Quiz: what circus act are you?

My enemies will be SO surprised; this isn’t at all what they’ve been telling me.

You Should Walk the Tightrope

Any subject you study, you aim to master. You enjoy being the best.

When you’re good at something, you like to show off your skills.

You’re the type of person who would practice years to walk the tightrope.

And you’d love the glory you’d get from walking it in front of a crowd.

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12 thoughts on “Quiz: what circus act are you?

  1. A Puppeteer!

    You are an entertainer – pure and simple.
    You know how to engage an audience. You are a natural storyteller.

    You are naturally dramatic, even when life doesn’t call for drama.
    Luckily though, you save most of your drama for your stellar performances.

    Sounds about right. As does yours.

  2. You’ve got the talent to go far in life, but you don’t really like to take risks.
    You rather practice your well honed skills than put your life in danger.
    You are agile and coordinated. You can work magic with your hands.
    You truly mesmerize people. You don’t have to resort to cheap tricks and gimmicks.

    Well I have been told I can work magic with my hands before but not in this context

    Hallo R

  3. You Should Fly on a Trapeze

    Some people may call you a daredevil. Others would call you an adrenaline junkie.
    But for you, it’s not about the risk – it’s all about the reward.

    You crave freedom. And flying on a trapeze is the closest you’ll get to that freedom.
    The rush of doing something humans weren’t born to do is amazing. And you’re willing to put your life in danger to experience it.

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