Pacific Tree Octopus caught on camera!

We’ve previously covered the tragic decline of the noble Pacific Tree Octopus, once a monarch of the temperate rainforest, now sadly reduced to a furtive, shadowy band of cedar-crawling hobos, frantically fleeing from chainsaw-wielding lumberjacks. In this shocking image, Artist Liz Wolfe has managed to capture a cluster of them in mid-orgy. Never before have […]

The Endangered Pacific Tree Octopus: A Solution?

Could it be that someone has finally found a solution to the dwindling natural habitat and consequent decline in numbers of the noble, once populous, Pacific Tree Octopus? Looks like a smart NGO has stepped in where angels fear to tread and just slam-dunked it. How long now until Crabitat for Humanity starts in on […]

Tree Lobsters, crawling crustaceans of the forest canopy

Verily, our humble planet is jam-and-even-jelly-packed with natural wonders, if one only looks to the skies and the seas, our own true final frontiers. Truly hath it been said that the mysteries they contain would send us gibbering back into the eternal darkness, if we dared to attempt understanding. The most merciful thing in the […]

save the endangered tree octopus

From my earliest childhood to my brief spell as a humble Greenpeace canvasser, I have always been acutely sensitive to the plight of endangered species, and never moreso than now that I live in one of the last great rainforests of the world. As we hurtle ever faster towards our inevitable sterile, Logan’s Run inspired future, […]