Obama’s Secret Plan: the Banksy Initiative!


Already secretly in operation for years, the shadowy movement known as The Banksy Initiative has at last penetrated the highest levels of the US government. From here, it’s a small step to completely pwning the entire transportation infrastructure of all NAFTA-participant nation-states.

You’ve been warned.


Act Locally, Pwn Globally

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4 thoughts on “Obama’s Secret Plan: the Banksy Initiative!

  1. Uggghhh . . .
    Already sick to death of this fucking upside down administration.
    My pay has gone down and my taxes have all gone up.
    So much for change you can believe in.
    Yes, we can?
    I don’t think so.
    Jesus Krispies

  2. Well, I myself prefer to go back to Reagan. (I’ll let others take it back to JFK, but that’s “sooooo long ago”!)

  3. Yes, Reagan had quite a lot to do with loosening up the supervision of the financial industry, but it went insane with Bush the First. When Clinton tightened up some of the regs, a snotload of shady money fled to Canuckistan. When Canada reluctantly tightened its regulations, the money went offshore or back to the US as new financial products that were so new they had not yet been regulated.

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