Unicorn Chaser: Lobster Shell Motorcycle

Happy fucking Wednesday. Here is a little motorcycle made out of lobster shells. Peace out.

Tree Lobsters, crawling crustaceans of the forest canopy

Verily, our humble planet is jam-and-even-jelly-packed with natural wonders, if one only looks to the skies and the seas, our own true final frontiers. Truly hath it been said that the mysteries they contain would send us gibbering back into the eternal darkness, if we dared to attempt understanding. The most merciful thing in the […]

Baked Lobster Caught!

Half-baked, anyway. I suggest a scientific name Carlin Cheechinigus, but that’s subject to (dis-) approval. This hallucinogenic beauty was caught off the coast of Maine, so the possibility exists that he was just on his way back from a wild party on the Gaspe, which would explain why he still looks half-baked. Although it no […]