla was born to Lee Ann’s sister Tina a month after Lee Ann had her child. How do I know this? I am currently married to Tina. Further, Sodini may be incorrect as to Lee Ann being the mother of his child, as her child was born in September 1990, not early 2001, and there is no sister by the name of Chris in the family.

  49. It’s completely legit. The Bob Fox mention, and it turns out he did live across from a Bob Fox? The “Who Is” info seals the deal.

    Anyone doubting is cynical and full of shit.

    This is an amazing, amazing document. Please, raincoaster: NEVER TAKE THIS DOWN.

    Diary of a mass murderer. Posted online. Telling everyone, months and months in advance, exactly what he would do, how he would do it, and why.

    “I no longer have any expectations of myself. I have no options because I cannot work toward and achieve even the smallest goals. That is, ABOVE ALL, what bothers me the most. Not to be able to work towards what I want in my life. I believe I am deserve that. I read recently it is called “self efficacy”, but who knows. Is that more psychobable?”

    Absolutely incredible. “Exit plan,” indeed.

  50. Sandy, I’d advise you to read the previous comments that debate that statement by “Sodini”. It was brought up before, and it appears that the alcohol was purchased at the same mailing address, not within the same establishment of “Shop N Save”.

    Cattz, you beat me to it, about the corroborating information concerning the addresses of a “Robert Fox”, and Sodini himself. I have included the Street view of the road as well as the link to the photos of the car sale, for those curious.,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15220&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.23349,56.513672&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FaRiaAIdmUE6-w&split=0&ll=40.395473,-80.068445&spn=0.006373,0.013411&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.395391,-80.068402&panoid=kWH7a2-0wMizPAT-nSE3gw&cbp=12,251.93,,0,-3.27
    (turn this view to the left)

  51. I grocery shop at the South Fayette Shop and Save that he mentioned in his blog. There is a liquor store that is located inside the Shop n Save. It abides by the PA state regulations for selling liquor as you must be 21 to enter the store unless accompanied by an adult and you must purchase your alcohol in the liquor store. Then you can continue with your grocery shopping with your alcohol already paid for in your grocery cart. It isn’t affiliated with the Shop N Save besides that it is located within the store.

    I think the blog is real.

  52. wow, saw the vid on yahoo regarding his blog and thought to search it out; found a heck of a lot more than I bargained for here and now just feel incredibly sad. Sad for George, but more sad for his victims.

    I tried all the links but unfortunately did not gain access to any actual blog written by him. The names and addresses sure seem to point to this being real, but these days anything can be created and made to seem real.

  53. Interesting–the now-defunct password for his crazygeorge site, “snippers”, is apparently the name of a cat he had (see “SQUEAKING CAT” thread at the Google groups link posted above by chocolate).

  54. Stacy is more like a 5, George. :)

    Seriously, though, getting sex wouldn’t have fixed this guy. He obviously obesessed on a certain volume of sex from “desireable” women being the key to all social interactoion and, thus happiness through human contact. He ended up further detatching himself based on this idea that not getting laid ruined him. The sad thing is that human contact and connection leads to relationships and sex, not the other way around.

    I think there is a good chance that this is “real” in the sense that he wrote it, but also that it’s full of bullshit that he threw in there to make himself seem intruiging. He did say he expected everyone to copy it all over the internet and study it. He wants to make what he saw as an insignificant meaningless life more important and significant in death than he could in life.

  55. you american are crazy.
    Things like this always happen in the U.S.
    Think about it.
    americans are part of a sick society.

  56. This basically matches the entries written in the PPG, the only thing really blocked out there were the cuss words, and when he was speaking inappropriately about people.

  57. What was sad about reading his diary was that he kept saying how he’s going to kill himself because he has no control over his life. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you have no control. He had plenty, he chose his job, where he wanted to live, worked out, etc. Someone really should of helped this guy out earlier to avoid all this. He had a warped perception of how life “has” to be.

  58. The Shop n Save in Bridgeville does in fact have a liquor store inside but it is a store inside the grocery store. It was a big deal when they opened a couple years ago because it was the first of it’s kind in PA.

  59. uhm…shop n save in bridgeville does have a liquor store inside of it so no that does not make this bogus..

  60. Anyone who thinks this blog is a fake probably also doubts that we landed on the moon. Conspiracy theorists doubt the damn daily sunrise.

    This thing was up on WTAE’s website first thing this morning. I find it highly improbable that someone could come up with such a work of fiction, containing as many verifiable facts as this does in such a short period of time.

    So knock it off, would you please??

  61. Hi,

    BBC said “the website was pulled down” – Yet I find the domain still active. Website still accessible. Same WHOIS details as above. Maybe his original file was Edited?

    If “they” tried to wrap up the real reasons, the smartest thing to do is edit his HTML file. Well, if they tried to change any DNS records or registrar details, the date will get logged on the registrar’s log.

    I found a comment in his page’s source code. Maybe he himself said the following. Maybe “They” added it to make him look like a pervert.

    here it is..

    “”At the gym I saw a woman I like. I see her at the park and ride sometimes, so she isn’t a stranger. Occationaly she makes good eye contact and smiles, etc. She is maybe 40ish, and attractive to me. I made brief conversation to her and a younger woman she was with today. To get a friend like her (and for night time action) I would cancel this plan, or put on hold, at least for a while.””

    Anyone who doesnt know how to get a source code: can go to the page and click on “View page source”. Available in Right click context menu.

    [ When you type in his DOD (20090804) into this page , it takes you to this page ]

    Funny I cant find google snapshots or chache of the particular page. Wasnt there a way to find out changes to websites? Like when people edit wikipedia for their corporate benefits? I remember reading about it when’s spyed or someone edited the wiki page against Jark(another founder).

    oh well. dude died. so cant ask him.


  62. This is utterly disgusting.

    Let it be known how destructive negative thinking and self-pity are to a person. They destroy everything around them (as this man did, obviously sabotaging any meaningful relationships), and only leave themselves in the end (they were all that he had left in his mind).


  63. Joanne, shut the fuck up. Like mass shootings and sadistic killings never happen outside of America:




    The UK


    Shall I list more, or just ignore your pathetic internet drivel and send you and your country back to their native obscurity? Stop envying us and mind your own fucking business. Murders or no, we’re still the country everyone wants to eventually emigrate to… so stay on topic or piss off.

  64. I know this guys done something awful but I feel bad for him and what he had suffered in his life. Still doesn’t excuse murder damn just messed up.

  65. Wow, definitely sounds real and could be real. Also could be fake but if so, it was created rather quickly. And providing that the facts check out i.e. did he get a promotion and raise? Is his brother’s name correct and description of Asian wife etc? it would have been nearly impossible for someone to have all this information and make this hoax.

    My vote is that it is real. How sad. Everyone should make an extra effort to make sure you are someone’s friend if they don’t have any. It can save lives.

  66. “Actually, Carla Valdiserri has no relationship with George Sodini. Carla was born to Lee Ann’s sister Tina a month after Lee Ann had her child. How do I know this? I am currently married to Tina.”

    Hmmmm …. I doubt your claim. I think it is unlikely that two sisters each have a kid one month apart and looks the Facebook photos of CARLA BLAIRE VALDISERRI and George’s face.

  67. This is why parenting is so damn important and people need to stop taking pregnancy so lightly. You need a license to catch a fish, but any moron can have a kid. This guys issues no doubt started at a young age. He hated his brother, his dad was never around, and his mom was a bitch. Is it a suprise that he left his pregnant girlfriend? Society as a whole is responsible. For glorifying pregnancy and sex, and for upholding the idea of a “perfect” family/lifestyle. He was obviously trying to attain this perfect image and would not be happy until it was reached. He realized it could not be a reality and couldn’t take it anymore.
    Why is the first thing ANYONE says when someone tells them they are pregnant is: “Congratulations!” ???

    Congratulations for what? for having sex? for attaining the ultimate goal in life? people need to wake up and get real. 50% of marriages end in divorce, and the other 25% is unhappy when they realize marriage and kids does not create happiness.

    Stop perpetuating the “white picket fence” goal in life like thats what you need to be happy. Also stop popping out kids like its your duty in life because more likely than not, YOU are part of the problem.

  68. If he wanted to change things for himself, he would have done more than just get in shape. He would have sought professional help, changed his outlook towards other people, start looking at what he has rather than only seeing what he doesn’t, and started mending relationships with his family (since there was an obvious grudge there).

    I don’t know if being nice, being friendly, or even being a complete ass to this type of guy would have made a difference.

    The fact is he was a selfish, self pitying bastard who chose to end the lives of other people before ending his own miserable life.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid man.

  69. If people don’t like you…then the problem is YOU! I hope he’s in hell as he deserves to be. There is nothing wrong with solitude unless you desire popularity and/or companionship. He wanted to be loved but clearly had emotional and social issues which is why people didn’t like him! it’s too bad he had a kid…passed his bad genes onto a poor child. I’m so glad he’s dead! I feel horrible for the innocent people. Do NOT let his pathetic life and even more pathetic death turn into some sad story of HIS stupid life.

  70. did anyone notice that he spelled america with a k.. inless he was born in europe then moved to pa i highly dout this is real on the other hand for ppl who blog the writing seems real..lost trains of thought. details and info that only makes sense to the writer. im confused on the last part where he mentions that he has a child if he last had sex in 1989 then how did a woman have his child in 1991?

  71. He is the perfect example of an untreated schizophrenic. The language says it all, as well as, the blog postings leading up to his actual agenda. I know a guy named Michael Odegard from Portland who is just like this. He was obsessed with one of my good friends and the stuff he would post in his MSN group is a lot like this guy’s ramblings. Creepy!

  72. The “Amerika” spelling is often used in a sarcastic manner when condemning something that is seen as too left by members of the right. It’s supposed to look Russian to make the comparison to the old Soviet state. Off topic, but it’s common enough. He definitely didn’t like Obama. The president was th only person outside of his personal life that he took time to make sarcastic remarks about… well that and black people in general.

    I think the guy wrote it, but I think he had the grammar skills of a 2nd grader. I’m far from the grammar or spelling police, but it just seemed like a stream of random thought fragments. If he had a PhD and wrote books about this, he’d probably be called a genious of minimalist writing.

  73. After reading most of the comments, I’d say it was a fake. Some pointed out good arguements on why it would be a fake, especially this last comment. If he hadn’t gotten his groove on since 1989 but got a woman preggo in 1991, what the hell?!
    Another thought I had was if this isn’t a fake, it could add up with all the mistakes considering it would take a psychopath to plan and pull off something of this magnitude and the mistakes could seem like reality to him. He by far would’ve had his own reality going on.

  74. The math seems to work out guys. He said it’s been 19 years since he got laid… consistently with that, he says it was July 1990 which is 19 years ago.

    If you get a girl pregnant in July of 1990, then you have a baby in 1991.

    Math. It works.

  75. I do not beleive it was a fake. I also want to mention that even if hundreds of people saw it, who is going to report some crazy ass writing a blog about how lonely he is, the last time her had sex, his big brother bully and why women don’t like him. If I had read it before hand, I would have thought he was just another internet fruitcake trying to get attention. We always second guess someone over the internet. you have just proven that with this post.

    After all, you don’t beleive it is real. I would have no beleived he was to be taken seriously before the shooting. The things we see on the net cannot always be taken serioulsy. This was a very sad story.

  76. what a fucking idiot. had he not heard of radio controlled helicopters or if he reallyy reaaly had to….. prostitutes? and why take innocent with him. i hope there is a hell and hope he ends up in the “infinity testicle roasting room”

  77. George was the secretary of our support group: Women Must Die Council WMDC. Our mission is to change society so that women realize they can not brush off the loser they have got to get into bed with him. George did a good job with his statement but his life was blissful compared to mine. I’m not due to make my statement ’til Dec. and had something much different planned that I would do outside. But I really like Georges strategy of keeping them contained within walls and turning off the lights.

  78. This was embedded in the source of that journal page:

    “At the gym I saw a woman I like. I see her at the park and ride sometimes, so she isn’t a stranger. Occationaly she makes good eye contact and smiles, etc. She is maybe 40ish, and attractive to me. I made brief conversation to her and a younger woman she was with today. To get a friend like her (and for night time action) I would cancel this plan, or put on hold, at least for a while.”

  79. I don’t know if this dude Mutton is being serious or sarcastic with his threat, but if there’s a way to look into it, I think it would be a good idea to do so.

  80. “Hmmmm …. I doubt your claim. I think it is unlikely that two sisters each have a kid one month apart and looks the Facebook photos of CARLA BLAIRE VALDISERRI and George’s face.”

    You can doubt my claim till the cows come home, but the fact remains that I am Carla’s step-father, and we know conclusively who her father and mother are – and they are not George Sodini and Lee Ann Valdiserri. Lee Ann’s son was born in late Sept 1990 – Carla was born in mid Nov 1990 to Lee Ann’s older sister Tina, who is now my wife.

    Furthermore, Sodini makes reference to a sister named Chris Valdiserri, but there is no Chris Valdiserri in this immediate family – leading me to believe that he may have been mistaken. I don’t honestly know if Lee Ann’s son was sired by Sodini, but I do know that Carla was not.

  81. American middle ages man are sick..
    This guy should have travelled to Netherlands or Vegas.
    You will kill the planet, stopping eating shit or your brain will get destroyed fat guys…

  82. lisa my spellin or his lol im just a product of the texting generation but if he was making 250k which he claimed i would think he had enough college to know how to spell america the american im just to lazy to correct his whole blog the america spelling just suck out to me bc it was the first mistake….tho if a grammer teacher read any of my blogs theyd need a few days to correct my terrible typin/spelling skills lol

  83. Holy.. what a nut job this dude was. I know exactly why he couldn’t hook with any women, he was a distant reject. I bet he found many women inferior or simply looked down at them as simply a kind of soulless sex / masturbation toy. I’m saying this as a guy. I know that sort of mentality. That’s exactly why he couldn’t establish any meaningful relationship with the opposite sex.

    I found it kind of funny how he mentioned god, jesus, forgiveness in the same breath as he was plotting the mass murder.

  84. So pretty much he couldn’t get laid, so he resorted to shooting innocent women in the one place that gave him peace of mind….The Gym.

    If he was so desperate for sex, why didn’t ge go to a whore house or hire a prostitute??? Geeez is there any need to kill people because of your own sexual frustration.

  85. What a sad, pathetic person he was. He may have been attractive to the right girl, but if his entries are any indication, he was probably a real psycho to talk to. What a hateful person he was. From black people to girls, he hated everyone, even his own family. I hope they are able to track down anyone who read his blog, they have to be accountable in some way. Normal people don’t write things like that. Why couldn’t he have just ended his own life? What a coward to go into a gym full of woman/girls and turn the lights off and start shooting. I hope he rots in hell.

  86. umm no, the shop n save in bridgeville, where he went shooting last night, does indeed have a liquor store in it. i knew ppl who used to work in there, including my dad.

  87. I agree with Nin…I hope Mutton is only making a sick attempt at attention or a joke, although there’s nothing funny about it. You should be tracked down to make sure you’re not as sick as Sodini. Innocent woman died, do you get it? Women that were wives, mothers, daughters, etc. I don’t understand how the world works….how is it that a beloved family member who is the heart of your family, a good wife, Mom, sister can pass away so suddenly in the middle of her life but assholes like Sodini live on? I just don’t understand it. Of course now he’s rotting in hell.

  88. Anyone else notice the odd way he remembered precise dates of 20 years ago? Very odd, particularly for a guy. I’d say he was at the least, most likely autistic, probably with Asperberger’s syndrome. These people have extremely poor social skills; cannot interpret non-verbal cues ( body language). People with Aspergers also suffer from depression and are sometimes bipolar, and can also have gender confusion. Also, his career- internet/computers, would have worked for someone who cannot interact well socially. Very sad for the victims and their families. May God Bless their souls.

  89. This WHOIS database is provided for information purposes only. We do
    not guarantee the accuracy of this data. The following uses of this
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    database. By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this

    George Sodini
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714


    Administrative Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Domain created on 01-Aug-2000
    Domain expires on 01-Aug-2010
    Last updated on 19-Dec-2008

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Domain registration and hosting powered by DomainDiscover
    As low as $9/year, including FREE: responsive toll-free support,
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    Show underlying registry data for this record

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    Y! Directory: see listings
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    Data as of: 22-Apr-2008

  90. I do not feel sorry for this man at all. I feel sorry for the women he MURDERED. To bad the narcissistic prick didn’t just shoot himself in the head. May he burn in hell forever for what he did.

  91. Jesus Christ!!

    Talk about about a Travis Bickle in the making (see Taxi Driver if you don’t get the reference you uncultured swine! :P).

    This dude’s pathology is pretty crazy, it shows you how an average person can slowly lose their minds over many years. A living and breathing ticking time bomb. It’s very sad too : (. A little confidence and therapy (not to mention getting laid!) could have saved this man’s sanity. What’s interesting is how these types of people are the kind you meet everyday, i.e., the mailman, store clerk, etc. yet we don’t have a single idea what floats through their possibly warped minds. It’s people like this that remind me of American Beauty, and how deep down, and below the surface that people are batshit crazy!!

    Pleasant travels :)

  92. From my first reading of this blog earlier today it was obviously real—99.999% sure. I will leave a bit of doubt for some equally disturbed evil genius that could be out there with a brilliant understanding of such a disturbed mind that could so quickly write a perfect rendition of such a history. I live here in Pittsburgh. I know people with somewhat the same view of life and of women in general as George portrayed, and the whole scenario makes sense. As a Christian, it is sad to see yet another person pervert the gospel of Christ. The blood of Christ indeed is the source of forgiveness of our sins. Yet it is not the license to kill, as this sick mind concluded. As was stated, the forgiveness only applies to those who repent. George apparently appreciated something of Christ’s wonderful work for us, but did not know His love, or the power of His Spirit to change his life. (By the way, dispensationalism does not condone mass murder. Please get educated. See my blog for starters

  93. Doesn’t seem like the guy even accomplished his goal. Not one of the women killed was one of those 20’something cute girls that wouldn’t give him the time of day. Seems like the ones that died were 30’s and 40’s–wouldn’t be suprised if the girls he killed were fat chicks. They were probably not the desirable young women he was targedting.

  94. I absolutely agree with the author of this post. Of COURSE it is a fake. More driving the racism train. ELSE?!?! Why would this blog have been online for even one minute? NO WAY !!! I began to doubt the murders even happened. THen I got busy with other things but before that I was able to access ‘the blog’ five times and read most of it and I agree it sounded ‘faked.’ The obama stuff with that ‘hos’ stuff did not sound like the rest of ‘the blog’ at all.

    Did NOT pass the smell test. I have had people trying to steal my valuable property because it’s in the middle of the place they want to build a casino and they have the rest of the properties already… so their method of doing this is by terrorizing me. They have actually dropped off wrecked cars in my path as though they were just wrecked although you’d hear no sound of a wreck. (busted them there) Yes it sounds crazy but this other stuff is getting even crazier. I credit Oprah Winfrey with a lot of this trashy stuff. Whether that sounds rational or not she IS the one with enough money to continually put on these ‘big shows’ and she has a very serious agenda at work. I voted for Obama so don’t go there. And I did not vote for him so much as I was entranced which I was not but because I would not have voted for mccain after his closeness with bush and I AM more or less a democrat but sarah palin nixed any chance of that. SO .. all that said I was behind John Edwards and I also think that oprah and all her bazillions dug around until she trashed him too. Look around and smell the scenery of all this really weird stuff. I live in tampa florida and it’s very obvious from here that they are dying (white and black) to have the recism train revved up. The columnists were very obvious. One day they just threw it out there. AND it’s not really a black white thing but a north south HATE thing. This act and fake was purely to inspire hatred and keep the racism train driving. I’ve met people from Ghana who are here to do no more than preach hatred to whole parishes. Black and white. There’s no color thing here or intent. It’s a decency love.hate thing.
    I’ll definitely be back to this place where a guy saw the truth immediately as I did. There’s so FEW of us. thank you.

  95. Regarding the real estate site, the conspiracy theorists can double-check his blog entry’s reference to the closing date on his house with the date the deed was recorded. The dates match. So, if someone construed the blog entry, they did a damn good job.

  96. You FAKE conspiracy theorists are neglecting the fact that yes, his blog was online, but in order to access it from his site you needed to enter the date of the massacre in a password box to complete the URL. Therefore, it was actually not PUBLIC until the site was discovered. If that wasn’t enough, the blog was discovered by the authorities even before the name of the shooter was released to the public, so someone would have had to do a helluva lot of writing awful quick.

    Think, people – and remember – “it’s better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  97. LOL @ people and their conspiracy theories. The blog was real. I was definitely written by the sychopath who would then go on and shoot those innocent women.

    With due respect, those who claim this a fake are dimwitted morons, if such a thing ever could exist.

  98. He notes that 100 women told him he was a “nice guy,” and he seems to note this positively. He seems unaware that “nice guy” is a term women only use for men to whom they are not attracted.

    It’s sad that he seems to have made little or no effort to learn how women tick, even though he was obsessed with not having a girlfriend. Ironically, to avoid becoming a mass murderer, this guy may have just needed to be more of an a-hole.

  99. This is real. It is not a hoax. People who are lonely and have suffered with mental disorders, can have depression for years and become experts at trying to hide it. Undoubtedly, women noticed, that is why a woman recently asked him if he was bullied when he was in high school. People send out signals, usually a combination of physical such as body language combined with abusive comments, derrogatory or demented people who often have that, “poor, poor pitiful me, the who world is mean to me” mentality. He sees women as objects, he relentlessly calls his brother a bully and feels inferior to what appears to be almost anyone and everyone except his new boss who appears to befriend him in his mind because he has a personality that seems to be well-balanced. If you notice, he is quite the narcisist himself. Everything he writes is about everyone else, it is everyone else’s fault that he is screwed up and everyone is screwed up but him. It is obvious that this guy suffered from a deep mental problem that only counseling and medication could have solved due to his lack of connection with his own child. Talk about the pattern repeating itself. He never thought about his kid, was worth $250K after all debts, according to his own account, but probably never paid a dime in child support. You look at the picture of a young guy with great teeth who dresses nice and has a clean haircut, etc… where are the pictures of him from recent functions? He was almost 50 years old. This picture is to only hype the fact that no matter what you look like, you could still be screwed up in the head. Mother Theresa was right, “the greatest disease in the world is not AIDS, nor Tuberculosis. The greatest disease is feeling unloved”…having that said, this guy obviously felt “unloved”. And I believe, he isolated himself since he was a young child due to mental problems.

    I have known people like this…two people who both committed suicide. One at age 19 from drugs and the other at age 55 from carbon monoxide poisoning…they had one thing in common, both had good hearts, both had a soft spot, but both isolated had a drug habit, the othe was an alcoholic. If you talked to the alcoholic, he had a good job, dressed nice, and lived in a nice neighborhood, drove a Porsche. But it was all on the surface. Dig deep, and you find out that in his eyes, women were objects, he talked just like George Sodini about women, they “got fat”, or “she was a whore”. He had 5 years in which he never spoke to his 4 sisters or his mother. No birthday card, nothing. He had no real girlfriend, he was once married but his wife left him for her dentist. He had a little girl from this woman, when he lost the wife, he basically lost his mind. He never supported, nor had anything to do with the wife. The woman betrayed “him”, it was about what someone did to “him”, all else was loss, including the fact that a small human needed him and was there to offer any and all attention he needed.

    Sex, control, objectification, self-pity, self-hate, it’s all there…

    The 19 year old was extremely intelligent and lacked social skills. Other kids saw it since he was young and he noticed that he was treated different. There is a sign right there, something that George Sodini also noticed. The sign are always there and these people usually see signals that ugh…no, we have decided that something about you is not right, you are not normal so no date, no I don’t want to be your friend or have deep conversation with you. They are good people, but no one pushed them to seek professional help, instead, we slink away and say to our friend, “OMG! If they find me cut up in small pieces, this guy probably did it!” and laugh.

    One day, before the 19 year old died, he related to me that his boss was treating him badly, would not pay him for his work, and when he called, no answer or the boss would tell him, “Oh, sorry..I did not hear my phone ringing” or “Sorry about your pay, I went out of town and just got back”. But the kid told me that he “knew” this guy was blatantly lying, and he felt as though this guy was taking advantage of him, using his good-heartedness to jerk him around with his pay, or not answer his phone because this kid was just stupid, unimportant and his thoughts and opinions did not matter. He “noticed”, above all, all his life, that he was treated “different”. He noticed that even though he won 1st Place in Wrestling in his District for High School, that the kids invited to his home never wanted to hang out with him. He was usually sitting in the kitchen alone eating pizza while they were playing on his expensive computer, jumping in his new gorgeous pool or enjoying his family’s uptown home. He knew. He always knew and it broke my heart. He was the most polite, well-groomed, highly intelligent kid you could ever meet. He was good-looking, kinda had those Elvis looks, the hair, that smirky grin. He lost his baby fat in high school, started working out…he appeared at best, “NORMAL”. But by the time he was graduating from High School, he was not 1st anymore, he was 3rd. The cycle was starting again, the depression, the distortion. He shaved his head, no one cared…oh, that was just him, exercising his youthful ways of being independent, he starte telling everyone that he was an atheist, he started going barefoot, he glasses would break as a child, his parent (who are very wealthy), would wrap masking tape around the glasses at the bridge of the nose so he appeared like the dork they believed he was….his heart, was bigger than anything I’d seen. He knew how he was treated, but he’d thank you for “taping up his glasses” for him. It was all too much, he told me that one time in college, he was in a bed with a girl and her friend and the parents came home, looked in the room and never said a word. He was amazed and confused at how he was treated and how others treated each other. Nothing seemed to make logical sense to him. It bothered him because people who have social skills learn to cope with societies immoral behavior…just like George talking about the preacher and calling religious people hypocrites, just like putting down on right wingers that appear to break every rule but still hold the title of good Christians and everyone condones their behavior or turns their heads. It bothered George because it did not make logical sense. Everything was analyzed, people, actions, dates were remembered….he was obviously a smart person, above average in intelligence most likely.

    These men (and I am sure women), are out there a dime a dozen and due to the current social media networks, lack of parenting, etc…we are breeding a whole world of these guys.

    I met a guy recently who had many of the same attributes, who focused on objectification of women, who threw out abusive, insulting and offensive comments without hesitation, often out of nowhere. He is well-groomed, smarter than average, exercises, but something is “missing”. In a social setting, people appear nice to him, but pull back. Some people will walk across the street he said, just to avoid having a conversation with him. After 3 months of knowing this guy, having walks to the nearby store, short conversations, etc…I finally asked if he’d ever been married or had a girlfriend. You would have thouhgt that I just asked him how much money he had in his bank account. His eyes were wild, and I felt this anger, anxiety, heck if Know, but I know that I was extremely uncomfortable, as he replied to me, “Uh…uh….uhh…no, I think we’ll save that for later. Uhhh…no, I don’t know you that well” with a look that would frighten Godzilla. Okay, that did it for me. I am out of here, goodbye. He would go through these bouts where I would not hear from him for a week, (he lives abov e me) and then one day, he’d decide that he just “had” to talk to me, “had” to have lunch with me, and he would call me over and over and over, then when I would not answer, he’d come ringing my doorbell. STRANGE!!!!!! So, what did I do? I told my friend, that this is the kind of guy that God forbid, he ever cracks, breaks or has a plan, that if I am cut up in small pieces—he did it! I no longer answer his emails, calls, or knocks at the door, which seem to have ceased. I go out to the market and pray that I don’t run into him. He is STRANGE.

    I am living abroad and he told me that once, a year ago in China, a man told him that when you travel and meet people who work abroad, you will meet people who can’t function in society back home…I was thinking, “wow dude! that was a big HINT!”

    He has issues with alocohol. That much I do know, we once went to eat pizza and he ran out and down the street. I am wondering what the heck he is doing, when he came back he told me that he ran to see if he could get a bottle of beer to eat with his pizza. Okay, the only people I know that act out of the ordinary to get alcohol are just that, alcoholics. Then later, I realized that he was “jonsing it” and got extremely irritable. I realized the signs. In the market, we would walk by the liquor section and he would glance over, then again and usually have to make a comment about the liquor section, what was on sale, how much whiskey cost, and then sure enough, as if he just could not stand passing up the liqour without stocking up, he’d leave and come back with a bottle and accounce that he was buying it for his boss. Funny thing that I started watching his actions, his irritability and his breath smelled like alcohol. One bad thing about alcohol, if you are an alcoholic, it can be the easiest thing to hide. No blood test for employment for alcholics, you can be filthy drunk on the job, and it is hard to prove.

    I quit hanging out with this guy. Bad news and I want to live.

    All of these men had many of the same attributes and everyone sees them at one time or another, and they themselves know it too. They are different, they usually lack social skills and they usually lack good relationships with other people. SIGNS. Self-pity, low self-esteem (just go buy a Hummer or a Rolex right?)…obviously, money was not this guy’s problem, it was the feeling of rejection. Rejection of being different.

    You would be amazed at the people in hospitals, doctors, nurses, paramedics, counselors, police…all who don’t care. who write a prescription, take your money, joke, agree with you, tell you to go buy that Rolex, tell you that other people are worst off, tell you that you need to ….EXERCISE…and write you off.

    You would be amazed at how many people are walking around, who “appear” normal, who’s family has abused the shit out of them, because they could, because they are humans with power, and create a mental mess that we all have to be afraid of….

    I think I read somewhere on the news that 1 out of 4 people in the world, suffer from some kind of mental illness.

    It can be erratic. Depression leaves your mind blank of thought or emotions, a black place where nothing lies except sad, ugly and hateful things…..It is bad, it is hurtful and it can last for years while the person functions in society, showing few symptoms or signs. If you listened to Britney Spears, she told us, “there is no joy”…and that is what is lacking. We have seen the Michael Jackson story….it matters how you treat people and the brain tends to reflect back on childhood memories when you are in your 40s. So for all of those cynical counselors who say, “So what, my childhood wasn’t great and I am not a mass murderer” are ignorant and probably have problems yourself. No one “enjoys” depression. No one sits around saying, “Hey, you know what? I think I will be depressed for the next 30 years of my life”….

    This is a sad story, but one that will be repeated again and again….he talked about anger…this guy was begging for help, the signs were there, no matter how suttle, they were there, but no one cared enough to help or pull this guy aside and say, “Dude, you need help, get on meds, get counseling before you kill innocent people one day at the L.A. Gym you’re going to”…if someone had, I bet he would have never done this…he would have been too freaked out that someone caught him…that someone “knew”…he would have been in his own words, “embarassed”….

  100. the point is that people do crazy stuff n such … crazier tahn george. we pay attention to THIS when there are finger on the trigger people who want to take out hundreds of thousands and another george WHO DID. At any rate I think the blog entry concerning obama was faked. if his job was internet why would he have such a lame site?

  101. you’re WRONG about that .. I just typed in george sodini blog and it popped right up with exactly PLUS what I read here.

    And by the way Amerika is a slam on the bush white house and what HE did to America. Wow why so defensive??

  102. awww you’re upset because I know what’s what and you don’t.

    america was never spelled amerika in recent years other than referring to the bush effect in the white house.

    I referred to a post above which seemed to feel it was the rightwing way of referring to the left. Not so.
    But you can call me anything you like. Just don’t come to my gym shut the lights out and shoot innocent people and leave a blog behind where someone goes in and tries to make it racist. Did he kill any black women?

    Does anyone know?

    No they do not.

    Peace love dope.

  103. What a loser !

    I am not black or a whigger and I am certainly not a millionaire !

    I am just a fairly well educated white guy who works for a living.

    Over the years it has become abundantly clear to me that American women have no interest in men such as myself so I gave up.

    Now I work so I can go to Thailand and enjoy the female companionship I lack in my home country.

    It seems like this guy had a decent job and could easily afford to take a trip and solve his problem.

    No need to kill yourself over it.

  104. People who hope ANYONE is suffering eternally in some sort of hell are sadistic, ignorant filth! To thinks it’s 2009 and morons still believe this crap!

  105. ooh, he was sick in his head! He was almost 50 but the girls he wanted were young collegue girls! No wonder they never looked at him. If he’d only opened up for women his age..?

    I see more (older) men who really think they are handsome enough to get themself a girl who is over 20 his age.. and when they get rejected its ‘OUR’ fault.

  106. TO THE OP

    You should delete the addresses of his mother, brother, et al. It’s the responsible thing to do.

  107. well, the beautifull girls in usa arent really beautifull, they are all plastic.. dude.. you shouldve gone gay! or buy a cheap girl in Thailand or russia (they’ll try to get your friends but ehhh.. you never had those huhhh_

  108. All he had to do was fill the tub with water and off himself with an electric toaster. And, Louie, the survivors and the families of the dead will be suffering eternally, not him.

  109. Well I am pleased to say that this type of crimes not happening regularly.
    Gun culture,glorifying gangsters,to much attention to famous people some of them similar look with this guy.
    American culture is, either you are get to much attention or no attention at all.
    My observation is correct.If he is not ignored by strangers
    treated nice probably he would not killed those strangers in the gym.This action tels a lot about the society.
    Mother Teresa,Desmont Tutu,Pop Bill Gates and his wife and rest of the American public was similar people would anyone go crazy to shoot any stranger like Mother Teresa?
    There is no innocent strangers as the same or similar strangers make up the American public that goes crazy about movie stars and would not give rats arse about George Sodini,unless he was dead as he is now.

  110. I do feel bad for him and of course the victims.

    The sad thing is that I’ve had the same history with women, only worse. 41 year old virgin. A few dates, a few female friends, no real relationships. Average looks. High IQ. Empathetic, honest. I love people. Love Animals. Only hate ignorance.

    I’m a good person. People of both sexes comment that I’m a genuinely nice guy.

    Still, no luck with women, at all.

    Sadly, this guy’s life aside from women was much better than mine is. I’d love to be that fit, own my own home, have a good job with a good boss and a positive net worth.

    What a waste.

    In spite of my loser’s life and inability to attract a woman, I’d never, ever hurt someone, not even myself.

    So, although I can in some ways identify with this guy in ways almost no one could, I can’t comprehend his actions.

    He could have killed more people. Maybe the reality of what he had done finally hit him in those last moments. Now he’s dead, the three victims are dead, others wounded; and the pain radiates out to family, friends,loved ones and the people who’s lives they may have benefited in a future that will no longer occur.

    For what?

    The reality in which we live is really messed up.

  111. So, Sodini was a victim of society. He postponed the carnage so he could see the outcome of the election in November ’07, and was happy Obama was elected. Then, within months he changed his mind and blew a bunch of innocent lives away.

    Good God, the guy was a nutcase.

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  113. This was the ultimate act of cowardice. Brave or decent individuals who find themselves troubled will quietly do away with themselves. Life has it’s trials and tribulations and cowards are just poor losers who blame others for their miserable existence. They like to extract revenge because they see themselves as good people who have been harmed by others. I have no mercy for this kind of weak scumbag. They know that at anytime they can always jump on the living in masses through the means of an effective element of surprise (… the gun law).

  114. I think it’s so sad! and I feel really sorry for him, and I don’t understand neither why he couldn’t ever find someone, it’s really hard to believe…

    But I Had this kind of Life I would have killed myself, instead of killing someone else. ):
    But did he get arrested yet or is he dead now :O ‘
    Well no matter he killed someone or not, he wasn’t a psyco. and his family are ASSHOLES. But I can’r believe why the priest sad that, maybe he was a evil priest ?! :o or maybe it was true what the priest sad, but anyway I would never kill someone, just myself if it whent to bad, like this! ):

  115. I was in Sodinis shoes when I was younger. I was smart, but full of hate. Acquaintances and no friends. I picked fights, got suspended, school security knew my name. And by freshman year of high school I was evaluated by staff pscyhologists.
    As for women, I was strangely afraid of them, even of the ones who were slightly batty and found me interesting. To say that I still don’t understand the psychological soup I was in that back then is an understatement.

    It was in all likelihood a great deal of factors. His background shaped his personality, which haunted him until a few days ago. Regrettably he could not change what he had become, even though he recognized his problems.

    To be cynical: if it was truly about sex, then why not go to a bar and pick up drunk chicks waybackwhen before you hit 48? No…it wasn’t the sex…but I suppose it certainly helped.

    Regardless, my condolences to the victims. And to George…find redemption. Where-ever you are.

  116. i agree fully, this BLOG website and the media coverage is a complete con job and fakery. i would not be surprised if george sodini has a military history and black ops training, and a remote viewing program where he was the target went awry. he lives near the West Virginia border, where that Korean American kid shot lots of students at the Technical University, he seemed propelled by remote viewing handlers from black ops programs also. West Virginia has LOTS of cottage military industries, with law firms [such as Jackson Kelly, for one example] that defend them from unlawful practices and patent their inventions.

    10 years working for K&L Gates law firm with over 100 high powered attorneys, and where is his CV on line? No resume or anything online. also, he is no longer posted on K&L Gates Pittsburgh website.

    This is the same Gates as in Bill Gates Sr. This lawfirm is global …. was deep in China and Singapore and Dubai LONG before the swindle of Subprime Loans and the crushing of the dollar out of our continent. They would never hire a putz as this Sodini is portrayed. And Sodini would not have jeopardized his professional respect by blogging shit about beating off 65 times a day and being such a loser.

    This whole thing stinks of MK-ULTRA.

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  118. Sounds like a completely normal middle-aged guy to me; basically everyone I know is like this, girls today are fucking whorish cunts who care only about money, looks and cock-size.

    Seriously – 90% of all females want 5% of all men and will do pretty much anything to sleep with them / get with them, so if you’re not in those 5%, you’re pretty much fucked in todays society.


  119. For Betsy, from another blog….research then conclude.

    MORE INFO including full version of previous site:


    And another site (still live):

    Past version with personal items:

    His (former) email address:

    His (old) résumé:

    An old home page (with a Java counter and picture of his cat):

    His (former) comcast pages (selling a Saturn):

    He was a cyclist and also called himself “Crazy George”:

    His random USENET posts (including about his squeaking cat named Snippers):

    His LinkedIn profile:

  120. George should have used some of his 250,000 net worth to pay for some female companionship from Craigslist. That could have kept him going until he could find a girlfriend assuming he could lower his standards. Perhaps it would have helped if he drove a BMW instead of a Saturn to score with shallow women.


  122. Notice that he did this right after he started drinking ALCOHOL again. Why are GUNS and ALCOHOL legal and Pot is not? You never hear about people becoming violent on Pot – its usually ALCOHOL that drives them to kill with guns.
    Damn liquor companies and gun pushers keep bribing our crooked politicians with campaign contributions.

  123. part of me believes this is real because some entries go into depth about his family and such, but then another part of me is the oppisite.

    regardless, i feel so incredibly bad for him. its evident he was not an “ugly” man by any means. i dont agree with what he did and the reason for doing it, but all he wanted was a girlfriend. or even a close friend for that matter. :(((

  124. What a waste of time this RAINCOASTER site is. Is this where all the George S’s go? Quit pretending its the 90’s and blogging has some merit. This site is useless along with the viewership….

  125. Betsy, I consider your drivel a load of crap. You spout this information as if you know exactly what you are talking about. However, if you actually DID have a clue, you’d know that VIRGINIA TECH (not “the Technical University”) is in the Commonwealth of Virginia, NOT the State of West Virginia. Simple proof right there that you are just making up stories.

  126. George sounded a lot like i feel. not that i would want to take anyone else’s life just the lonely and the despair
    is all to common place in the world. There should be a law against loneliness.

  127. Actually, I have met George a few times at happy hours, etc. What you see on these videos is exactly what he is like. I had a conversation with him one day, superficially he came off as super uptight and boring. I can read others very well—I could immediately tell that he was desperate and got a negative gut feeling about him. Avoided him even though I felt bad for him. Glad I trusted my instincts. This was like May 2008, in case my comments help give you guys insight

    That pic of Stacey is a woman that would come to happy hours like the ones i met George at. He must have sold the car to her or something. It is definitely not the Ex. He would have met Stacey when I did, a year ago.

  128. ahhh haha, betsy you are a moron. stop it now.

    what happened to the date he had on May 18th or whenever it was. no one deserves to live a lonely life like he did. i feel extremely bad for him :( … he should have been looking for a “best” friend first… someone that would be there to help him ‘get the girl’ everybody needs a best friend. =)..

    i agree with luela – he wasn’t a physco … he had his own house, brand new car, well paying job, seemed like a caring person. theres always a reason why someone is pushed to such extremes. its obvious he thought nothing was getting better, whats sad is maybe this christmas he wouldnt have been alone. :( my heart goes out to him.

  129. I was searching for wallpapers when I came across this guys blog. I am surprised that there wasn’t anybody that spotted his website and reported it. He basically killed innocent people because he didn’t have the b*lls to pick up girls. why is it always the U.S. where there are so many lunatics?

  130. I can relate to feeling as George did which in turn scares me because what he did was horrible but I feel lonely and have trouble connecting with people

    it angers me sometimes because I think the people i try to get to know ignore me but I guess its just the creepy vibes i send out and I’ve tried fixing this by changing my attitude but maybe some people are just creepy by nature and can’t fix it :( so i’m screwed

    oh well i have no plans to go on a shooting spree, i’d rather just kill myself quietly

    I think people turn the gun on other people because their anger is directed outwardly, its like getting revenge on people who never knew you were hurt in the first place…maybe jealousy because you wish you could in some way live like they are

  131. nope, not really burgergirl. you seem alittle bit on the rude side. you stayed away from him but you felt bad for him – that makes about as much sense as “oh gee, cows can fly.” maybe if you stuck around got to know him alittle more he would have been completely different then your ASSUMPTION. have i ever met him? no, but i wouldn’t be feeling bad across the room then talk crap about him. lame.

    george is a pimp in heaven now =D

  132. A few things I’ve noticed/found with some more research. Apologies if I repeat stuff someone else has pointed out…

    1. The picture on his website, and the one used by many news sites, shows him standing in front of a jukebox with a drink. Someone pointed out it’s not likely that he was at a bar with a pepsi.

    Of course, the videos he posted in 2008 show him with significantly less, but also significantly more gray, hair than the photo. a good chance the photo is old…

    In the photo’s caption, he refers to the south trailhead. Some of the pages at are of a page for a bike ride he was organizing:

    There’s a north and south trailhead on the map he included. Perhaps he was there when the photo was taken, a restaurant or pub…

    2. There is more to the domain’s “whois” information:

    a. browse to

    b. click “whois” at the bottom of the page

    c. enter “georgesodini” in the search box, and click “go”

    d. enter the access code to search

    e. scroll to the bottom, then click “See Underlying Registry Data”

    See the dates?

    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.GOHSPHERE.COM
    Name Server: NS2.GOHSPHERE.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 02-aug-2009
    Creation Date: 01-aug-2000
    Expiration Date: 01-aug-2010

    On August 2, he renewed the domain name for another year. It’s good until 2010, unless his registrar/family take it down.

    3. In his blog, his August 2nd entry is very short, and again a big sign he’s giving up and moving forward.

    On Monday August 3, he writes he “took off today, Monday, and Tomorrow to practice” his routine.

    He also says he won’t be adding more entries, and he makes his final requests about what should be done with his “practice papers”, notes, etc.

    My thoughts:

    1. This is his diary, not his blog. There are no entries at showing progressive blogging. In fact, there is NOTHING after January 2005 for his domain/site, and nothing past September 2007 for his domain/site, and even those past entries are for a robots.txt file, which prevents search engines from crawling his site.

    2. I think he used Wordpad to write his diary, added some basic code to post it as his 20090804.htm page, and then uploaded it as soon as he added those last few paragraphs, so I don’t think there was any way for anyone to see this coming, at least not based on a blog history. i don’t think a blog was ever there. the journalists are using the term blogging, but his was really just a single, final post of his tragically sick mind, poured out on paper, then posted all at once, less than 24-36 hours before he walked into that LA Fitness center.

    3. as for the “why would he” and the “how could he” aspects behind his actions, i have no words, only compassion and prayers for his victims, and him, in particular, and for the rest of us, in general.

    4. i hope all their loved ones can depend on and help each other to get through this, without too much damage to their own hearts and minds.

    thanks for considering my comments, raincoaster, i look forward to hearing more of your thoughts…

  133. whoever up there mentioned that he bought the house and closed on it the same day he started his blog make it even MORE suspicious. WHO DOES THAT? Yeah the first thing I do when I buy a new house is .. ummm connect to the nonexistent internet….. how was it ALREADY THERE?? Yeah … and why was his employment not IMMEDIATELY disclosed? This just grows more questionable. Maybe he was gangstalked and didn’t know it. Many folks who ARE stalked recognize that some of the things these poeple say are their reasons for killing are the mind f’ing afforded to gangstalked people. So if WIKI helps cover up gangstalking by deleting (over and over again) a term which has actual laws against it… and if wiki deletes anything that has to do with gangstalking which is a PROVEN crime. (five states have specific laws against gangstalking or community based harassment) what’s the deal there?
    This guy isn’t that creepy looking. That picture makes him look a lil creepy but if you swa him walking towards you likely you would not be creeped out. Plus the lawfirm likely had a lot of freaks in it who invited him to parties and then proceeded to f with his head. Happens all the time. ANd this is what these swine peopel are creating.
    Do they care?
    They think it’s awesome.

  134. right jeevan, because people in iraq arent corrupting their kids at the age of 5 to go do suicide bombing. moron.

    i thought george was actually pretty hot. i feel really really bad for him :( <3


    NO ONE deserves to feel the way George did – that includes George! Doug Beemer – I’m pretty sure you’re not just a flat out creep. Everyone’s personality is different and there are people out there that AREN’T “shallow” and will except someone for WHO THEY ARE! No one should be taking their own lives because they “can’t” find friends or a sig. other. What happened with George should be a wake up call to everyone. Just because someone is different then you doesn’t mean it’s okay to sit across the room and THINK about how you feel bad. “Burgergirl” – you say now that you felt bad. If you felt so bad why wouldn’t you talk to him? Make a friend? I’m going to go ahead and say he wouldn’t have shot you, okay?! Women are so rude sometimes, it’s honestly sickening.

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  137. This man wasn’t insane. He was suffering from a deep dark depression to which I can 100% relate. When nothing in your life seems to improve despite strenuous efforts, you really start to feel desperately hopeless. Sure you can numb your pain with drugs and alcohol or even get a prescription for anti-depressants…but none of that helps. You lose rational thought and can envision yourself doing things you never never thought you’d do.

    His isolation was a result of his depression. It’s what depressed people do! You isolate yourself because you think that no one cares whether you live or die. YOU yourself don’t care whether you live or die! You just wish that you’d cease to exist.

    Once you’ve convinced yourself that things will never get better and that death is superior to life it’s really freakin hard to crawl out of a depression of that calibur. Unless you’ve felt that low you can’t judge. He felt that way most of his life or at least for the past 30 years. I can’t imagine such a torturous existence.

    Does everyone who’s depressed shoot up a fitness center? Of course not and it’s a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the friends and families of the victims. But is the bigger tragedy that this desperate lonely man never got the help that he was screaming for? I def think it’s possible that no one ever read his blog. That’s the nature of the Internet Blogging beast. However, coworkers and neighbors and acquaintances who saw him on a regular basis had to have some clue that he was suffering. How could they not???

    I might receive some backlash for this posting but I don’t mind. I’m not saying what he did was right or that anyone should ever consider committing such a heinous act of violence just because one is depressed. I’m just saying that I understand.

  138. mia, i completely agree with you about giving people a chance. im sure many of the people that met george and sensed his depression feel really bad today. and maybe wished they could have done something for his sake. but we all have our excuses/reasons. this whole incident will give us something to think about…

    in case some of you are confused about pics, the one in the blue shirt is most recent imo. he was a good looking man if you met him in person.

  139. See what bugs me the most is everyone is saying how stupid he is for publishing his blog on the net and telling all his feelings. Obviously it was a cry for help. I believe that this guy never really wanted to TRULY do what he did. Numerous times he looked for an escape route but none was their according to him. Why do you think it took so long for him to actually execute the plan?? It upsets me because all it would have taken to stop this is for someone to actually show this guy some compassion… one girl to show him s ome love… one christian to show him love… When I was reading his blog I actually ached for this guy, because it isn’t like the other killers blogs I have read (like the columbine one), where they are talking about so much negative stuff and how they hate the world. Im saddened and angered he took his problems out on other people, but Im more sad that no one stepped in to help this guy.

  140. if you think the blog is fake then check out his you tube videos and his saturn ad on the guy was definitely disturbed and obsessed with young women.

  141. bdavis,
    i did talk to him. on multiple occasions, but he was twice my age and hitting on me as well as looking at other women at the same time. not my ideal friend…well, that’s the end of my story.

    and you are completely right, he would not have shot me. unfortunately he had a distorted view of women and strangers had to pay the price. there are some women out there who do like the “nice guys”. but i had already met mine.

  142. listen, to think that someone could have shown him some love or compassion and all of his problems would be gone is insane. this dude had issues and if he had a girlfriend, i think the only difference would have been that he would have shot her instead of strangers in a gym.

  143. Forgive me for being reductionist, but I think the phrase “₤µ¢λing ζ-males” covers this twerp nicely.

    I’m sorry about his depression, his mad hate-on for women, and his self-pity and all, but in the end he decided to ₤µ¢λ up some other peoples’ lives because he hated his own.

  144. After reading the original at (follow the Life or Death link and enter 20090804 in the Date of Death box then click the submit button) I’m convinced that this is not a fake, but I have the sneaking suspicion that the log is not what it seems to be. I get the feeling that George wrote this in one sitting just prior to departing to commit his “exit plan”.

    George was a .Net software developer. So am I. I know how easy it is to create an appealing website with just a little effort, even in straight html.

    After reviewing the source code for the weblog I came to the following conclusions.

    George’s “weblog” is spartan at best. It has the look of something cobbled together on the fly – in a hurry. By someone preoccupied with something they dread. Kind of like my 6th grade book reports written just before bedtime the night before the due date.

    He admits to using WordPad to create the site. There are much better tools available for website programming, including Visual Studio.Net that he most likely used as a .Net programmer.

    When I examined the weblog’s html code I was left with the distinct impression that it not only looked to be thrown together in a hurry, but was not finished. Simple things were left out. Like the ability to press the return key in place of clicking a button, the stark use of tables or divs to format the page, etc. He used some simple javascript, one div and a very simplistic style sheet. So we know he had the ability to use those tools but did not. There is a log entry that had been commented out. By commenting out the code, George hid it from those who would view the weblog normally but the entry is visible to anyone who examines the html code.

    The hidden entry has been published here and other places on the ‘net. I’ll quote it here for those who have not seen it, “At the gym I saw a woman I like. I see her at the park and ride sometimes, so she isn’t a stranger. Occationaly she makes good eye contact and smiles, etc. She is maybe 40ish, and attractive to me. I made brief conversation to her and a younger woman she was with today. To get a friend like her (and for night time action) I would cancel this plan, or put on hold, at least for a while.”

    I know it is impossible to get into George’s head and we all know the awful tragedy caused by his actions but I have to wonder, in his state of obsessive depression, did he just finally crack, throw this thing together as a sort of living legacy then run out carry out his “exit plan”? We know by his actions that he was planning to do something atrocious but the weblog just seems to me to have been a last minute addition to the plan.

  145. perplexed, i agree with your intuitions about the blog.

    it has to be real. i know who he had christmas 08 dinner with, a sweet chatty woman and her friends. who would write this extensive blog that would know such small details like this as well as know his neighbors and pastor. noone but the man himself, imo.

  146. What I find most fascinating, no matter how truly disgusting and painful this whole shitstorm is, is the proof (right here, this blog and subsequent comments posted) of how truly networked, how close-knit, we all are in this world. As you read through these comments since yesterday, take note of two entries by the stepdad of Carla, mistakenly speculated to be George Sodini’s daughter. Take note of him defending his family’s honor, calmly and eloquently, not defensively, just as human as a guy can get and surely just as shocked as anybody. Take note of the neighbors living in the town, speaking specifics on how liquor is bought and sold at a popular store there, right where Sodini frequented I’m sure… Finally take note of a woman, posting very sophisticated, speaking ever so casually about having mingled with Sodini at bar happy hours. Folks, in a matter of hours we have created a mini-community… a virtual reality called “Sodini’s Town”… and as far as Pennsylvania is from me right now I feel like part of me is there… I am relating on many levels to many people here… and let’s face it… we all have met someone, sometime in our lives that just… wasn’t… right.

    Let’s stick together people. Know your neighbors a little, and just be kind to them.

  147. joe e,

    You may be onto something. It would make sense that George would not be posting his “exit plan” log (or diary) to the Internet but would keep it on his PC as a text file. That way no one would have access to it. When finally ready to carry out his plan he could have done some basic html formatting to the document, upload it to his website and create a rudimentary login. That is a plausible explanation for the hasty look the “weblog” has.

  148. ListenDude,

    Your post helps restore my core belief that the majority of humans are in fact good and decent people. As Carla’s step-father, I cannot tell you how many mean, nasty and outright ignorant comments Carla has received about this situation through her social networking sites – literally thousands of them – and she is not the child who’s paternity is in question. Further, even if she were, there is no call for the kind of comments and opinions she has received from total strangers who don’t know their ass from their elbow about her or our family. I coould rant on and on, but instead I’ll end with this thought: If more people were just a little more “human”, and would take the time to think instead of just leaping, perhaps some of these tragedies could be averted.

  149. Some of the commenters here are even crazier than George was. Yes, I’m looking at you, betsy and voxy. Holy crap, you two really need to get a grip on reality.

    I’m also not sure how there’s any debate about what George’s page is. It’s clearly real, and clearly a diary that he was writing with the intent of posting online before he went to the gym for his “exit plan.” It’s his statement to the world about why he did what he did. I’m not sure how you mistake it for a blog that had been online all this time, or anything like htat.

  150. First, let’s see this tragedy for what it really is; a self-loathing homicidal maniac goes on a shooting spree and then turns the gun on himself.

    A plethora of blog-inspired amateurish psychological evaluations has him pinned as either a general sociopath or deeply depressed over his apparent lack of a sex/love life and issues over intimacy. Irrelevant. Mommy didn’t feed him enough twinkies, so he couldn’t project the self confidence necessary to garner the attention of a member of the opposite sex interested in a long-term relationship with him. Unimportant.

    We may never know the depths of this man’s neurosis, but one thing is glacially clear, he was crazy and had violent intentions. Now that’s highly relevant, because how often do we encounter this same story in the news? It seems to be a recurring theme in our society. Maniac (or maniacs) goes on shooting spree, kills innocent people.

    The real reason this happened is because we live in a country where it is in most cases a crime to be in possession of a firearm in a public place and guns have been demonized as the reason for all of society’s ills.

    Here’s the reality;

    1. Crazy people are everywhere
    2. It’s virtually impossible to pick them out of a crowd (as this tragedy so blatantly exposes)
    3. Crazy people either have guns, or have access to guns and some of them are hell bent on using them
    4. Law enforcement officials are overworked, underpaid and ill-equipped to protect the lives and property of every citizen.
    5. Without a permit to carry a firearm, you are nothing more than a target, and the permit is of no consequence if the establishment you walk into or some cop tells you “you can’t bring that thing in here”

    So how do we sane people prevent ourselves from becoming the victims of a violent assault carried out by not-so-sane individuals?
    Here’s the solution; First, make it a federal law that every person sixteen years of age or older must successfully complete a gun safety course (as rigorous as the one law enforcement cadets have to endure)and pass a rigid psychological evaluation before they can obtain a drivers license, then amend the Constitution to include a statute which makes it a violation of one’s constitutional right, as a citizen to carry a firearm in public and into any public establishment, except for those convicted of a vioent crime. Then make it a felony, punishable by death for anyone to discharge their firearm in public unless it is in the act of defending themselves against a demonstrable threat to life and limb (think about it, who’s going to have an itchy trigger finger if the risk is execution?).

    Now I know it’s not a perfect solution. But gun control is a delusional fantasy. You could outlaw all firearms everywhere and crazy people will still find a way to obtain them. And anyone out there who seriously thinks that this idea is a bad one and it would only serve to increase the incidents of violent crime, you are delusional as well. Under these conditions, I doubt the story in Pennsylvania would have played out the same way.

    You see, only a complete moron would walk into a fitness center armed with bullets and bad intentions if just 50 percent of the patrons in there were packing heat. And that’s all it would take. The most effective deterrent in the world to violent crime is the threat of equal or superior firepower. Arm our citizens, and you even the odds. Disarm them with antiquated humanitarian aims and government regulations and things like this happen. And will again.

  151. This must be a fake! Two things (well there are really several) jump out at you. One: The city in which he lives has an “H” at the end of it. PittsburgH not Pittsburg. (there is a city in Texas that is also named Pittsburgh with the “H” omited.)Also in the state of Pa no stores (ie Shop N’ Save) sell beer or Hard liquor. ONLY State Liquor stores are allowed to do that.

  152. Amendment to my comment. What I meant to write was “amend the Constitution to include a statute which makes it a violation of one’s constitutional right for any citizen carrying a firearm to be denied access to any public establishment,with the exception of those convicted of a violent crime”. Pardon the snafu.

  153. It’s amazing to me how tragic events such as this bring out all the one agenda loonies. Gun control nut jobs blame it on the gun and this last one that has everybody “sane” running around with a gun on their hip. Despite the fact that would have made little to zero difference in a case like this. Can you imagine people in an aerobics class wearing guns? LOL!

    Maybe we should put metal detectors in all public buildings along with armed gestapo to strip search you at every entrance?

    Liberty has a price.

    You choose – fantasy or ignorance?: “First, make it a federal law that every person sixteen years of age or older must successfully complete a gun safety course (as rigorous as the one law enforcement cadets have to endure)and pass a rigid psychological evaluation before they can obtain a drivers license, then amend the Constitution to include a statute which makes it a violation of one’s constitutional right, as a citizen to carry a firearm in public and into any public establishment, except for those convicted of a vioent crime. Then make it a felony, punishable by death for anyone to discharge their firearm in public unless it is in the act of defending themselves against a demonstrable threat to life and limb (think about it, who’s going to have an itchy trigger finger if the risk is execution?).”

  154. Pghgirl,

    You must have missed the post confirming that there is a State Store located within the Shop n Save. This is as real as it gets.

  155. Well, fake or not…some guy I went to school with writes the same stuff in the form of many emails. It is sick to read it and see the similarity to this blog. So, there really are some sick people out there.

    But because you cannot get a gun very easily over here he might not get the chance to express himself in another way than email.

  156. Yes, liberty does have its price. My father was a veteran and so was my grandfather. My nephew is currently serving his third tour of duty in Irag, and I have numerous friends and family involved in law enforcement in some capacity. Believe me when I say I have a deep respect for the law of the land, as it stands and as it is interpreted by legislators and judges. I can tell you that your envisioning of people in aerobics class with sidearms strapped to their hips is not the visual I was hoping to convey, but truthfully only someone with very limited powers of discernment would have interpreted it that way.

    Amending existing laws and even abolishing outdated ones as an alternative to doing nothing at all is neither fantasy nor ignorance. It’s just part of the process of an evolving legislative system. Do you have a better solution? I’m all ears. Obviously, executing people for discharging a weapon in public without good cause is ridiculous, and I admit it. And putting people through a psyche eval before they can have a drivers license is also a little extreme, and probably ineffectual. Even insane people can slide past those every once in a while. But making it mandatory to take a a gun safety course prior to purchasing a gun is a good idea. It’s a start.

    As far as carrying a loaded weapon into a public establishment goes, I stand by my assertion that it should be a Constitutional right. It should also be the priviledge of the proprietor of that establishment to deny service to anyone who fails to comply with the “check your guns at the door” policy. No shoes, no shirt, concealed firearms, no service. We don’t need metal detectors and the gestapo, just a visible sign at the entrance that clearly reads ‘IF YOU ARE CARRYING A FIREARM AND YOU DO NOT ALERT THE MANAGEMENT, YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE SERVICE AND YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE’.

    As far as your assessment of the incident in Pennsylvania not turning out any differently, you obviously miss the point. You don’t have to be wearing a gun on your hip to have quick and easy access to one. And if just four or five people in that gym had brought a gun with them to class (which I am fairly certain they did not), I have no doubt whatsoever the outcome would have been dramatically different and would not have favored the gunman snuffing out the lives of those three women. Encouraging people to protect themselves by owning and carrying a firearm is not some radical, narrowly fixed nut job agenda. It’s a good idea. The price of liberty does not include sacrificing your right to protect yourself.

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  158. Well ive found more pictures of him online. And i know for a FACT that know one else has seen these. Maybe someones willing to offer me some $$$$$ for them.

    Guess its me whos the clever one. Anyone interested in these NEW pictures?

  159. If someone is sending you e-mails like the things this guy wrote you should really do something. Anyone can get a gun off the street or steel one. You should really say something.

  160. So, queball,

    Guns make the world safer… hmm…

    crime rates were much higher in Tombstone, AZ in 1881, than they are today. MUCH HIGHER. everyone had a gun (or three).

    crime rates are much higher today in the inner city than at the LA fitness center. why? yup, more guns.

    what happened was tragic, and the fault of one person, acting alone. and after many years as a Marine, i can tell you this. guns make the world a worse place, not a better one.

    you want to feel safe? don’t go to dance classes. get a bowflex, stay home with your family.

    you want to enjoy life? go to a dance class.

    you want both? learn self-defense (krav maga), stay away from the entrances to public places, stand in the corner farthest from the door of any room you find yourself in, dance in the back row.

    but please, don’t teach your kids that carrying a gun is the only way to feel safe in this country. or, pick another place to live where you can do that now. Tijuana, Mexico, Israel, Mogadishu, and parts of Kenya come to mind… machetes work well, too, if a weapon will put your mind at ease. you’re the exception, though. most people i’ve met are uncomfortable around firearms and other weapons, even when they’re the ones holding them. in fact, you can’t ensure the safty of yourself or others when you carry a weapon, unless you’re uncomfortable the entire time. you’d probably know this if you’d ever carried a weapon. the guy carrying it is rarely anything but on edge and uncomfortable.


  161. This is discusting, maybe this jackass shouldve gone on he can save a damn buck or 2 n actually finda chick. Shop n Save sells booze, but its ajoined to the liquor store. Not on the shelves in SNS.. I went to this gym as well..& went to school w/ a girl that got shot, shes ok though. I’d be damned if that asshole started firing. AND to top it off he thinks hes gonna meet Jesus.. Umm u kill yourself, u go straight to hell. End of story. I really wonder how many other crazy assholes like this are out there. Im a 26 yr old female goin 2 school 2 make somethin of myself, and I sure as shit am not a “hoe”. lol. Maybe if he wasnt a creeper he could actually meet a chick. I hope shit like this never happens again. May he rot in hell

  162. Wow, 206 comments! Thanks, guys.

    Without going through ALL the comments, which will have to wait till later, I can say: thanks to your hard work, it’s conclusively proven that the site was authentic to Sodini, and vastly predated the shooting rampage.

    It seems clear to me, however, that the Plan section was part of his plan to dominate the news posthumously, maintaining control even after his own death. A classic Zeta male trait (I suggest you click around the Zeta Male tag for other posts on the topic). Sadly, it means he’s more likely to be remembered than his victims, which is just how he planned it.

    So I say it’s authentic to him, and an authentic expression of his intent, but it contains lies and distortions which reflect those he had to tell himself to go through the day to day.

    Does that clarify?

    And yusef, you’re wrong. You’re buying what he’s trying to sell you, and it’s false. No number of charity fucks in the world would have helped this psychotic man.

  163. Oh, and contrary to rumour Sodini’s blog hasn’t been shut down by the authorities. It’s just going down intermittently because of thousands of people hitting it.

  164. @ListenDude– that big is this community that in Germany (03:00 a.m. at Black Forest) a female is staring into a monitor for hours now… Learning about opinions and people regarding Sodini…

    @LG– I’m not a regular internet-user; so I’m surprised [not positively!] to read what happened to poor Carla; I went onto her homepage, reading her statement, thinking, she’s a nice girl with a good sense of humor… and feel pity for her (and your whole family) as probably trouble will go on for several days, I guess. Quite shocking, that she got THOUSANDS of comments within one day… comments of people who do not know nothing and seemingly don’t have to do other things than writing rubbish to a complete stranger :-(!

    @Burgergirl (and all others): How should you have known before what you know now? Afterwards you always know better..! I think, what you did, how you behaved, was a very normal thing- and, I’m sure, to keep distance to a person you don’t feel comfortable with is very normal/useful and everyone of us does do this several times a week!
    Seemingly nobody did know, that one SHOULD have taken special care of[?] this man.

    That’s the main reason why I’m tracing this for such a long time now: one does not have to justify what Sodini did, one does not have to have soo much compassion with him (as he sure was mentally not sane, how-ever)…
    The important aspect is to prevent further deeds like those in future!
    There sure are much more people…existing, whose thoughts and feelings are like Sadinis.
    you should take a bit care, maybe you know somebody… Does not mean, you should turn into a social worker now; will be too much, probably. But I necessarily think, a professional psychologist should be called. Even if it’s just “to have a look”.

    And this is the next thing- it’s necessary to see, what is inside a man as Sodini was; one needs to understand, how he –hmm–in German I would say, “how he is ticking”.
    To get through others, somehow, BEFORE they realise any “plans”.
    Some people wrote above, that this man had needed a friend, “somebody” who loved him… I’m afraid, that’s much easier said than done.
    This was not “normal”, no “normal sad person”.
    And so he would not have reacted as a (at least half-)sane person would have.
    He needed a person, who knew how to handle somebody, who is going on the edge- on the edge of belief, on the edge of hope, of understanding, of chaos, of life…
    a therapist, for example.
    Somebody as Sodini wouldn’t have accepted “love”, maybe; he hadn’t “believed”, that he is worth something, that females are feeling individuals, or whatever… he had argued in a way, that is really(!) hard to stand; before he “changed”, he would have ‘tested’ the person in front of him… and so on.
    This IS hard, and hard work.
    And maybe in the end it had turned out, that indeed he needed medicaments, because of beeing more insane than expected..


    Didn’t want to write as much as i did :-/
    shall be enough now.

  165. People are so rude its unreal.

    I completely agree with BDavis & Nathan!! I don’t think he ever really wanted to do what he did. All of these posts were cries for help. When someone is this deep in depression someone is bound to catch on… people that actually give a shit. my heart goes out to him. :[

  166. After much research, I believe the postings by George to be legitimate.

    ZIP9599…I completely agree w/ reference to the possibility of him killing a partner had he had one.

    BurgerGirl…IMO, I think it is a crock that anyone here would insinuate that you should have given this guy a chance. You met him, engaged in light conversation and moved on. No big deal. No chemistry. So be it. We all have our battles in life and his battles were not yours to predict, nor address.

  167. I thought George was actually really really attractive for a 49 year old.

    Anyway… what is his family saying about this??

  168. If you read the May 5th post – he mentioned purchasing Vodka and a bottle of Jack Daniels. This would not have been possible living in Pennsylvania because one must purchase these items from a liquor store. So either he was out of state (unlikely) or the blog was created by someone other than him?!?

  169. Umm…..yes, you can buy liquor at Shop n Save. The one in south Fayette has it’s very own liquor store right inside. This is the real deal.

  170. he actually ranks his ex-girlfriend as a “7.25″. can you imagine doing that to women? reducing them to a scale of 1 through 10! our society really is full of sick, shallow, juvenile men. sad.

    Oh shush, Women do the exact same thing and you damn well know it lol.

  171. i was just on his website and he seemed like a nice guy.. :( makes me really sad all this had to happen!! plus he was verryy attractive :]!

  172. I am just now watching on channel 111 a program called “Most Evil”. Tonight it is about “Spree Killers”. The 2 men they are documenting had expressed EXACTLY the same things this guy did. Isolation, and rejection by women were their biggest complaints. Also not really having any friends or family to communicate with. One of them was Charles Whitman who climbed up the tower of a clock tower @ the University of Texas years ago and shot anyone in sight. The other a recluse in his early 30’s who went to a cafe with 2 guns in a gym bag intending to shoot everyone in it. When not one person talked to him or even noticed him, he pulled out his guns and shot 35 people even running outside to shot the people who got out. Both were negative, nonsocial, and big whinners…everything was everybody else’s fault. This guy sounds just like these guys……pitiful and antisocial and a desire for revenge. I can not believe no one noticed this blog which I believe is true and authentic.

  173. Rose – these people don’t ask to be ignored or not looked at. People have different personalities. Some are shy and quiet and wait for people to talk to them… while others are up in your face not wanting to shut up. Its obvious George wasn’t completely antisocial.. he went to happy hour, picnics, and he had a lunch date back in may. When you have absolutely NO ONE to lean on for anything… life gets hard. And its hard to see the positive in annnyything. Do I suggest what he did was right? Not by any means. He said himself that he “didn’t know what was wrong with him and no one would tell him.” No wonder he was so mad at women.

    Everyone has their own problems and no one deserves to be judged or riticuled. Someone is always going to have justification as to why they did something, right or wrong. Who are you to diagnose them as a nut job, or physco? IE: all the school shootings – these people were hurt by other kids. george and the other two guys were hurt by women and/or society. People need to stop being arrogant and throw themselves in the other persons shoes for a god for sakin mile.


  174. dear hs, what does that stand for? High school. High smarts? what? You think that clearly this or that all you want. Your world view is extremely limited it appears to what appears before you on the magic box.
    In your head or living room.

    Your grip on reality is just different or less real than mine. Or definitely betsy’s who had pointed out things I had not noticed.

    There’s too many things that point it up as weird.

    NO ONE has internet the moment they step in their home unless it’s a gated community and even then it would not be immediately transferred. Hello you do live in america?? Or anywhere? Between ten and two and then they’re calling to say between two and six and finally show up around six thirtyish… I looked at the aerial of his home. Clearly it’s not a gated community. Clearly the homes are very small …. I see you like that word clearly.

    Don’t tell me to get a grip before you check your own.


  175. google ‘dirtiest cops in america’ and leave poor george alone.

    Cops are murderers and often NEVER get caught. Until it’s time to pass on the crown. Just google it. Open eyes, insert thought.

    it ain’t that hard.

  176. this is so sad
    i cant believe he would kill these people
    i just seen this in the news
    why couldnt he just go on the internet and find someone there
    people who go on matches means thier desperate
    no ofense to the eople who have

    these blogs scared mee

    p.s-u wont see godd..

  177. when i said

    p.s- u wont see god

    i dont mean that thier s no god
    thier is
    HE wont see him becaus he will go straight to hell

  178. hi, queball,

    interesting article, i’ll have to re-read it (it was longer than my own post…).


    but i think you missed my point:

    when everyone is carrying guns at a fitness center, things don’t get better. everyone that feels uncomfortable around guns will just move to a different fitness center that doesn’t allow guns. then the psycho goes there, instead. it’s why he chose a fitness center full of women, rather than the fitness center at the local police academy, to exact his violence.

    besides… let’s assume EVERYONE carries a firearm EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. What difference does that make to a psycho who was planning on killing himself once he got his rounds off, anyway? he would have still killed and/or injured quite a few innocent people, before someone else had the time to react and shoot back.

    again, the point i was trying to make is that more guns wouldn’t lead to more peace, just more rounds being fired. remember, he brought some handguns to a fitness center full of unarmed women. in your scenario, i’d wager he’d bring automatic weapons to a fitness center full of women with handguns. there’s always a bigger, faster firearm than the one you’re carrying…


    thanks for the article, though. i’d forgotten about the freerepublic website, so i’ll probably be browsing new articles there over the next few days.

    take care..! :)


    There is a problem here. If no one asks why then this will happen again perhaps in your town, or by someone you know.
    Yes he did not deal with his problems in the best way. But i ask how soon will the message be lost. He did have some good points in there among the crazy.
    There is a Mental Health problem in America. Among many many others.

  180. Your Grace

    First, serious Aquillan Sympathies to the American People (generally a kindly folk) who have suffered yet another Appalling Slaughter of Innocents

    However, I wonder when the Penny (or should that be Cent) is going to drop and US Folk (sensible on so many other things) are going to realize that they really do need to repeal the 2nd Amendment & institute effective gun-controls

    How many 3 to 5 year-olds are going to have to be shot by their co-eval friends/siblings, before this happens … you can’t even go to Church without the threat of some gun-toting Murderer shooting at you

    I flatter myself that I agree with Senor Bunk on so many things – apart of course on whether it matters whether the over-rich but fatuous Episcopalian Church should be expelled from the Worldwide Web [Aquillan Redactor’s note – surely, this should read “Anglican Communion”]

    BUT I have to ask :

    How can it be argued that the Gun-toting 2nd-Amendment produces a Polite Society ?

    Turning off the Light before shooting Young Ladies in the Dark does not seem polite, even by lax Aquillan Standards of Courtesy

    At least at that kindly Mr Obama’s White House banquets, they don’t pass the Port to the Right

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  181. As always, G Eagle, your comments set a standard to which we should all attempt to rise.

    When I have an hour or two to spare I’m going to sift through these and disemvowel all the sadistic, abusive comments. This blog does not exist to serve as a platform for the hate-filled expressions of those who pathetically live through mass murderers. Get a therapist: or your own blog!

  182. Raincoaster, did that person just call you ‘Your Grace’? LOL!

    I keep seeing that ppl are comment about his looks IN THIS PICTURE. From my understanding this picture is thought of as an old pic of him. They showed a more recent picture on local news and ummmmmmmmmm he sure let himself go. You can tell in the more recent pic that his mind was giving him troubles. I don’t have link, sry. Of course this is just my opinion about his looks, someone else might find him to be a sexy bubba.
    Okay so here’s a link of a website with the more recent pic, I don’t read the website but the pic is the one they are showing on the news around here, just scroll down past the story where it says more pics and a video.

  183. First off, my prayers goes to friends and families of the victims. And with all respect to them I ask them to understand that we really need to discuss this because nobody wants to see another similar episode.

    George Sodinis needed help and nobody should blame his family, friends, casual friends or society. He was sick. Period.
    This is not different to the Columbine tragedy where people where pointing fingers in all directions blaming each other.

    This is the right time to discuss on the media and blogs the topic of depression related illness.

    This illness (depression) is not so uncommon and is treatable. There is a lot of people welling to help on this matter.

  184. who would fake this? the faker would be a cracked as the real deal. especially real is the way he talks about women. only in terms of the way they look. or the way they act toward him.

  185. youtube videos he put up

    and he’s part of the audience at this seminar on how to pick up ladies better…lots of whats taught at this seminar it seems influenced his outlook – the guy hosting the seminar is a douchebag even calling someone part of the seminar a geek and they need to have bigger balls Soldier….what an ass – 2:47 you see him

  186. Pingback: Salvation By Grace Justification for Murder | Bruce Droppings

  187. THIS GUYS CHURCH SAID HE COULD DO IT!! Just look at what George says here…”But this guy teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder then still go to heaven. Ask him. Call him at [redacted by raincoaster]. If no answer there, he should still live at [redacted by raincoaster].”
    George is absolutly right, these churches are teaching something that all need to be aware of, the churches are NOT WHAT YOU THINK. You can ask any church a question just like this…”Do mass murderers have to STOP murdering in order to get saved?” They cannot say “yes he has to stop” Their doctrine will not alow this, they will have to answer “NO” he does not have to stop murdering to get saved. PEOPLE WAKEUP THE EVIL IS COMING FROM THE CHURCHES> for more info on how the LIE works go to my site..

  188. Queball. You missed my point altogether. The “solution” you provide simply will not work. There are way too many logistic holes and gray areas in your solution. And, how can you defend *forcing* citizens to arm themselves against their choice to not do so? Is that not anti-liberty?

    G Eagle. Your solution ignores factual data that murder is and has been on the rise in Great Briton and France for years. The last I checked, both of these countries have stringent gun control laws.

  189. Perplexed

    Too many US Citizens (& their families) are having their lives ruined by being shot …. or being sent to Prison for shooting

    I puzzle over your strange enthusiasm for “Liberty” – the Liberty for Gun-Carriers is effectively the Liberty for their Neighbours (err NeighbOr, in the North-American Argot)to be shot

    The British do not help their cause by (1) abolishing the Death Penalty [unless carried out by criminals] and (2) Her Britannic Majesty’s wRetched/threadbare Government’s relentless & unBlinking Ability to lie (eg Life imPrisonment means anything but Imprisonment for Life)

    BUT Perplexed

    Just think how much higher Britain’s (already lamentable) Murder Rates would be if the UK had the irresponsibly lax Gun Laws of the USA

    I remain Perplexed’s obedient servant etc

  190. Sr. Eagle– With respect… according to your logic, that disarming the law abiding populace would reduce the number of murders, it follows that disarming the military would prevent enemy attacks on our soldiers.

  191. It is more likely the mugshots photo and the others with moustaches are old. He said in the last year or something had started the gym. The press always seems to choose the more “average shooter/psycopath” pics to fit.

  192. Strange. So strange.

    I never get laid either. I’m decent looking by the standards of a decent number of women. I get hit on every other week or so, which is more than I expect. But I never meet anyone with very much personality. It’s really silly – you’d think that someone as heartless as me would be capable of casual sex, like most assholes are. But no – I need a connection. Without that, getting hit on is pointless.

    I hold human life in even less regard than this Sodini guy did – I don’t even care about the sort of observations he made about human nature. He was trying to figure out things that are simply meaningless to me.

    But I’m self-centered enough to enjoy other things that have nothing to do with people. It’s not that I consider what he did wrong, only that I don’t need to do it. There are too many spectacular machines and natural wonders and pieces of art out there. I wouldn’t miss out on those things just because people are crap.

    I guess the difference is that while I don’t care about people, I don’t particularly hate them either. Hate is an investment that has to pay off sooner or later, and I don’t even consider human life worth that much of an investment. Man, I feel sorry for this guy. If he had simply been a sociopath, he could have gotten laid.

  193. Eagle: “Just think how much higher Britain’s (already lamentable) Murder Rates would be if the UK had the Gun Laws of the USA.”

    This flies in the face of logic. You can’t possibly defend that statement since there is no way to prove it. You can imagine it but others may imagine otherwise. This proves nothing. Additionally, your calling our gun laws “irresponsibly lax” does not make them so. Your thoughts on this matter are obviously colored by your preconceived notions. The things you’ve been taught or heard in the media. Yes, we have unspeakable crime here in the USA carried out by the use of firearms, just as you have unspeakable crime carried out by other means in GB. As I stated earlier, violent crime in GB is on the rise – despite rigid gun control laws.

    Here in my own state where the right to carry firearms is regulated by law and can be done only under concealed statutes. I could site several cases where an armed citizen either thwarted a crime or stopped it before the crime escalated. For the sake of brevity I will not but a google of “crimes stopped by guns” will afford you a lot of reading material.

    My thoughts on ownership and the carrying of firearms are simple. They are based on liberty. If one wishes to carry a firearm in a civil manner then that person should not be deterred. Over here, our Constitution guarantees us that right. I do support regulation of that right. Obviously states have the right to regulate how one may carry a firearm and deny the right to those who have committed certain crimes or suffer diminished mental/emotional capacity.

    You say you puzzle over my enthusiasm over liberty? What an odd statement. OK. Hopefully, the following will clear things up a bit for you. To quote a long gone ancestor, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” (Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775). Simply put, I believe that mankind is meant to be free to do as she/he pleases as long as his/her actions do not harm nor infringe upon the rights of others. But we live in a world with laws that increasingly infringe upon that base human right. But that’s a subject far off topic…

  194. You do realize that picture is DECADES old? He was fat, bald, and had a creepy serial killer mustache when he shot up that gym. He looked just like the pervy guy your mother would tell you to keep away from, the one with sweaty hands.

  195. Raincoaster, that picture of him with the coffee is recent because he had been working out and trying to change his image from those seminar workshops on dating

    anyway, i found this from another forum, some hacker was interested in this story and hacked into his google account and maanged to look through his web history which google tracks

    Reddit has everything about this guy, including his google search history.

    Here’s an Internet post where he says he’s going to try and get sex from 16 year olds

  196. Thanks. Again I learn from the commenters.

    What I really should have said was, “The guy was a cold-blooded killer who was consumed with thoughts of death and sex with underage girls. That’s not hot.”

    I’ve seen people blaming his friends for failing him, women for not sleeping with him; can we just recognize that it was the fault of the perpetrator? He may have been insane, in which case we can blame his mental illness, or he may have been sane, in which case he takes the blame. But no amount of sex or Saturday afternoons with the gang at the pub would have turned him away from what he became. Women didn’t sleep with him and friends didn’t want to spend time with him probably because they could tell he was a creep, which is putting it mildly.

  197. Oh, and THIS is a very interesting examination of the religious aspect of the murderer’s thoughts:

    I’ve recently finished reading a book called the Confessions of a Justified Sinner, which explores this very theme, the idea that God has granted you Grace, therefore you cannot be condemned to Hell, no matter what. In the book, the Sinner eventually comes to realize his dear companion, the man who introduced him to this doctrine, is of course Satan. Sodini should have seen it sooner, himself. It would have saved lives.

  198. the interest of this story got me to reading one of the columbine shooters journal and there’s similarities of feeling different than other people (an outsider) and realizing it and both cases these individuals TRY in some way to change their behavior to fit in…one of the columbine shooters talks about the jocks or the “normal” kids as zombies and he has problems trying to make himself be that way

    i don’t think the columbine shooters thought they were going to heaven and reading Georges Diary/Journal there’s a sense of knowing he’s messed up but not sure where to go for help…His google search history also comes up with things about social phobia so he obviously knew something was wrong, he even called himself crazygeorge …most people have a hard time even considering themselves crazy yet George almost jokingly gets a domain and nicknames himself crazy

    I think being an outsider is okay but it means its harder to find people like yourself and trying to change yourself to “FIT IN” with the normal crowd leads to resentment and probably hateful ways because it grinds against who you naturally might be…jealousy to things they have problems being

    this whole story is interesting to me because there’s many of us who feel like outsiders and we don’t want to end up this way…i want to understand what is going on here

  199. That’s an interesting take on it. I’m such an individualist I hadn’t thought about it from that perspective. Do social connections help preserve our sanity, or is sanity a prerequisite for social connections.

    Keeping in mind that Charles Manson was and remains personally popular.

    All I know is, I went for coffee with Willy Pickton, the pig farmer (and you can find that story here: ) and he was so visibly creepy that the only reason I went was to get the pictures and stories he’d promised me. It was a career move on my part, going for coffee with some guy who was visibly creepy. There IS a vibe, sometimes, and people pick up on it.

    I’m sure it’s not simply one factor or another, it’s a combination, but I am very interested in what I call the Zeta male theory: zeta males are the opposite of alphas. They are failures, and in certain cases where they have very high self-opinions and cannot reconcile their failure with their ego, they turn outward and blame other people.

    Sluts. The Government. The Man With The Eye. Satan. The Ex. The list goes on and on, because it’s not really who’s at fault, it’s simply who the individual having the psychotic break is fixating on as the external source of his actual failure. Having fixed the blame on someone else, he can then take action to “eliminate” the problem and the failure.

    Because Sodini saw the entire world as having rejected him, and he was “protected” by the grace of God, he killed himself, as he could not eliminate every woman on the planet.

    I made remarks about dealing with this type over on one of my other blogs, here:

  200. Why should anyone feel sorry for a weak little sicko? Everyone has been picked on, everyone has been bullied and used. I haven’t had any real friends since high school am I allowed to shoot people because of it?

    Nah no sympathy, he was weak; had no will power or personality. He thought the world owed him because he couldn’t always get what he wanted. He sounded like a spolied little brat, nothing more. The world is a better place without him, just too bad other people had to go with him.

  201. George is right about the Pastor, just look at what this famous pastor says here…
    “So if a true Christian would commit suicide in a time of extreme weakness, he or she would be received into heaven (Jude 24).” John MacArthur. You might as well put MASS MURDER in that place. PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! this is being taught everywhere!

  202. Jasna, I don’t think that this blog’s position is one of sympathy with the murderer. As for the commenters, well, strangers come and they go. Some stick around and engage in the conversation and I can’t find it in me to condemn someone for being too big-hearted. I CAN condemn them for blaming the victim or, indeed, anyone but the perpetrator.

  203. And by the way, the pastor’s lawyers got in touch with WordPress and asked that (insisted, actually) I delete his address and phone number, as he was getting threats.

    I’m actually thinking about putting it back. It’s still on the original site. But that WOULD be blaming someone other than the perpetrator.

    Still, he essentially gave this man a Free Ticket to Jesus no matter what his acts on Earth. I hope that he’s rethinking that doctrine now. If I see evidence he’s NOT, back up that name and address go, in their very own special blog post AND in this one, with every SEO trick I can throw at it to get that to the top of Google.

    Anyone in touch with that church? I’d like to know what he’s got to say now.

  204. who cares if this is real or fake. 4 people lost their lives because people would rather turn the other cheek and walk away. if he was this depressed for the last year – people would have noticed it.

    burgergirl – i dont think anyone is saying its your fault because you didnt talk to him. i think what they mean is you had a short conversation with him and gathered he was “creepy” … so you stayed across the room feeling bad… any person who “felt that bad” would have sucked it up and just talked to him.

  205. Perplexed 3:42pm “…. give me liberty or give me death!” (Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775)….”

    Buon Giorno, Perplexed

    How interesting to get such a thoughtful response from a descendant of Patrick Henry

    BUT while one would not want to express any pejorative observation towards any ancestor of yours,

    Perhaps you might ponder just a little bit harder about “Liberty”

    “Liberty or Death” sounded impressive in the highly charged atmosphere of the American Revolution (1776 to 1784)…. and even more impressive after the 5th Pint of Coors beer in the Saloon with one’s gun-toting mates or when hanging fellow-American loyalist-prisoners with the GreenBack Mountain boys

    BUT we have to ask

    ? How many ordinary “little people” were hurt by the brutal actions consequent upon the violent rebellion of the Tree Murderer, your famous Antecedent and their revolting friends

    !! It is interesting that so many Folk (? was it over 100,000 in a “White” Population of 1.5 million)found the Tree Murderer’s Freedom/Independence so unpleasant that emigrating to the Canadas in the Colder North was preferable

    How much blood has to shed in the (potentially idolatrous) Worship of “Liberty”


    Doesn’t Liberty involve a Paradox – “your” Liberty (eg to carry a Gun” has the correlative of limiting “my” Liberty (eg not to be shot by you)

    As one of your most interesting & (I think) sensible Presidents so sagaciously observed :

    “There’s no such thing as a Free Lunch”

    I remain Perplexed’s obedient (but much better-informed after his/her Comment) servant etc

    G Eagle

  206. yeaaaaa…. im gonna stick with my first comment. for a 48 year old .. he looked good. so he had social problems name 5 people that havent in their life.

    and whatever happened to the “God loves you for you.. not what you do” .. shit. the church i go to actually teaches that God looks past your mistakes and lets you stay with him because he knows your a good person. if it took George 48 years to do a crime like this – he never really wanted to do it in the first place. regardless – he’s livin it up with God now with maddddd girls.. =) awh<3 rip.

  207. Amie, the guy was twisted. Had nothing to do with girls dumping him.

    Out of morbid curiousity I read his blog and saw the videos he posted. They’re all flat — no humor, no personality at all. I’ve met a few people like that… they want to be friendly but don’t know how, and drive people away because they try too hard. Someone previously suggested he had Asberger syndrome. Seems to fit.

  208. G Eagle — I rarely type LOL but I’ll make an exception here. You’re flying solo for now.

    I believe it was the late economist Milton Friedman who said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

  209. Amie, four people lost their lives because George Sodini shot them.

    You’re free to pity him, but you’re not free to blame anyone but George Sodini.

    To put things in a much less emotional context, the next time you see some bum on the street and feel like saying, “Get a job!” ask yourself, “would I hire him?”

    Blaming the women who didn’t sleep with him, didn’t cozy up to him, for the fact that he was a vicious, self-absorbed murderer is in and of itself evil of you. So just stop.

  210. i think social connections make us feel “normal” and not alone so I would say they preserve sanity

    its easier to compare how different we might be if we’re the ones in the corner by ourselves, if the zeta males/females were the more dominant mind set I could see alpha jocks maybe going off

    popular culture with movies and tv shows right now seem to be embracing the awkward persona…tv shows The office, Conan O’brien, Arrested development and actors like Michael Cera showing up in many movies playing that awkward role. Awkward is the new funny whereas before it was just creepy

    throwing blame, negative news makes people feel better about their lives because they get to ridicule something “worse off” than themselves and it gives people a twisted sense of happiness pointing the finger and saying I’m nothing like that, burn in hell loser. I think we’re all more alike than people want to admit to themselves (Bat shit crazy).

  211. Public perception is never gospel belief with modern media. I believe raincoaster is onto something about possible fakery. Only a few days pass and they find his blog and neatly post it with all his personal data. I say it’s too cut and dried. Besides, the impromptu intro seems like an add on.

    Plus the media is treating him like he massacred a town instead of a health club. This insanity happens a lot in this nutjob country, but something is fishy about the way the media is milking it. I haven’t trusted the 4th estate since 9/11. For obvious reasons.

  212. indiejobbed

    all that information was found fast by a hacker

    once the name was released the hacker found out he had his own domain name (which was his real nmae), a domain name provides email, house address, phone # of the domain owner (I know because i also own a domain name)

    The hacker then got the email password by using the “Forgot password” option and the question was simple, about his cats name….the answer to the cat question was on that information from George’s website and once he was in his email he had information of his web browsing history from Google history and more…

  213. indiejobbed said:
    “Plus the media is treating him like he massacred a town instead of a health club.”

    it would’ve been different if he massacred a town???? You’re going to have to explain how you are coming up with that stupid train of thought.

  214. I’m late to this discussion I think the sites real and I think he’s just the tip of the iceburg. I get comments from men like this over at my blog all the time. I’m torn between pity and fury.

    I’m all for assisted suicide, I mean if he wants out then get out. But to murder innocent people because why? because he didn’t want to die the way he lived? Alone? Selfish basturd.

  215. peoople get pleasure from watching others suffer – i think many people will deny this or tell themselves no

    MMA fighting, Boxing, or any sports where you’re cheering for one side and you get pleasure from seeing the other team lose or do poorly and not just in sports I remember in highschool my aunt used to get happy comparing her son outdoing others in GRADES, kids would literally cry for doing poorly in school and theres people out there happy seeing them fail while the ones they cheer for succeed …during wars people want to see the enemy crushed…i mean its all there, people like to see other people suffer

    So in the case of this guy and the columbine shootings they took out their hatred on things they couldn’t have, or people that made them feel the way they did and they got pleasure out of doing it

  216. Yeaaa, rain –
    i actually dont even know what to say to you regarding your “bum on the street” analogy. unlike you, im assuming, i have never once thought of saying to someone “get a job”.. if you knew me, i’m anything but a cold hearted bitch. my current boss has hired someone that was down on his luck and actually looking for a job. would i have done the same? without question. if that “bum on the street” was looking for a job, and was able to work diligently… yes i would hire him. better luck next time. =)

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  218. this was an answer to:
    “does God forgive all sins? does he forgive a murderer”

    Many people make the mistake of believing that God forgives “little” sins such as lying, anger, and impure thoughts, but does not forgive “big” sins such as murder and adultery. This is not true. There is no sin too big that God cannot forgive it. When Jesus died on the cross, He died to pay the penalty for all of the sins of the entire world (1 John 2:2). When a person places his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, all of his sins are forgiven. That includes past, present, and future, big or small.

    yaaa see – he’s with God. so everyone saying “he’s going to rot in hell” ha, too bad that is faalllseeee! rip<3

  219. Having been there many times in my life, my understanding was that Pennsylvania is a liquor control state, just like Ohio and North Carolina. You do NOT buy liquor in a supermarket in those states, you go to a state-run liquor store. For that reason, this “diary” looks like bull, because there’s no way he could have bought 80 proof vodka or whiskey in a supermarket in Pennsylvania.

  220. BadgerBeancounter try reading though the thread before you post next time. Your liquor theory has been debunked on more than one occasion. There is a liquor store INSIDE the grocery store.

  221. Based on what I’ve read here let’s do a personal self check.

    No girlfriend – check
    women not attracted to my ugly ass – check
    lack of self confidence due to lack of dating – check
    feelings of isolation, depression, & lonliness – check
    haven’t been with a girl since 2000 – check

    So in another 9 years of no women I will be at risk like George?

    Being in the same situation, I can completely relate to how he felt being undesired by women. Whatever women are looking for it isn’t me.

    It sounds like George should have taken out his anger on his brother.

  222. explain what you mean by Multiple eyes?

    I’m interested in MKUltra after what i read about the movie Eyes wide shut and youtube videos on mind control, its pretty interesting

    Anyway I re-read Georges diary/journal and I’m pretty sure he Edited it before uploading it. I think this because he even says in it that I have made no edits yet the entire diary/journal is written a if he knew someone would glance over it and made to see him a somewhat positive light

  223. I’m a female Asian immigrant in my 30s living in the U.S. I read Sodini’s blog and at some point feel I can actually identify myself with some of his feeling. Twice in my life which both lasted relatively a short period of time, I felt so lonely, depressed because of no friends to talk to. It’s not unfamiliar for me the frustration Sodini had felt. However, I would never think of killing anyone.

    I don’t think have no girlfriend is Sodini’s problem. Without a friend/friends whom he could talk to and do things together is the main problem. Women are unfortunate to become his target to be blamed on. Women have incredible ability to sense their surroundings and the people they meet. It’s unfortunate Sodini’s “unique/different” social skill alarmed those women he met and decided to keep distance. Sodini’s case just shows us how important to be able to communicate with others. We are social animals. It doesn’t mean we need to party a lot. We need friends. It’s just part of being human beings.

    Sodini blamed his family for not caring about his personal life. I wonder, if our family members do ask, how many of us would actually tell them our problems? I personally find it’s easier to tell friends about the problems I have.

    Sodini lived in Pittsburgh, a pretty big city. If not joining dating seminars or doing online dating etc, there are many other ways to meet people and women such as volunteer works or else besides church. We never know whom we will meet next. Friendship takes time, and trust needs care to build on. Changing our own attitude and be more positive to look at ourselves and toward others is so important. Blaming others really doesn’t help.

    For 10 years living in the U.S., I do notice that it is not that easy to make friends with the natives. Some call it “American’s individualism”. I feel it is much easier to talk to and make friends with Europeans and other nationalities living in the U.S. I’m not saying individualism is bad. It is just not easy for building up and maintaining the connection.

    As a hobby and for keeping fit, I have taken many dance classes including social dances in the last 10 years. I do notice that there are many middle age single men have another interest other than just dancing. However, at least they are willing to come out and polish their social skill other than staying home and feel sorry for themselves. I also see friendship develops in those dance classes among women and women, men and men, and women and men.

    I’m random here simply wish other “loners” might have a way out. It’s frustrated but not absolutely desperate. It’s really on us to decide what changes we can make to ourselves, not simply wear nice clothes and putting on cologne or perfume.

    Sodini’s story did not have to end like that. I don’t see he was that insane but too into himself and caused this insanity action. He gave up too early.

  224. Hi Douglas,
    The projects did not end with MKULTRA. I am interested in it too. SO funny how many people think it is just a tin foil hat conspiracy when the information is already out there and more is available through FOIA.

    The technique of splitting a personality began in Germany back in the 1800’s. Our government used this science in the past and continue to do so. Remember Operation Paperclip. The Military wanted what they had.

    G. H. Estabrooks, PH.D. was the rare one who came out and admitted what was happening. Here is an article from Science Digest April, 1971 issue.

    Anyway, all those from the Monarch project are in their 50’s now at the youngest. Or at least the ones I know. They are from an older generation, technology has advanced since then. There are many projects however.

    What I meant by multiple eyes is this. When a person becomes dissociative and/or has multiple personalities many times the eyes is a dead give away.

    They seem normal until you look into their eyes, something does not seem right, they seem “off”. It is almost as if more than one person is looking back at you, therefore the term “multiple eyes”.

    I bet a lot of people who stumble on this blog will know what I am talking about. Take a look at his eyes again.

    These at his dad’s farm have good closeups.

    One of his archives had a verse hidden in the HTML. IMO it confirmed a lot of things.

  225. Hey Douglas. I think George edited his diary before uploading it too. And, after researching some of the other material that has surfaced concerning this event, I’m fairly certain that his actions were not dictated by his loneliness but by misogyny and perhaps a desire to be famous. He clearly viewed females as little more than objects of his sexual desire.

    I find it ironic that the opening line to his “diary” says, “Why do this?? To young girls? Just read below. I kept a running log that includes my thoughts and actions, after I saw this project was going to drag on”. He didn’t harm any young girls but killed mature women instead. Old George was certainly delusional. And his writing smacks of a desire for notoriety.

    This whole thing is so sad. George had so much to live for. He had a great job and all the ingredients for a great life. Had George really merely wanted a female companion to complete his dream life I’m pretty sure he could have found somebody in his age range quite easily. What George wanted was the unobtainable. If his fantasy had become reality is there any doubt that something even further from reach would become the object of his desire? George was doomed by his own delusional psychosis. And sadly, so were his innocent victims.

  226. wait… isnt MKULTRA when the CIA does mind controlling? are people implying that this whole happening, was because the CIA stepped in???

    nexxttt – it’ll be obama’s fault.

  227. WOW! There are a lot of theories for this man going into a health club, turning off the lights, pulling out guns, shooting women and then killing himself. I have a theory…he was fucking insane!

    Although I am intrigued by this link about G. H. Estabrooks, PH.D. Pretty werid article, has me thinking about some of my neighbors! LOL No seriously thanks for the link, great reading!

  228. George could have blamed whoever he wanted. but, us looking in on the situation – were still going to blame people that im pretty sure had nothing to do with it… is ridiculous.

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  230. My comment is to the people on here such as Mutton and jj who have similar views to George Sodini’s – if this is a gender thing, you can all take a look in the mirror as well. How many MEN disappoint, disregard, and ABANDON women, over and over and over again in this world?? Let me tell you something, there are just as many of us WOMEN who could spew as much frustration, anger and rage as you do; we could take it out on society and go on violent rampages, hurting innocent people – but we don’t. This a public service announcement for anyone suffering from this inner turmoil; the answers are found by taking a look at OURSELVES, and there is a recovery program out there that WORKS: Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, a 12-step fellowship. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has suffered similarly to George Sodini or in any other way related to romantic relationships. It is NOT the other person’s fault, or an entire gender.

  231. this is the saddest story ive ever heard!!! he was soo attractive i cant imagine why he didnt have a girlfriend.

    and wake up people not everyone has the personality of an obnoxious person.. some are quiet – doesnt mean they’re going to be on a killing spree soon. he seemed like a genuine person.

    but yea, it was definitely bush, obama, and the cia’s fault – get real.

  232. That’s a good point about the Zeta-Male Syndrome — the name you’ve apprently given to dudes who kill in an effort to be famous. So guess how we stop Zeta dudes? Stop publishing their name. Always refer to so-and-so as “Loser #12” and refer to the next one as “Loser #13”.

    Talk about their victims instead. What the victims lives were like, their names, their hopes and dreams. Give the airtime to the innocent, let the voice of the innocent be heard, not the “Loser #12”. They won’t do it anymore, they’ll just kill themselves.

  233. I never once mentioned Obama or Bush. Presidents do not have as much power as people give them credit for. lol

    I never said the CIA made George do it either. But neither do I take this lightly. I know too many people who were hurt by bastards who thought they had the right to “train up a child” in the way they thought they should go, so they could use them.

    And I thank God a lot has come out. There was even a precedent making case where one victim was awarded a judgment of 1 million dollars against his abuser. That person was Paul A Bonacci. Below is a link to the MEMORANDUM OF DECISION and JUDGMENT.

    I also am grateful that the original members of the most outspoken group against child victims, the False memory Syndrome Foundation, has been exposed and/or their ties to the CIA exposed.

    You will not find this man’s name linked to the group anymore, this co-founder/former Lutheran minister was forced to step down because of a pro-pedophila interview he gave overseas.

    I have a plethora of links to all that groups founders and links to quite a few court documents that are public records. That bunch is not taken as serious as they once were.

    And woman abuse too, contrary to popular beliefs.

    Going back to George and his hatred of the Church. I was forced to listen to religious tapes as a child made by quite a few fundamentalist pastors, one was a Pastor Thieme, the minister who taught and ordained the Pastor Knapp that George Sodini hated so much. Thieme was very controlling and often militant. He would sometimes wear his uniform when he preached at the pulpit. Many consider Thieme’s church a cult with military connections. Here is a forum that had a discussion about Berachah Church back in 2006.,13233,page=6

    I know little about Knapp, he may just be the poor sucker that happened to be the preacher at the church George attended. But I do know Thieme was an extreme Fundamentalist and a controlling man who happened to ordain Knapp. BTW, before anyone freaks, I do know not all Fundamentalist are the same.

    All I am saying is that George had what we call “Multiple eyes” and used words that point to things most in the mainstream know nothing about.

    I do not know the man personally, never did. But I know lots of people are used and sometimes used as children with one or more parents consent. Sometimes without a parents consent. If he was what I think he was, he may have begun to break down and remember, people can snap when that happens if they do not get help. They do not deal well with emotions.

    Also his area combined with the other clues makes sense. George lived in PA which is known to have quite a few living there who were involved in a lot of the underground projects. I am not the least bit surprised that George was racist. Quite a few there are.

    And quite a few of these men settled in the Northern states:

    I roll my eyes when people insist these things do not happen anymore. Here is an example of a lighter level of it here, dated 2006:

    Click to access 3900_39d.pdf

    That’s all I am saying. Whether people believe these things exist or not has never changed and never will change…..the cold hard facts.

  234. I meant to post a few quotes from the Rick Ross Forum about Col. Thieme, The minister who taught Pastor Knapp. Anything stand out to the rest of you guys?


    – If you sin, get hurt, fail, don’t feel it, “just rebound and pull yourself up by your bootstraps”

    – If you disagree with the Col. you are certainly in “carnality” or “reversionism” and had better change your thinking or you might “be skinned alive with a whip.” This is important, because there was an unwritten rule that you never discussed your feelings about Bob’s teachings for fear that you might say something wrong and appear to be in “reversionism.”

    – If you show emotion, especially concerning God, you are weak and “you will fail when the chip are down” (this usually referred to the inevitable invasion of the communists).

    – Colonel Thieme and Berachah Church are the only hope for our nation. Destruction is eminent! In fact, if it weren’t for Berachah and the “pivot” this country would most certainly already be destroyed by the communists.

    – I go to Berachah Church – I AM BETTER THAN YOU. This one is a tough one to swallow, but if you really look hard, you might have to admit you’ve thought this at one time.

    – “There’s only one right man or woman for everyone, and if you don’t marry him or her then your marriage will fail.”

    – If I screw up, God might strike me down with “triple compound discipline” at any given moment.

    – Emotions are evil and are very dangerous.

    – “You should only listen to the teachings of your right pastor (Col. Thieme) and no one else”.

    END QUOTE,13233,page=6

  235. its a sad state of being that our country has created people such as this. this isnt his fault. its our fault. its the people of america’s fault that so many people are coming out of the wood work just like George.
    its really easy to point a finger at george and say he is just crazy, but this isnt the case. why and how did he live over 40 years without any issues or problems and then suddenly break? you think it was women? come on!!! the women issue is simply a target he can focus on…among other issues in his life. if you cant see the trigger that broke him, then you are just as much part of the problem.

    How can we get a window into some desperate man’s mindset, and get to know what was he thinking and feeling before he became a not so random killer?
    The gym shooter in Pittsburg has given us, even invited us to get to know how he got to be in this desperate situation…How come a normal, decent looking man gets to feel so deprived of love and female company?
    And what are the consequences of living in this terrible emotional wasteland?
    He can see everyday, in his very normal life, that the world is full of all kind of women: young, older, married, single…and he thinks he has a place in the mating date game:

    “I actually look good. I dress good, am clean-shaven, bathe, touch of cologne – yet 30 million women rejected me – over an 18 or 25-year period. That is how I see it. Women just don’t like me. There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate) and I cannot find one. Not one of them finds me attractive.”

    He feels all the time the very normal desire to have a lover, a friend…
    “A man needs a woman for confidence. He gets a boost on the job, career, with other men, and everywhere else when he knows inside he has someone to spend the night with and who is also a friend.”
    Then, not finding one, he has to conclude that something is wrong with him:
    “Every evening I am alone, and then go to bed alone. Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. I never even spent one weekend with a girl in my life, even at my own place. Proof I am a total malfunction…This type of life I see is a closed world with me specifically and totally excluded. Every other guy does this successfully to a degree.”

    Or think that something is wrong with the world…and begin blaming the others as responsible for his loneliness…hating them first for being indifferent to his manly charms, then begin thinking about how to punish them for his loneliness.
    Even this final act of murder is committed without a lot of personal anger, as if he knows he does not hate the women he is killing; he is only showing them that he is finally in their view, and forcing them to see him…in his most desperate moment.
    Finally, we can see how George Sodini is making a terribly wrong and pathetic final call for love and companionship, shooting women his own age who could have been his lovers and wives instead. He confirms by his act his own prophecy: “Flying solo for many years is a destroyer.”
    We women never get such a near view of how important is our love and tenderness not only to complete but to justify a guy’s life. Male pride will not let us know this, but this sad man’s actions tell us how vital female presence in men’s lives is.
    Of course, there can be many other men in this same cruel isolation. What makes the difference with George Sodini’s case is the possession of weapons and a desire to get even with the frustrating females around him.
    As learning, perhaps we could identify better the people around us who consistently are left holding the bag in the love/relationship musical chairs of life? And do some good will efforts at matchmaking?

    It looks like women have a different take on him….

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  238. @Lovely
    I’m sry, that was a very jerkish thing to say. Please forgive my jerkiness.

    Thinking about the quotes that were posted of the pastor and it brings about thoughts of my SIL, she is so ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and I hate to use this word but…brainwashed by her church that she lives and breathes her church, her pastors sayings or well her pastors “word of god.” And it’s quite scary, she’s constantly trying to get me under her pastors wing and well not happening. It’s quite possible that he did believe that this was what he should do, MAYBE in George’s reality that is what he believed he was being told to do. NOW that is a theory I do believe in.

  239. The plot thickens…

    Police questioned health club gunman, let him go

    By JOE MANDAK (AP) – 1 hour ago

    PITTSBURGH — The man who carried out a massacre in a women’s aerobics class had been questioned a week earlier by police because he matched the description of a man seen pulling what appeared to be a grenade from a computer bag, authorities said Monday.

    George Sodini, 48, of Scott Township, was ultimately let go by Port Authority of Allegheny County police because they couldn’t confirm he was the man on the bus July 28, authorities said.

    Allegheny County Superintendent Charles Moffatt said Sodini wrote in one of his many diaries “don’t worry about it, it was a false grenade.”

    “We’ve never found a grenade so nobody can tell you right now it was him on that bus. We believe it was him on the bus,” Moffatt said.

  240. Listen people these pastors are teaching the Antichrist doctrine I email pastors all over the world and ask questions, like this….
    “Can a Child Molester get saved in the very act of his sin?” answer “God can do anything but fail! I suppose everyone can get saved during the act of sin. However, after salvation, continuous behavior is indicative of ” no change- no salvation.”

    here is another answer to same question…

    “Um, I think I’m going to need more information. I think a more fitting question would be can a sinner be convicted in the midst of his sin to be led to repentance, then I would say yes. The holy spirit leds a man to repentance. Which leds that person to turn from his sin and take responsiblity and right any wrongs that need to be made.

    Steve Mason
    These pastors are teaching since your BORN a sinner you have to get saved in your sin and its exactly what gearge said
    ” Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus. At least that is what I was told. Eternal life does NOT depend on works. If it did, we will all be in hell. Christ paid for EVERY sin, so how can I or you be judged BY GOD for a sin when the penalty was ALREADY paid. People judge but that does not matter. I was reading the Bible and The Integrity of God beginning yesterday, because soon I will see them.”

  241. It seems like George was trying to have a social life – dating seminars, active involvement in a church community for many years, volunteering at the library, his cycling group. He didn’t sit around for years getting pissed off cause women weren’t knocking down his door while he masturbated furiously to internet porn 24/7.

    I think he was trying to fix himself, force himself to grow as an individual. Maybe he went about it in all the wrong ways. Regardless, he just couldn’t get it together.

    He could have blown his head off privately in his house and no one would have given a shit. I think he knew that and it was a motivating factor in the killing spree beforehand. He left his diary address in his gym bag and gave written permission for his writings to be passed around and studied.

    I dunno, what is the world supposed to do with all the George’s out there on the planet? Aren’t there a lot more zeta males than alpha males?

  242. I had posted more about that minister, did not realize it did not go through.

    I noticed there was a lot of spam here in the links. Maybe I had too many links in mine. I saved it, maybe I will post a little at a time.

    And Katja, you did well. I understood what you were saying. In America we have a similar saying about people who are a “ticking time bomb”.

    And I agree with you. I disagree with people who say just forget him, why try to understand this, put this behind you…..

    I say “Hell No” to that, I believe in learning all one can and being Preemptive. Because there are plenty of George’s out there. You will not be able to stop them all but you can be aware.

    And I hate the stigma attached to mental illness. More people would seek help if they did not feel embarrassed.

    I do think there are people who knew what George was capable of though. There is a lot of strangeness surrounding him. As the old saying goes…..Da steckt mehr dahinter!

  243. Oh wow! Just saw my missing post, it is “Awaiting Moderation”. LOL

    I probably did have too many links. Well, that saved me from reposting in parts.

  244. you people are unbelievable morons!!! to tell you the truth – he is with God no matter how hard it is for you to believe.. he’s a laaady’s man nnow =)))) … i suppose people are entitled to their own opinion… but who are you to fucking judge whether someone was “insane” a “psycho” a “freak” .. or whatever other immature 4th grade names you call him. George was a person a human being, just like everyone else – he had feelings. Don’t get me wrong I don’t support what he did, but I can understand why he was so hurt and angry that he did it. All the guy wanted was a friend!!! He hadnt had a girlfriend in forever, no friends, his family wasn’t there.. someone can only deal with problems on their own for sssooo long. when you’re thrown into a world of depression you honestly could not careless about anyone or anything… and its obvious that everyday was a snow ball getting bigger and bigger. theres no reason for everyone to be such a cold hearted asshole.

    have a lovely day. =)
    rip george!! ♥

  245. I met a guy in a bar yesterday that reminded me of Sodini. Just to establish, I am very attractive and this guy wasn’t but I wanted to be nice and did not brush him off when he approached me (as I should have done). I wanted to make friends and just have a conversation. Boy, was that a mistake! Within a first couple of minutes he began ranting how he knows I’m gonna give him a cold shoulder because that’s how women are. When I took my purse to go buy a drink and then came back with my wine he began complaining how he’s sure I was trying to ditch him, that he’s not stupid, he’s not naive and that he knows that women are bitches and don’t give him a time of day, etc, etc. I even agreed to take his number and said that I will call since we’re both musicians (I actually meant it sincerely at the time). His sarcastic answer was: “Oh, I see, you just want to meet as “artists”. You think I’m dumb or something?” So much rage. Needless to say, I was gone very soon, wondering if this guy is just as clueless as Sodini and is going to end up like him, blaming everyone but himself. When there’s something so obviously wrong with your attitude that you can’t stop insulting a girl you just met, who has no obligation to be spending her night-out feeling like a scapegoat for all “bitches” in some guy’s life, I think you’re beyond repair. I am a very empathetic person and I tend to feel bad for everyone. I never shunned from being seen with people viewed by others as “losers” if they are interesting to me in some way. I like to make people feel better about themselves. The difference is, however, that nobody was to be with someone who has no soul, no substance, who’s selfish, who’s stupid, who’s impolite, who has no empathy or respect for others, who doesn’t deserve the encouragement. I’m sure there were a lot of women in Sodini’s life who started talking to him, feeling sympathetic towards him, but soon realized that he was a selfish man, a potential murderer who didn’t even see them as people but only as vehicles for his social and sexual accomplishments.

  246. I have sympathy for the guy but his sense of reality was far fetched. He was a man in his late 40’s and he expected a woman in their early 20’s to have an immediate attraction to him. He had an OBSESSION. He felt that it was necessary to take classes on dating, read books on how to date young women and go to a fitness club that’s filled with them. It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t find someone to love him but it wasn’t a woman’s fault. He probably did manage to get dates but then somehow scared them away. He had a career, a house, a car, and he wasn’t a bad looking man. What a great first impression! But after a second impression? That would be a profound reason to scare any woman away. He may have become very clingy after a first date, maybe he’d call them constantly right after they finished up the night. Maybe he was too aggressive or perverted. I know I’d stray away from a guy who was like that.

    Other than that, I don’t think the blog is fake. From the videos and everything, he seemed to be very open and also very bored/lonely so I’m sure that he spent a lot of his time just venting through the internet.

    I live about 5 minutes from LA Fitness, even considered getting a job there when it was first opening last year and even considered getting a membership a few months ago. Heck, I was even going to rent a house on the street that he lived on!!! It still gives me chills when I think about this.

    My prayers and sympathy goes out to all the victims, families, and friends.

  247. Wow..Such a sick world we live in… We create these monsters by mass seclusion and self righteous attitude. Then we sit back and blame everyone but ourselves for the acts that these desperate individuals take.
    I hear people saying “he did this because of woman.” When in fact he stated he had no one close to him to show him what he was doing wrong. Not just women but no one close to him for 30 years, not even a brother.
    Face the facts.. many people here made comments against two pictures.. saying he was “good looking” or “I see why he can’t get a date.” Are you really that gorgeous that you have a place to comment on this poor mans pictures?
    Wake the hell up. You people posting these rude comments is what kills innocent people. Sitting here acting as if you are god, judging each person based on looks and attitude. Your everyday presence making people feel like they are worth nothing due to image and self portrait. (and whether or not they put an (h) in Pittsburgh.) Stop judging others and take a look at your own lives.. Do you know someone like George?
    I feel bad for his family, who show him no love even after his final cry. I feel sad for the families who lost loved ones.
    Above all I feel bad for all of the George’s in the world who will never have the chance to know what it felt like to be loved.

  248. Reenie, I couldn’t agree with you more – you sound like a kindred spirit. I relate to being nice to everyone, empathetic and giving everyone a fair chance, but the bottom line is the George Sodinis of the world and all of us in general need to take a look at OURSELVES rather than blame OTHERS for our problems. I recently had a very similar experience at a bar, with a guy who only hangs out with a womanizer/loser wingman, so he goes to bars every night and watches his alcoholic buddy take home a different woman every night, then rages against all of womankind for ignoring him. I decided to talk with individual, and finally bailed after an hour of listening to him ramble on about HIMSELF and actually never asked me a single question – even my name. For me, I have wasted too much of my time feeling sorry for and taking on the responsibility of other people’s (specifically, men’s) feelings. With that being said, my heart really goes out to the shooting victims and their families dealing with this senseless tragedy. But also, ever since reading Sodini’s entire blog last night I felt so terribly sad for Sodini himself that he didn’t find his way to recovery. I truly believe that therapy and especially a 12-Step recovery program very well COULD have saved all of the lives lost – George Sodini would have learned (as someone commented earlier – the “dry drunk” comment which I agree with 100%) that HE was the crux of the problem, not WOMEN and not society at large. It is evident that he tried to help/better himself, but sadly through the wrong avenues; and his crippling ideas of life in general, including what women want and viewing us as basically objects rather than people kept him from living life. What a terrible shame – this whole story is heartbreaking and there is a lesson here.

  249. hahah, hate on me all you want after this, but whatever –

    yeaa, Christiansoldier … im not here to shut down your Christian beliefs, not one bit. but why is it so hard for people to accept the fact that Jesus died for our sins. We aren’t the ones who decide George’s fate.. God is. He is the one that judges george. God is just and merciful. suicide is a selfish act, but there are ssooo many selfish acts that are committed everyday. those acts CAN be forgiven. Not all who go through with the act intend to, and even amongst those who do, there are probably many who wish they hadnt done it. and going by the whole “i chickened out” back in jan. i’m going to assume he didnt really want to do this, but felt there was no other way out of his state of mind.

    ohhhh heres an example – ANGER is a sin. that pretty much sums up 95% of america going to hell. adultry – 70% of america. jealously – 95% of america.. enough though, get my jist??

    God knows we arent perfect and that we can become weak at times. because you do something that the bible was against 82375 years ago, doesnt mean He takes white out to the list of people coming into Heaven.

    rip george ♥

  250. Anger is not a sin (Eph 4:26 “Be angry, and do not sin”:)
    …let me ask you a question Carla…Can a christian LOOSE their salvation by committing mass murder and suicide?

  251. Hmmmmmmmmm I didn’t realize Mr. Sodini was an alcoholic~referring to the dry drunk comment. I don’t know if a 12 step program would’ve helped him out, could’ve sent him over the edge. ;)

  252. Yes, that is correct – Sodini mentioned 12 years of “sobriety” but without a spiritual program, a person still a drunk (meaning the way you think and act) even if they don’t pick up a drink. As for your comment about a program sending him “over the edge”, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Working the 12 Steps in SLAA could have possibly restored him to sanity. The reality, especially from reading comments written by several women who actually KNEW him, is that he aspired to attach himself to women who were not available to him – this is a destructive pattern. The “30 million” women who rejected him were unattainable/unavailable, and the women who actually would have taken an interest in him, he disregarded completely or labeled with numbers (7.25). I can see you’re not familiar with alcoholism, addiction (which appears in many forms), or recovery programs for that matter, so I’ll leave it at that.

  253. “this isnt his fault. its our fault.”

    George Sodini pulled the trigger to murder three people. I did not help him pull the trigger.

  254. “What difference does that make to a psycho who was planning on killing himself once he got his rounds off, anyway? he would have still killed and/or injured quite a few innocent people, before someone else had the time to react and shoot back.”

    And he could have injured or killed MORE people had he not gotten shot by a law-abiding citizen who shot back, you dolt.

    “again, the point i was trying to make is that more guns wouldn’t lead to more peace, just more rounds being fired.”

    Criminals generally won’t shoot up a place if they feel there is a risk that they will get themselves shot.

  255. @ CC and @ Reenie

    You know, i dont know how people such as you guys sleep at night. apart from george and his issues, you guys obviously have a mind set that you are some how in a “higher cast level” than most of society and have the right to shrug off certain people or act snobbish toward them because they are ranked as an “untouchable”. Excuse me? the “face control” attitude promoted by the media, the “im too rich for you” snobs, the “im too pretty for you snobs”….. its no wonder the unibombers of the world find a spot to hide and fester until they pop. one thing is for sure, its women like you that helped to create George. And im not saying George wasn’t twisted, i think we can all agree that he was, what I am saying is that you guys are just as bad.
    im glad that im not like you. I could be the intellectual snob and say “im sorry Reenie and CC, but no matter how beautiful your ass is you just simply are not smart enough to talk to me (and my ass is pretty damn nice as well by the way). You should be honored that I take the time to talk to you at all because honestly, you guys are a huge step down intellectually and a mud drag through the mind to talk with.”

    Reenie maybe the guys reaction was to your ass on that golden pedestal (or is that a shaft youre sitting on?). if it wasn’t then maybe he really was just crazy.

    1. if this type of male reaction occurs on a regular basis, its not the men. Its you… ;-) time for a bitch self examination test.
    2. if this type of male reactions occurs at all… dont try to talk.. walk away BEFORE too much conversation …..
    3. if they are crazy, its better not to give them your PHONE NUMBER!!!!!! HEELLLLLOOOOO!!!!!!!!! lets try not chewing on the paint chips anymore..

  256. Pushkin:

    I’m saying YOU have had a loss of perspective, if you think a couple of snobby girls are as bad as a mass-murderer.

    Take a little time-out, and take comments on other people’s blogs less personally. YOU are out of line.

  257. Christiansoldier – honestly, i believe a Christian can turn from God. out of His love for us, God gives us all the power to choose our own course. Christians can choose to stray away from Jesus just as sinners can choose to be saved. Jesus Christ will nevvveerr give up on anyone. no one knows where George’s heart really was. and thats between George and God… so i stand by the fact that no one can judge who george was or what was in his heart or if God forgave him.

    but i have a question… what was the whole deal with the 7 deadly sins if you’re claiming that anger isn’t one.

  258. @CC
    Thank you for your prospective on how a ‘spiritual program’ could’ve helped him. While I don’t share your same view on 12 step programs, I don’t respect your view. You should click on my user name and see just how familiar I am with alcoholism. :)

  259. when did this become bible study or the new found AA meeting? isnt this about what George did, not where he is?

    everyone is so quick to judge him. because someone is an alcoholic, a drug addict, or even a murderer – it doesnt mean they’re a BAD person. the phrase “only God can judge” says it all!!!! .. “what a psycho” .. “he should burn in hell” .. are you people serious? its the bitches who think they’re better than everyone, the douche bags who say a rude comment every other sentence that make people do what George did! everyones so quick to point the finger and say “shame on you george you should have been more social.” ITS PEOPLE THAT YOU’RE AROUND THAT HURT YOU!! rewind 4 years give George a best guy friend and 1 family member that he was close to .. 10 to 1 we wouldnt be talking about him right now. you guys just have your head to far up your ass to see the truth.

    @Pittfriend3 – youuuuu my friend, are my fricken hero! you’re the only one on here throwing reality into peoples faces. good work!!

    rip georgeee!!! <3<3

  260. @bats0711, thank you for sharing and mea culpa. I did read your blog! I am not personally an alcoholic but many in my family are, and I have several destructive addictions myself. I respect your views.

    @pushkin and raincoaster, I am not a snobby girl at all. I am quiet and don’t claim that every guy hits on me, because they don’t.

    I also am not one of those who said GS was necessarily a BAD person. I don’t support a mass-murderer, violence, blaming or negativity. However, on some level I can identify with his wanting to attach himself to unavailable people, and then blaming THEM for not fulfilling his expectations, because I have been there and done it with men. The truth as I can see it, is that GS disregarded and overlooked plenty of “available” women, and instead fixated on negativity and his pathological desire for women who weren’t interested in him. And for this, he was responsible. It just makes me really sad that he didn’t find a solution, and instead ended 3 innocent lives in addition to his own, which he apparently felt was worth nothing.

  261. even one of the girls from that meeting he went to said on the news today that he was quiet, attractive, and wasnt able to make a conversation flow naturally. thats not a sign of a creep… :(

  262. Statements like “its the bitches who think they’re better than everyone, the douche bags who say a rude comment every other sentence that make people do what George did!” remind me that there are still several million men who won’t take responsibility for their choices. When they’re framed in faux-piety asking for forgiveness for a mass murderer, but not for “the bitches who think they’re better than everyone, the douche bags who say a rude comment every other sentence” etc, it shows the speaker to be not only a hair-triggered hypocrite, but a stupid one as well.

    Hearts for George Sodini? What about some tears for his victims, you self-absorbed twat. Stop living vicariously through this hate-consumed killer and start taking responsibility for yourself.

  263. Wow. I saw this last week on ABC News’ web page. Forgive me for not reading all of the comments before posting mine.

    The reason I start with “Wow” is that, now that you mention it, this seems like it must be fake. The footer is a nice touch, though, to make sure a bunch of people see it and THINK it’s real. I did a whois lookup on the domain, and it is indeed registered to George Sodini of Pittsburgh, PA. While anyone could have registered under that name, it was registered on August 1st, 2000.

    Here’s the kicker that, despite the length it’s been online, makes me think somebody else hacked the account and wrote at least of lot of the page after-the-fact: According to the same whois lookup, the site was last updated on December 19, 2008.

    Now, I may be misreading that as the last post, when it may have been the last update to the domain information (such as an address, email, or phone number change), but that date is far before the last “post” on August 3rd, 2009.

    That being said, I’m pretty sure it’s a fake…but I could be wrong.

  264. Thanks. Don’t worry about not reading all the comments. It’s my blog and I still haven’t read all of them. In fact, I feel guilty because I should have been responding all along, stomping down the nuts who think George had a point.

    In any case, it appears the site was registered by him, and that last updated data refers to when the hosting details were changed, not to when the website was last changed.

    I’m now of the impression that while it is technically authentic to Sodini, he did it as an attempt to control the conversation and define truth retroactively, from the grave. I mean, we only have his word for this, because as far as I know none of the victims left blogs. I think it was the premeditated, mendacious act of a man who, to the very last, wanted to control women and what the world thought of him.

    The least we can do is be skeptical.

  265. Sodini should of got a dog if he was so lonely, he wouldn’t of carried out his exit plan, if had someone or a dog to depend on him.

    May be if had a cute dog, he might of got some attention from a girl, when it was out walking it. So to all you sad lonely people out there, go to your local animal shelter and adopt a dog.

  266. oh hell no. I can just see it now. poor dog’s just chillin on the floor, George gestures for him to come, “here, doggy, here!” Dog ever gives George one weird look or doesn’t come or fetch right away, look out Pittsburgh Animal Shelter.

  267. I have read down through all the posts in the last few days and feel like I should add a few comments.

    First, I am originally from PA and lived in Pittsburgh for several years while attending school. I am so sick of people claiming that PA is more racist than other states. This is simply not true. I hate to tell you but all states have racists even your precious state. Sad but true but ignorance is everywhere so stop blaming the state.

    Second, stop blaming the USA when you are from other countries. Each and every country has it’s own violence and problems. Canada has just as many guns and are just as “lax” about citizens having them and they don’t have the same spree shootings. No one has come up with an answer yet as to why we have more than most countries as far as deadly shootings. Perhaps because we are a selfish society? That is my guess. And many of the posts here back up the claim.

    Third and finally. I think it is appalling that someone would hunt down a possible child of this man and post her information on a blog like this. What could you possibly gain by that? Whether it is the child or not, no contact was made between them, you didn’t have your facts straight and people are tormenting her. Was that the plan? Did all of you want to cause her more pain? Ridicule someone for not having any control over choosing who their parents are? And as the Blog Administrator how could you allow some insensitive asshole to post her facebook and personal website? If she had been the child don’t you think she would have enough to deal with without having her personal information blasted out there for ignorant people to get? Trying to create a repeat performance?

  268. Woowww raincoat – or whatever… i honestly dont have any idea what to even say to your juvenile comment about what i had to say.

    first of all, you’re the douche bag that im talking about. if you had any idea the kind of person i am you would understand why i said those things. and also “twat” .. are you kidding hahah, i have never in my life been called that – and i also havent heard that word since high school. regardless, you’re a cold hearted jackass that still will not wake up and face reality.

    its been real.. im not going to sit here like im 12 and argue with you. =) byyyeee.

    rip george<3

  269. Svetlana– Sorry, but you appear to be the juvenile here. Your “Georgeee heartheartheart” had many opportunities to take himself out, but in the end he was nothing more than a psychotic coward.

  270. “it’s been real..”

    Ah yes, speaking of high school. Svetlana, if you get off on murderers, you need to get yourself a penpal; the prisons are full of them. Or cruise dating sites for people who get no responses, if you think that by doing so you can save lives. You can’t, but at least it’ll keep you off my blog and prevent you from continuing to say moronic things.

  271. Are you people seriously fighting over this? You’re all juvenile. This is all opinion no one’s right or wrong.

    Although Bunk Strutts – he wasn’t a psycho, thats the part everyone doesn’t understand.

  272. Welcome to the raincoaster blog. You’ll find around here we’re quite comfortable with the idea that some things are right and some things are wrong; some things are true and some things are not. Relativism doesn’t fly around these parts.

    Svetlana’s perfectly entitled to soothe herself to sleep with erotic dreams of her pookie, George. And I’m perfectly entitled to tell her that it’s entirely creepy. And that’s a fact.

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  275. I forgot to post this from his page source, it was hidden in his locked page.

    QUOTE: The deep things of God are reserved for a select few…END QUOTE

    He had a “chosen One” mentality.

    And for the other comments, I know racism exists in every state. I am talking about the more underground groups. I am not just talking off the top of my head. I descended from one of the old Nazi lines. I have a great grandparent that I will probably never find their real names. I was told to forget it, and to just remember, without them I would not be here. I am not responsible for what came before me. I am responsible for my own thoughts and actions, I am responsible for how I react to the environment and influences around me. For what I accept as truth.

    George was responsible for his actions, but I do have my own speculations about what he allowed to influence him, and what he accepted as “TRUTH”.

    Such as his obsession with women. He accepted the teaching as a “truth”, that there is only one woman in this world created for him. He did not like the thought that a “white woman” who was made for just for one “white man” was going against what he saw as Gods plan, and mating with a black man. he saw that as one of the reasons he could not find his perfect woman.

    I also know where some of the groups with older roots settled. And I have lived in the Northern states. Not comfortable and will not give a clear address.

    Do you really think they survived this long by wearing a giant red R for racist or N for nazi on their shirts? lol

    I got in trouble, well actually beaten, as a kid for even playing with “non whites”, for saying I thought blanket statements were stupid, and asking why hate a group or person that had done nothing too me.

    There is no reasoning with some, it is an ideology that runs deep through their veins mixed in with their blood. They are big on “blood lines”. And they are not open with it, not like groups we see as fringe like the KKK. At least with the more open neo nazi groups you know where you stand. Unlike the older lines that have created several new generations.

    Once when little I played hide and seek at a friends grandfather’s house, he happened to be a judge. In his closet where I was hiding I found things that would shock. I see what is hidden as dangerous.

  276. Now THAT is as intriguing a comment as I’ve seen for some time.

    A psychiatrist has weighed in and minutely Fisked Sodini’s blog, agreeing with me that it was a lie. How self-aware Sodini was about this lying, I’m not sure. Take a look, this is very interesting reading:

  277. Absolutely fascinating Raincoaster. I’ve stated here that I thought that George wrote out the whole “log” just prior to committing the crime. That analysis makes me even more certain. I wonder, are narcissists chronic liars?

  278. They are. Even to themselves, or most ESPECIALLY to themselves.

    This doesn’t mean they’re stupid. The thing about paranoia is that it’s perfectly logical, it’s just that the a priori statements are false, the products of derangement.

  279. You think it’s fake? You may have been trolled one too many times. It’s real, and I realize that it was quite a while ago that you voiced your opinion that it could be fake. Have you changed your mind since then?

    Here’s the registration info:

    WHOIS Results for

    George Sodini
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714


    Administrative Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    George Sodini
    Sodini, George A
    244 Orchard Spring Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1714

    Domain created on 01-Aug-2000
    Domain expires on 01-Aug-2010

  280. I’ve read through much of this blog and much of it has been well-thought discussions and insight. I’m not writing here to debunk theories and say ‘you’re wrong’, I’m posting a link to something I wrote last Thursday.

    Like burgergirl I knew George. After much searching and discussions I wrote this:

    To people who admitting similarities to George in this blog, particularly Douglas Beemer and Mutton, I ask you to read this and give it some thought.

    We can go on and on about why he did this and why he was the way he was to try and make sense of this whole mess. Sadly this tragedy is senseless. The only way to move on from this is to learn. Please read it. Thanks.

  281. Sherm, read the comments. I believe it is authentic to him, but I believe it is laced with lies and delusions, so it’s not true, though it is authentic. Does that make sense?

  282. Satch,

    I suggest you read through this analysis of Sodini’s “log”. The link was provided earlier by raincoaster:

    The psychiatrist who donated the analysis concluded that misogyny (hatred of women) is a red-herring (George hid the real reason by claiming misogyny). George likely suffered from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and “He’s angry that his life won’t improve, but he’s set off because the only concrete part of his identity is about to be taken.” i.e his job. The analysis is revealing about what made George tick and why he did what he did along, with his likely state of mental health.

  283. If you had gone to his other website he created them in wordpad. the htm file shows the day he posted the word file online. it is simple word text. He was a computer expert, sr systems analyst at a huge intl law firm. He knew how to do this. He knew java, and all that data base, networking most of us would kill to know. I cand just tell you about the chips that make this stuff all work, but i digress. If you see his other postings and writing, this is him. He write well and created legal and financial programs for his corp and the website. go to This is the real deal. He was a lifelong victim of being bullied and teasing. We must stop this. Gun control has been ruled out finally by the supreme court. So we either change the constitution or learn what makes these guys go mad. We know but we keep being jerks about it.

  284. I have a lot to say. I know I’m late to the commenting on this thread, but I hope someone is still listening. But in all honesty, I am scared, because the biggest impediment to someone who knows they need help getting it is US society / “human” nature. Society tells us to get help and makes a good show of providing the means to do so, but if one attempts it, they will be “raped” in the process of getting their pseudo-help. Afterwords, they will return to a world where they have little finances, and most of what they had is taken away. It only serves to drive a person back into the system. Human nature is just to egocentric.

  285. “A lifelong victim of bullies and teasing” is simply untrue. He was doing well professionally, and was well-respected in his community and his church, but there is no amount of respect that the world could have given him (including sexual attention) that would have filled the hole inside himself. All those perceived slights may indeed have been perceived, but they did NOT occur. People didn’t go out of their way to snub him, they simply didn’t notice him, which is not the same as bullying and rejection.

    We still don’t know if Sodini was insane or if he was sane and made, consciously, an evil choice. I agree with TheLastPsychiatrist that he had NPD, but whether that is a pathology rendering one legally incompetent, I do not know.

  286. @ scared: I think it very much depends where a person is raised, and by whom. After all, the Stiff Upper Lip belongs to the Brits, a long way from Pittsburgh. At some point Sodini funnelled all his self-esteem into sexual vanity, a rather poor choice, as that was the area in his life where he was least successful (cause and effect?). Did he internalize that growing up, that a man is defined by the number of women who fall at his feet? And where did he pick up the idea that seeking instruction was good (those dating seminars he attended) but seeking counselling was bad? He certainly was very successful at hiding the fact that he needed it.

  287. @cc you raise a really interesting point. He knew his way around HTML well enough that he surely knew he was hiding that file well enough that it wouldn’t get found by someone stumbling around the internet. I know a thing or two about SEO and that page had a pagerank of, I believe, 1. In order for a page to exist that many months and have a pagerank of that low, either someone doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he DOES, and he’s doing it deliberately.

  288. I am coming into this conversation late, so please excuse me for not reading all the comments posted here.

    I am a veteran police officer of 15 years. I have seen a lot of things in my years as a patrol officer. I have a genuine concern for the wellbeing of people. The reason I got into law enforcement was to help people and hopefully make a difference. When I deal with people suffering from a mental illness, I give them every avenue I know to help them. However, they have to WANT the help. I can only provide them the tools, I can’t take their medicine or make them go to see a doctor (although there have been several times I have forced people to go to the hospital for a mental evaluation). There have been several people during my career that have contacted me after getting help and told me I saved them….I did not do it, THEY did it. I also pray to God everytime I leave a house or situation that I feel needs His help.

    My heart goes out to all involved in this situation. George because he obviously had serious mental issues. It is heartbreaking that noboby tried to help him or encourage him to get the help he obviously so desperately needed. The victims’ and their families because they were caught in the path of George’s hate and anger.

    I do feel bad that George felt his was picked on and ignored throughout his life. I, however, hear people I arrest too many times blame their actions on how they were treated in childhood or how they were brought up. There is a time when we must be accountable for our actions and quit blaming other people.

    Depressionrunsdeep: I agreed with everything you wrote except when you talked about the professionals (you mentioned police along with others) saying “all who don’t care”…that is simply not true! I am not going to say that everyone gets into his/her profession for the right reasons (some look at power, money, etc.) but there are way more GOOD police officers and health care professionals then bad.

    Burgergirl: People should not be putting you down for not doing more to help him. It was not your responsibility. You made casual converstaion with him and were being nice. He was looking at other women while he was hitting on you! I have to say, I would not have spoken to him anymore either if this is how he acted towards me. You had no way of knowing this man was so angry with women and planning on a shooting spree. You did the right thing.

    Carlaaa: I agree with what you put in your last posting saying that “Jesus Christ will never give up on anyone.” He loves us all and forgives us.

    Voxy: Why are you trying to throw police officers under the bus saying that “cops are murderers”. What is your background that you have such a hate for officers?? There are good and bad people in all walks of life, in ALL professions!

    In closing, it was interesting to read the blog and some of the comments posted. I read it trying to gain an idea about why George felt the need to carry out such an act. The whole thing is so very sad. God Bless everyone and God Bless America!

  289. @rain: I would not be surprised that these problems likely exist in many Western societies, but I can only speak with authority about US society at best, because that is the society I live in, only one I have lived in.Couldn’t tell you why he thought counseling was bad, I think it’s great. But I can no longer afford it myself. And going to “dating training” is even something that I could see my counselor suggest to the right person.And finally, we hide the fact that we need help because we fear the system, and we are usually intelligent and can hide it well.

  290. @Ofc1972 thanks for your comments.

    @Scared even within the US there are distinct cultures: WASP, touchy-feely west coast, etc. As for “the system” I think you’re right. If he’d revealed just how disturbed he was, he’d have been involuntarily committed to an institution, quite possibly, and he wouldn’t want to let that happen.

  291. @rain – how can you say that people didnt go out of their way to snub him? .. in the blog he states that he tried talking to a woman at the gym, she never even acknowledged him and when she was done with her exercise she left. thats snubbing – am i right??

  292. No, you are not, but it’s an understandable mistake.

    Read the comments here: we’ve heard from numerous people who knew him, including a girl that he singled out for snubbing him, when she’d done nothing of the kind. The snubbing happened mostly in his own head. He doesn’t seem to have had more rejection than most men, including on the dating front; he doesn’t seem to have made the effort he thinks he did.

    What I’m saying is, he may THINK he tried to speak to her, but he didn’t even register on her “people are trying to talk to me” radar. I know people like that, and they do require coaching to help them communicate effectively with other people. He was not doing what normal people do when they want to talk to people, like walking up and saying “excuse me”. But he did perceive it as effort, what he was doing; it was not, however the kind of effort that conveys information to other people. There’s a disconnect there on his part.

  293. Case In Point: People do not “see” what they do not want to. I ain’t gonna spell it out for you… at least, not yet.

  294. Nothing adds to a serious debate like a little gratuitous hostility. That’s what I built this blog for, eh? Go ahead, hit me again; it’s far more important than advancing the debate.

    If we do not agree with you, we must be blind?

  295. Sorry if you mistook my comment for hostility, that was not my intent at all. Actually, not here to debate either, and don’t have any emotional investment in anyone agreeing with me. Just here to provide some perspective from someone who is afraid to say too much lest the paddy wagon come… WE are afraid of the system, I am including myself in that; and I am fairly high functioning given the problems I have. Most probably can see that I need help, but choose to ignore it, ignore that I feel trapped by my circumstances.

  296. Sorry, I’m a little touchy tonight.

    Have you looked into church or community counselling? Many universities and colleges also have low-cost programs where participation is protected because the case studies have to be used in years ahead and the identities have to be stripped in order for that to be possible. I had that kind of counselling myself when I was just a kid, and it was excellent. And I’m the only one who knows which book I’m the topic of!

  297. Daniela, he wrote “there is a woman there that gives me a certain look everytime I am there. I decided to walk over and make a comment about the crowds but she left when I finished the exercise”…I work out at the gym 5 days a week. When I am there, I focus on my workouts. Maybe the woman was finished exercising and was ready to leave. If she has been giving him a “certain look” everytime he is there why would she hang around while he is exercising thinking that maybe this time he was going to come over and talk to her when he was finished? She was not snubbing him.

  298. @Perplexed. While it seems interesting, I’m not going to read it. I’ve read it enough and I actually never want to read it again. All I want to do is move on. That’s what my FB posting is helping myself, my friends, and strangers to do. Maybe one day I’ll go back and read it.

    @raincoaster, thanks for the comment and yes you may quote me all you like.

  299. @Satch

    Oh. I thought you were trying to get to the truth. Or, as close to the truth as possible. You’ve certainly made a lot of ify conclusions that the analysis would help you clear up. By taking the document at face value, you are buying into George’s delusions.

  300. perplexed. I’m not here to argue over the fine details. I don’t care if he had NPD. It doesn’t matter. Just because I don’t agree with you I’m suddenly wrong? There’s still much you don’t know. All the people I’ve come into contact with, one of them being one of the women that was in the aerobics room, have all said it has helped them in some way. You’re arguing the wrong argument.

    Again, re-read my first comment on here. Realize that I KNEW HIM. This random psychiatrist never knew him, never met him in person (where are his credentials?). He only drew conclusions from words. Realize that my FB post was written two days after the event. It’s been hard enough coping with this and I don’t need to read his journal again. But like I said maybe I’ll read the analysis one day, but that won’t be anytime soon, and it certainly won’t change my viewpoint on all of this. I know the truth. And the truth is to MOVE ON, honor the dead, help the hurting and live life to the fullest. Does that sound like buying into George’s delusions?

  301. Sach,

    You admitted that you knew George as an acquaintance, somebody you spoke to a few times at picnics and other casual gatherings. Just because you had casual conversation with him a couple times, doesn’t give you any insight into George’s behavior. As far as you buying into his delusions, I was speaking to earlier conversation you posted here – statements you made in agreement to feelings George claimed in his “log”.

    If you’d bothered to read the analysis it would have let you see things that are not clear on the surface. But that’s OK. You are free to cope in any way you wish. If shoving your head in the sand is the the ticket to making you feel better, by all means, go for it. Just don’t try and convince me that you have a better grip on George’s emotional state when he wrote the “log” than the psychiatrist who donated his/her time analyzing it.

    You said, “Again, re-read my first comment on here. Realize that I KNEW HIM. This random psychiatrist never knew him, never met him in person (where are his credentials?). He only drew conclusions from words.”

    First off, I don’t know her/his credentials. I do recognize the logic used to connect the dots and the person who carried out the analysis is clearly a talented analyst. You saw George casually a few times and had brief casual conversation and somehow that makes you better equipped to analyze the document? Here, why don’t you pull the other one.

    You said, “But like I said maybe I’ll read the analysis one day, but that won’t be anytime soon, and it certainly won’t change my viewpoint on all of this. *I know the truth*.” I submit to you, a mind that firmly closed isn’t likely to ever *know any truth*.

  302. You just don’t get it do you? I’ve already started moving on. It’s been two weeks as of today! Re-reading his writings would only be a step back. I’m not being ignorant when I say I don’t want to read it. I say it because I know it would only do me harm to re-read it. Is it possible for you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes? You will never know what it feels like to have sat with someone like him, talk to him, joke with him. You can’t seem to understand what kind of shock this has been to know that this person, someone I was definitely going to see in the future based on how I know him, turned out to be what we know now. You will never know how it feels to realize that some people very close and dear to you may have been in danger for months. You don’t know how it feels to worry about friends who were members of that gym that night. I wrote a first-hand experience with him two days after it happened. Where was this psychiatrist then? I would have read it then. But I’m moving on now. And I don’t need to step backward.

    This argument has been pointless since it started because you couldn’t put yourself in my place. It’s pointless because you continue to make things up. Nowhere does it say I agreed to george’s feelings. You take phrases out of context to fit your own (Truth = moving on). I’m sorry but your argument is broken. You never had one to begin with because you argued the entirely wrong point. I came here to offer a view point that was already helping people, based on what I knew at the time, and you told me I was wrong, that I’m close-minded, because you thought I didn’t agree with you. When I’m ready I’ll read it. But that time is NOT now.

    All I’m asking you to do is understand. If you can’t, then I truly feel sorry for you.

  303. Dear Satchmo, finally someone who knew him, and saw what i saw. I never met him but felt I did and I can relate to how he felt. I felt as he did years ago and had the same bro, sis and brain and looks he did, yet I was left all alone and had no one to turn to, despite my best efforts. A coworker, smart as Geo and logical as well, I bet he was a logical, literal thinking person and pleaser was he not?, but my friend grasped me back from the edge. Thank god. I then began to open up on safe forums as Geo. tried to on one site. I to was attacked as he was for opening up. He is from generation where people were taught to keep your emotions in check. I got most of what he said, and a person at his tanning place admitted he tried one last time to ask someone out and no one took him seriously. There are many people like him out there. Many quietly commit suicide. I do not agree or condone what he did but he just wanted someone to listen to him.Boy did he get that. sad that his alma mater is rejecting his money. I hope we can start a safe haven for people like him on the net. I am contacting people now to save another life. Satch, why do you think in this case, his family cannot even offer one good thing about him. That is telling how really isolated he was from them. Yet you can tell you wanted and needed them so much.

  304. I see others stared sites on line about Sodini as well. Your facebook, Satchmo is not working. did you delete it.
    I am sure you knew him from work or church. You can see the nervousness in his hands. Always clenched in photos, and he seem a bit like a kid, a kid in a man’s body, he was a brilliant man. His resume speaks volumes and what he knew of investing. Many of us should be so lucky. I think he was one of those people that just took everyones word and lies just overwhelmed him. I also have a child with special needs and I can see he had issues. He was a handsome man and I bet other women thought he was taken at times or wondered why he had not married. But I am sure he could be so smothering when he had someone because he was that lonely. I dated a man like him once and I told him nicely what needed work and he was able to accept and did go on to marry a nice girl. Maybe no one told him was a bit eccentric. These deaths and his words have inspired to try to help others. He wanted us to learn from his words and he left more info than anyone else of what was truely in his soul, so if we cannot learn from him, we never will. if you know his family, pls tell them there are people who prayed from them as well.Thanks for insight Satchmo.

  305. Burgergirl thanks for the insights. His video is telling. He was, literal thinker, wrapped up in a nervous ball. He probably had always done what his mom had told him to. In his video he speaks of his emotions, his home vid he made, he made based on a converstation he had with one girl from the Steel Balls stupidity. He believed all that stuff hook line and sinker. He had no reason to doubt it. His brother married a much younger women. You can google her and she had her age as 33 in 03, and big brother was in his fifties. Sodini got that idea from then on. Bro following bro. He was rote oriented. I keep reading how many men feel the same he did. that is so sad that we have become this way. So many ways to connect yet we feel more isolated.

  306. Satchmo, do you or burgergirl based on the limtied contact you had with him, think that he had some diagnosable social issues? Do you think that is what it was. He seemed obviously very bright, but that does not preclude a person from getting help. I can now fill in some blanks. Despite his Obama appearing rants, Sodini donated 2800 to the Obama campaign. In contrast to his brothers donation to the RNC. Both brothers had worked for westinghouse, so Sodnia worked for Sodini it appears. The Andy person is or was, his direct boss at KL Gates. Andy is over the IT Planning and Development. I honestly think no one had ever “worked” with Sodini on his social skills hence his ranting about no one being useful..

  307. another site i think gawker has another person sodini worked with at the library. she said he was creepy. maybe that his how he came off and no one told him. i think it was his face. he had this mean guy face. i have a face that ppl think i am giving them dirty looks when I am not. it is the face you are born with. he said he kept changing the wallpaper on the computers until he was told to stop. but he worker thee every sunday. Onceppl began to tell me I looked mad all the time i tried to smile more but your face hurts. I now arn ppl up front I am not mad or giving them a dirty look just my face. I have had better results so far.

  308. Interesting the same guy whom Sodini featured on his website, Rickard is the guy who had him kicked out of the chuch, and called the cops on him. Rickard also said later that Sodini would go to heaven and that this church had all members learn about guns. An expert is calling Sodini what I summized, he was a ppl pleaser. Good for lots of jobs but this is what they are. It can be a sad life, and it can be confusing to be one. Sodini alluded to this in his diary. When you do all that you are told to by a proscribed method and things work things are ok good. When they do not you are left confused and fustrated. PPl have noted he was polite never rude yet ppl were probably nicely ignoring him and he had no idea why. He had sought answers but it was not enough to ease the pain he felt inside.

  309. I do: that’s awful. I don’t mean it’s heinous. After all, this is one of our cultural markers and it should be examined in art. What I mean is, that’s really, really bad art.

  310. Turns out there are lot of men that feel like this guy did, just laying in the shadows. If we do not discuss openly what pushed these guys over the edge, then those who may want to do harm will not lern what options they my have to sav themselves or others. I found new stuff on this guy. He should have never went on a killing rampage, but the more I learned, not sure why this intrigue me, but the more I realized this guy really mean what he said. he tried every avenue he could to get help and his boss, his famiy and former friends, church, his whole support system failed him. In that we need to find alterantives and educate otehrs what options they have when they feel they have gotten to this point.

    To mock it means it will happen again. To educate might mean we can prevent it. I suspect Satchmo knew him from a church org. Apparently PA has many fundie churchs that get together. Sodini was one of these people that lack certain filter inborn with him. He could have no more seen a hooker to end his suffering than the Pope would have. These are people that have issues adapting. He felt his whole life all at one was tanking, potentia for another layoff, booted from church, ignored by family, made fun of or fought with his boss. He in his mind hit bottom. We have to see the signs earlier. Sad that he own family could not even say one word about him. Or his church he once loved. Stay away from fundie churchs. The bible speaks of their evils. now i Know why.

  311. Once again I find myself telling people that a hooker couldn’t have solved this problem: George’s problem wasn’t that he was sex-starved; it was that he was a pathological, homicidal narcissist. He was INSANE. Getting fucked wouldn’t have changed that, and wouldn’t have prevented anything, although I understand it’s comforting to think it would have.

    Also, surely you’ve seen the comments by people who knew George, who thought they were his friends; he never asked them for help. His own perceptions shouldn’t be mistaken for reality. The man was delusional.

  312. Sodini was a people pleaser, a literal linear thinker. Everything he did on the vid was done by the book suggested by that sedution guy. Satchmo noted he met his socially and he noted had a dry humor. Sodini knew what and how to say things, but not really allowed to feel that way he wanted to. It was the way he was raised. People like him do good things, he volunteered but on another site a library worker who knew him said he was creepy but not rude. That is what ppl pleaser can become. Constantly trying to pls everyone so hard but they then deny themselves. Thinking thier time or just due will come so in his case they did not come and he face a trifecta of disaster on all levels on which he had based his entire life. He literally did not know not how to filter information. Good for the kind of work he did but not for everyday life. What I found that he wrote, not on the wayback machine btw but in an off the wall place, was that he kept tryng to do everything right and it kept not working for him in the area he wanted most. In the process of be a constant plaser it acn morph you into being narcissitic.

  313. Sordini was a cowardly conniving asshole, just like others before him. He could have taken himself out and been done with it, but he chose to take innocent people with him. There is absolutely no justification for that.

    Ted Bundy was a cowardly conniving asshole, too. Should we forgive his atrocities because he was troubled and misunderstood as well? What about Mao? Stalin? Pol Pot? Manson?


  314. You guys do not get it, if you do not get this case you can sit and condemn and kill ppl like him names, The deed is done, it will not change what happened but learning from it just might save someone elses life. Just yesterday they found 7 ppl dead in Al in the same home. The nut they arrested in Calif for kidnapping case. This will keep on happening. I do not know about you but I would rather try to learn from this and stop it from happening again. He was to the point he had gotten lost in his own mind. Ppl like this do not know how to ask for help for they do not see how bad it is. Isolation does this even if you are around ppl. He is one of many past mass shooters. What does condeming make you feel. better, but will it save a life? Even drs know this. find the problem or the source or cell of the cancer before you can treat it. Same rules apply here.

  315. BTw the lawyer for the 3 women who have sued his esate filed subpoenas and may sue LA Fitness. They are asking that light switches et al be presevered, despite LA fitness already remodeling all the damage done.
    They are going after records that the Allegheny PD have and may go after the parents. A recent court ruling just days before this happened when a former lawyer who was mentally ill went on a shooting rampage, his parents were sued and they lost. Some states have laws on that, so you see in the end it is all our faults. We all pay for someone not being able to see the signs and catch this stuff form happening. Chos family knew he was sick and had turned to church to for help but still let him go out to school. Many parents hope thier kids will get better despite evidence to the contrary. Sodini from all appearances was bullied from work home and godknows where and no one told him why. If you had no one to turn to no one to trust and just wanted to talk it out what would you do if no one helped. Do you turn to every stranger. No must of have been raised not to do that and so was he. How saw we have become so cold a people.

  316. Where are you getting the impression that we’re not interested in prevention? You seem to be saying that we either think and feel exactly the way you do or we are causing this to happen again; this is a lie.

    It is perfectly right and good and all of those other things to condemn George Sodini for doing what he did. Even insane people do bad things; pretending those things are not bad, and that the person is good, is a lie. I don’t support lies.

    Sane or insane, George Sodini made the choice to kill all those people. It’s also quite obvious that he put a lot of effort into trying to seem normal, and was competent enough at it to have fooled most people. There doesn’t seem to be ANY corroboration for claims he was bullied and, in fact, I don’t believe he was bullied. I don’t believe he was rejected to the extent he claims here. It’s quite clear that what was going on was a trip inside his own head; what sent him on that twisted journey I don’t know, but suspect it has to do with his upbringing.

    As to whether or not his parents bear legal responsibility for the actions of a grown man, a middle-aged professional, I can’t say. It depends on the state, it depends on the lawyers, it depends on the jurors, it depends on what side of the bed the judge got up on that morning.

  317. I do legal research for family law on the side and just days after the PA shooting this case popped up in the news. ASbout half the states allow a disabled person even if caused as an adult can and have sued parents for support. A parent responsiblity for many disabled child does not end at emancipation. Many simply try to wash thier hands of the responsibility and unleash them on US. Sodini did not graduate from college until he was in his 30s. That was after the ADA laws for the disabled went into affect in 93.
    Go look this case up. It is what Sodini lawsuit will be based on.
    Richard Baumhammers,

    Mr. Sodini’s case appears to be different from that of Richard Baumhammers, convicted of killing five people in a racially motivated shooting rampage on April 28, 2000. A sixth person, who became a quadriplegic as a result of his injuries, died two years ago from complications.

    The victims and their families filed civil claims against Mr. Baumhammers’ parents, alleging that they were negligent and partially responsible for their son’s behavior. He lived in their home, and the gun he used in his rampage was theirs, the lawsuits said.

    The Baumhammerses, who expected personal insurance to cover the claims, settled them earlier this year, agreeing to pay each family a little more than $130,000.

    Initially, attorneys sought $31 million from the two insurance companies which represented Adrejs and Inese Baumhammers. However, a series of court rulings resulted in only one $300,000 payout by Donegal Mutual Insurance.

    THe more they get people condemn the more emboldened the next will be. They are learning and getting more organized and doing more damage.

    I have worked in 2 very secure places in my life. I am safe at work but not at a mall or a gym or a park. We cannot regulate guns thanks to the supreme court so we have one option. spot these guys before they explode again.

  318. The ADA law passed in 90 and became law enabling many disbled to be able to go to college and Sodini graduated in 92. Before this law even someone with adhd could be denied access to college. Other states have what is called poor laws that clearly mandate who is responsible for what in a family and govt under certain circumstances with regard to disability and poverty. Been around for along time but not often enforced.

  319. You say, “THe more they get people condemn the more emboldened the next will be. They are learning and getting more organized and doing more damage.

    No, I don’t get it. It’s not even in English. Are you saying that violently insane people are unionizing?

  320. CC–

    The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1991, not 1990, and all it did was to supersede existing rights for the handicapped as enforced by pre-existing state laws (such as California’s restrictive Title 24) and create a government mandate enforced not by written code but via litigation. If your background is what you say it is, you should know this.

    Even those pre-ADA codes would not have applied to Sodini as he was never diagnosed as having a disability.

    You’re a semi-literate pretender, cc.

  321. Tragedy, me or him ? someday may be ?
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    HELP !

  322. Strutts, yet another jerk on the net. I went to college and I have a disabled child I fight for her rights. The law was passed in 91. Go to and it slowy enforced over several years. It was not based on existing laws. Your now the illterate. There was a law on the books for public ed since 73 called IDEA and Section 504 but it did not apply to all publlic schools or businesses.

    Yep pretender, that is why I go do battle at the capitals of govt for those who have no voice. Your an idiot and you are part of the problem. People like you are part of the reason othes go off half cocked. Denial is not going to make it go away. Did it make the govt ignore the kindapper of Jaycess Duggard, yes they failed to find here when people called in about his odd yard. Someone just offed 7 ppl in Alabama and how is that literacy working for you?

    Even some of our wounded vets have not always been full afforded rights under the ADA law and in fact it was just reviewed for changes because of the vets.

    To the poster from the UK you will have to apply for asylum via the canadian embassy in HK. HK folks are not given aslyum as are most chinese. I know a bit about Canadian immigration and laws. and see and find the immigration and refugee board link on that site. Your chances are small to none to be granted aslyum in Canada.

  323. You do not know if had dx, that is what the media is assuming. Thanks to HIPPA laws no one has the right to those records to easily. The lawyer representing 3 of his victims is trying to get all that info. Just because a person works and graduates college does not mean they never had a dx issue. There are plenty of people like him out there. Why did he gradaute at about age 33. He has posted info online that he worked two dead end jobs for years before attending college. Yet his brother is a high achiever. I did some digging. His brother was his boss, literally at westinghouse. The media had tried to access his school record info, also off limits especially if he had dx issue. Come on now. You apparently do not know a personw who has a disablity. Try getting your wife’s or kids m edical records without a signed consent.

  324. cc– I’m sorry to hear about your daughter, however,my statement is correct.

    BTW, I can see my copy of the ADA from my desk. There is no vehicle for ADA code enforcement or interpretation with the exception of the US Court system. Once ADA passed into law, it created a flurry of frivolous litigation within the year.

  325. CC, you are using my blog as a platform for your rant. Get your own blog; you’ve long since lost relevance to the discussion here, a discussion of George Sodini. You risk disemvowelment or worse.

  326. rain– The argument is pointless, as Sorodini was never diagnosed with anything that would give him protection under the ADA. cc is a rambling, um, person with grammar problems. Perhaps he/she knows English as a second language; if that’s not the case I’m amazed that he/she is a college graduate.

  327. You are assuming that the person GRADUATED. Never do that.

    Hell, I’ve been thrown out of five institutions of higher learning myself, although never for bad spelling.

    In any case, you are absolutely right on both counts: this does not apply to Sodini AND cc is a monomaniac who is using my blog to grandstand on his/her pet issue, tangentially related at best and certainly not worthy of this drone of posts.

  328. Fine, you have all spoken. Stick your head in the sand and i bet it will not be more than 4 months before another such horrific shooting. No one cares, no one wants to learn or spot these people then it will happen again and again and again. Because it has.
    Those who are being pushed to the fringes of society will do this again and again unless take action. Condemn all you want but will it stop the next shooting. No.

  329. Oh and I can sue you for liable raincoaster, cvall me anogthrer mane and I will go after your ISP provider. Two case like this just hit the news stand. Next time the next shooter may come after some you know and love. But that is ok as long as you are smug and got the call the names. You people do not get it do you.

    You have not gotten it that these types of people and shooting have been increasing. SO much so that the govt just launched a first of its kind natl health study to study ppl from inutero to age 18. But ppl like you hagvfe all be sitting here online calling people names and condeming meanwhile the problems grows and grows. Do you even knowh ow many ppl are being dx at a six fold increase with autism odd, adhd and mental illness.
    Sitting back will do nothing to stop the future of mentally challagned adults now will it.

    [raincoaster’s note: now you’re uttering death threats to “mentally challagned adults” are you? Should I report you for suicidal tendencies?]

  330. Oh and I had to laugh at raic for noting she had been thrown out of places. What does that say about your own self control issues. A heck of lot. That is not normal. Pot calling the kettle black. It is people like you that have to hate someone else to justify your own existing rather than looking in and trying to right what is seriously wrong. Author: raincoaster
    You are assuming that the person GRADUATED. Never do that.

    Hell, I’ve been thrown out of five institutions of higher learning myself, although never for bad spelling.

    In any case, you are absolutely right on both counts: this does not apply to Sodini AND cc is a monomaniac who is using my blog to grandstand on his/her pet issue, tangentially related at best and certainly not worthy of this drone of posts.

    Author: raincoaster
    You are assuming that the person GRADUATED. Never do that.

    Hell, I’ve been thrown out of five institutions of higher learning myself, although never for bad spelling.

    In any case, you are absolutely right on both counts: this does not apply to Sodini AND cc is a monomaniac who is using my blog to grandstand on his/her pet issue, tangentially related at best and certainly not worthy of this drone of posts.

    it is the people like you who cannot, will not learn that are dommed to create more problems for others that someone else has to responsible to fix or clean up because you lacked the inability to do so yourself.

  331. Struts how do you know sodini was not dx. Did you get access to his medical records. No, you are basing that on news reports. His family has not spoken and ever hear of such a thing call the health privacy act. Nope. Come on now.

    ESL maybe you because you seem to know so little about your onw country rules are perhaps your not in the US and making grand, yet stupid assumptions. THe atty for the victims cannot even get that info. HE just filed subpoenas but he cannot will not get those records.

  332. Strutt the only thing that was federal law before the 60s was brown v brown and the disabled were not educated. GO see the supreme court ruling and until the ada laws public places were mandated to be handicap accessible. Old schools are still try to change to meet ada.

  333. he might have meant he stopped at the shop and save MALL, not the store itself.
    freaky that my neighbor is a bigshot at k&l gates. also interesting that while k&l was laying off its staff, they were involved in a multi billion dollar scam, for which they have recently been sued (search Le nature’s.)

    might sodini NOT have carried out his murders if he hadn’t felt he was in danger of a layoff? if surely added to his stress.

  334. this guy was NOT a christian. He perverted the true message of the gospels just like suicide bombers and extremists do in Islam to meet their own evil ends. He tried to mold his perception of God and salvation to what he wanted it to be.
    “I just looked out my front window and saw a beautiful college-age girl leave Bob Fox’s house, across the street. I guess he got a good lay today. College girls are hoez. I masturbate.”
    How can a dude who thinks every minute of his day with lust and sex, and be filled with personal hatred be considered a christian? He broke the one commandment WHY Jesus came in the first place, to replace the old laws with: Love your neighbor as yourself.

  335. I just did a google search for my name and noticed the homosexual cyber stalker named Alberto Mancini is still slandering me online. This pathetic person has pretended to be me on several sites and in no way accurately represents me. Its sad to see someone who is so obviously schizophrenic, call me schizophrenic. Everything he says about me, and mostly just everything he says, is a lie. I’ve worked very hard in my life to be a good person and I’ve never done anything horrible or dark. Why this Alberto is obsessed with me, I don’t care to know–I just hope he gets hit by a truck and dies.

  336. Yes, he did buy the liquor at the SNS in South Fayette. That store has been in the SNS for a few years, I know because we bought liquor there in 2008 for a party.
    This blog is legit.

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  338. I knew when I saw it that they’d take the blog down; they always do. I’m glad there are mirrors of it around, because it’s important to study these things.

  339. That “nice guy” comment at the end of the blog becomes so much creepier when applied to the thousands of men who purport the exact same thing. You want to know why women are defensive and disinterested? Guys like this.

    I appreciate the site, because you’re right, it’s very important to study and perhaps eventually understand why men like Sodini commit such horrible acts.

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  341. It’s been two whole years. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with the narcissist George Sodini, but who can blame them? His cynical perception of himself wrecked his life and it showed in his failed attempts to establish a rapport with anybody. It wasn’t the fault of anybody else except himself and his lack of a positive image/feedback towards himself.

    It’s just terrible that he took the lives of three innocent people simply because of his own personal shortcomings.

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  343. i feel like i’m reading about what my future is going to look like. not the shooting of course, but the loneliness. ah, well.

  344. I don’t think this is fake. I remember this same content from the original site, reported by the press as being authentic right after this happened.

  345. It ISN’T fake. It’s original to him; my point was that it might have been set up by him to make himself look sympathetic after he killed those people and himself.

  346. Fuck you and your redaction. I found the full text at LiveLeak:

    [Spammy link got edited out. How’d that happen?}

  347. People in society never learn. It’s been 3 years and you’re all still insulting this guy’s memory, writing him off as a lunatic. Not examining the legitimacy of the points he made in his blog, as he meticulously detailed the reasons for his despair. Just write him off, like you did with the Virginia tech guy and all the others. It’ll happen again, and you won’t have the benefit of a blog to know it. That’s on your conscience. Why do you allow men to suffer until they can’t take it anymore, ladies?

  348. Because bigoted, deranged murderers should suffer. Blaming the victims is NEVER acceptable. He was offered help, and refused it. He turned his anger on innocent people, targeted because of their sex and his own inadequacies. He is guilty of the blood of innocents. I don’t care how wounded your ego is: there is no justification for that.

    You, it would seem, have a predisposition along the same lines.

  349. The so called media”s take on this incident was that Sodini was a racist mysoginist psycho.Had they lived in his shoes then maybe,just maybe,thier opinion might have been slightly diffrent.But given the nature of our “media”,it is no surprise they reported it the way they did.

  350. The part of the blog where he talks about teen girls having lots of early sex seems to telegraph that he was about to lose it.Wether those forum posts he is said to have read were real,or just boasting is hard to say.

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  354. Just got through watching his videos on his still active youtube channel.Yes, his videos and postings were literally a cry for help and no one responded until the day after the murders.Most condemn what he did(rightfully so),others sympathise with the isolated existence he led and his sexual frustration.There are those,of course who take the extreme slope and praise him as a “hero”,while others accuse him of genocide,either way the comments there like here are both sobering and terrifying.Respects to the victims.Peace

  355. sodini was a classic loozer!! he and guys like him don’t deserve anything from us!! shame women had to die,if only he offed himself by his lonely loser self. now the other lonesome loosers should end themselves too and let real men be with us!

  356. nah he was both psycho and a looser! he and his ilk ie psychos and losers should go end themselves and be done with it. that includes so called ‘nice guys’ too. bleh weaklings. there was a dude who liked me late in high school in ’08 but he was a pansy so I told him to hit the road! last I heard I made him cry!

  357. Jackeline reminds me of those cliquey, airhead types who go for the dick-brained meathead jock ,who may generally treat her like crap but makes up for it by looks, sex drive and similar shallow reasons. Something tells me that this Sodini character may have had several run ins with girls/women like her in his early years that would haunt him in his already unstable mind until the day he committed his crimes and then shot himself. Something ALSO tells me that as long as people like jackeline keep running their mouths, tragedies like the sodini affair will continue to occur, and this applies to both sexes although a majority of these types of shootings are committed by lonely psychotic guys , who have prior experience with mental instability and rejection/isolation.

  358. Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic buut I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the ssame blog platform as yours and I’m having problems findinmg one?
    Thanks a lot!

  359. I used to be recommended this web site via my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such precise approximately my trouble.

    You are amazing! Thank you!

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  361. I am the mother of the so-called hacker, Alex. He was not and is not Canadian. He lived in Pittsburgh within mere miles of the IRL shootings. He was within two months of turning 20 at the time, a grownup, living in his father’s home, equipped with servers and a T1 line into the home. By this point in his life, he had several other online grifts. He called me incessantly the night of the so-called hacking in a high mania state. I can speak to your questions if they remain . . . what he shared that night and the following day . . . and what Alex has done since in terms of creating other online frenzies and the link to IRL violence against women. As well, Alex was on t.v. the following morning, filmed in Pittsburgh. The story was picked up nationally and aired nationally. This is all discoverable. It needs to be shared and investigated, particularly how the so-called Canadian hacker, Alex, happened to have also been based in Pittsburgh and somehow and so easily found the online diary within hours of the shootings . . . and the link to all of his (former and current) online grifts that have a tendency to hurt women (online and IRL).

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