Lin Yu Chun and William Fucking Shatner perform Total Eclipse of the Heart

Let’s face it: there’s just no point in watching any kind of television but late night. It’s more of a soap opera, more of a drama, more of a mind-blower. And here’s the latest mind-boggling video sensation: Lin Yu Chun, the Taiwanese Susan Boyle and The Shat, together performing the greatest ballad in the history […]

the greatest interpretation of Total Eclipse of the Heart in the history of music

Or the future, either, come to think of it. In a world which contains Bonnie Tyler‘s pared-to-the-bone proto-emo wail as well as the postmodern Total Eclipse of Good Taste by the Norwegian novelty band Hurra Torpedo, performed on electric guitar and kitchen appliances, (and now, from Defamer, comes word that even that staggery goddess of […]

Total Eclipse of the Original

I don’t know what it is about this song, but it seems to inspire the greatest living sardonicists to greater achievements in sheer over-the-topitude than have ever been seen this side of Kadath Through The Looking-Glass. First there was Kiki and Herb‘s heartrending story of transgendered love gone awry and tragic loss. Now, there is […]

Your Rainbow-Coloured, Sixties-Themed Unicorn Chaser

With an intro like that, what can this fabulous, magical Unicorn Chaser possibly be? Well, when looking for a unicorn chaser there are few key elements any savvy consumer should check for: Unicorns. Obv. Rainbows The Funny. Always needs to have The Funny Cute, unthreatening guys music, particularly poppy, vaguely druggy Sixties music velour. Lots […]