My Secret Boyfriend: photo proof of suitability

[picapp src=”f/3/8/a/Iraq_Service_Of_1a57.jpg?adImageId=5047794&imageId=6760388″ width=”384″ height=”594″ /]

This explains so much about Imaginary Boyfriend #2 (see Imaginary Boyfriend #1 here) former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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13 thoughts on “My Secret Boyfriend: photo proof of suitability

  1. Your Grace

    Heil Braun – le Homme si Magnifique, Saviour of the Financial Universe, if only those conFounded Amerikans, Germans & Botswanans etc would adopt his Policies on Global Warming und flooding le Monde avec Government-forged Electronic Money

    C’est très malHereux


    EFfendi Blair (Bringeur de la Paix aux Middle-East)is married to his Young Lady,unFairly kNown on the Britisch Blogge-World as Cruella de Blair or Cherie Antoinette

    She is une Dame distinguée by her kindly approach à le premature und lamentable death of an honest man (Dr Kelly)

    To raise Funds for die Labour Party, she & the honourable Monsieur Alistair Campbell auctioned the Lord Hutton Report which cleared Her Young Man of responsibility for driving Dr Kelly to his Death

    Such ein Spass [Spaß/Joke] … and such a Worthy Cause


    Would Mr Blair dump the Lovely Cruella for an Honest et Entertaining Bloggeriste, if this might prejudice his Ambition to be the 1st elected ReichsPräsident von Europa

    Das ist es, doch [This is it, i’n’it]

  2. You forget: she donated a SIGNED copy of the Hutton Report. And you forgot the Cheriegate apartment deal with the con artist. Pure class, that woman.

    He’s SLUMMING, I tell you. If it’s not some kind of outreach among the morally needy.

  3. “…. Pure class, that woman …”

    Ja Ja bestimmt [Yes, emphaticallissimo]

    AND Aenead Book 8 line 81 – Virgil anticipating a Glorious World-Order :

    Ecce autem monstrum subitum et oculis mirabile
    [Lo, however, a Heavenly-Portent sudden and wonderful to behold]

    This Young Lady (an Ornament to the Barristers’ Profession) et son Ami le Alistair Aimiable did indeed sign the auctioned Hutton Report and (I believe) generously without any charge

    … but this Eagle would like to know where this desirable Collector’s item came from

    ??? Did they pay their own Hard Cash for it …. or was it a copy supplied FREE (in ZANU-Labour speak = at the expense of the Taxpayer)

    AND perhaps your Grace should use your Grace’s famous Journalistic Skills to find out how much Cette Dame would charge to post a Guest-Comment on a Serious, Erudite, Educational, World-Famous Blogge with large Multi-Continental Audiences of Ladies Children and other Animals, including in Tenterden, Kent

    Why not ask her for details of her fees for Joining the Proletarian & Revolutionary Masses in Commenting on the MUMMIFIED-FAIRIES post – surely they would be less than for giving a Guest=Speech for an Australian Charity’s Fundraiser

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

  4. The Ha! you say. Well, this is certainly unusual to say the least. I think you might be on to something here. So, I say Ha!

  5. You and me both. How am I going to phrase the Dear Tony letter THEN???

    Dear Tony,

    Sorry to hear you’ve got the same illness as all of my other imaginary boyfriends. You should have fucked me when you had the chance and maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

    Yeah, I’m the sensitive, empathetic type. You can just tell.

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