Anger Management, with Kirk and Spock

I don’t know about you, but when I think about tips for managing those tricky adolescent hormonal and emotional firestorms, I think first of the cast of the original Star Trek. Here are Kirk and Spock starring in a Nerdy Instructional Film on the highly fraught topic of Anger Management.


It’s been quite some time since we had any decent Kirk/Spock sexual innuendo around these parts. That’s a terrible cultural drought, one which is about to get washed away in a warm bath of cheese. Ladies and gentlemen, and those readers of this blog who know you are neither and are reconciled to the fact, […]

Spork: the Fanfic, the Audio, the Masterpiece

It’s not the slightest bit Christmassy, but this just can’t wait. Its urgency is palpable. (go on, palpate it) Spork, a humble re-edit of Zachary Quinto‘s audiobook from the recent Star Trek movie is nothing more than the greatest iteration of fan fiction in the Kirk/Spock slash canon, including the hitherto-untouchable Closer music video. stolen […]

Star Trek: O-Faces

SWF, at least technically, so don’t go reporting me to WordPress as a Mature blog; staff knows that the LAST thing I am is “mature.” This charming video is neither more nor less than just what I said it was: a video roundup of (nouveau, NextGen, alas) Star Trek O-faces, including the funniest money shot […]