The Greatest Sesame Street Recap in All Time and All Space

You think I’m kidding, don’t you? You’re probably feeling pretty smug about your OWN Sesame Street recaps, perhaps for good reason, but once you read this recap from Scott Lynch on Livejournal you’ll have to give it up to Scotty; this shizz is genius. Hat tip to Bourgeois Nerd for this awesome discovery. Seriously, do […]

Sesame Street Sob Story

Ever wonder where Oscar the Grouch came from? Seriously, if ever I saw a character with a backstory, Oscar is it. Grover paid his dues the old-fashioned way, starting as a shoeshine monster and making his way as a waiter/comedian on the mean streets of Queens, until the day he was talent-scouted by the youthful […]

Sesame Street Layoffs hit hard

Sesame Street, that beloved icon of childhood, where we learned everything we needed to know that later showed up in an overpriced book on business leadership, is under seige. We thought that a neighborhood of loveable, shaggy Muppets would escape the ravages of the recession: my friends, we were wrong. So, so wrong. In a […]

Cho Seung-Hui/Ernie from Sesame Street: the odd couple

Zeta runs deep. Virginia Tech mass-murderer Cho Seung-Hui was, it seems, no Dungeonmaster. He was no World of Warcrafter. He was no mom’sbasement-dweller. Police found not one computer game when they searched his room, not one multiplayer game on his computer. But the intrepid reporters at The Smoking Gun have found a smoking gun of […]

Sesame Street meets Goodfellas

From Martin Scorsese comes a new and gut-wrenching interpretation of the Sesame Street story. In a world so familiar, some secrets just can’t stay hidden. From the director of Goodfellas and Taxi Driver comes a story of vengence and innocence, love and violence, friendship and betrayal. Sesame Street meets Goodfellas  blinklist: Sesame Street meets Goodfellas […]