Hawaiian Earthquakes!

Hawaiian Earthquake Epicenter

Hawaiian Earthquake Epicenter

First Japanese Earthquakes (two in two days) and a ten foot metre tsunami; now, six Hawaiian earthquakes in the course of an hour. These ones were located just south of the Big Island, and at a maximum of 4.5 they aren’t too bad (I’ve been through that, and it was like the entire house went over the railway tracks on a bike, nothing major) but six???


People in Waikiki are being evacuated because of the expected tsunami from Japan. The airport is closed. And my friend in Hawaii is calmly emailing me over some abstruse WordPress embedding code.

I’ve tried the gigya shortcode in about every configuration I can come up with and I can get the player, but not the video itself. Their embed code is strange compared to others. Have you tried vodpod?

Panos is the undisputed gigya guru, so you might post in the forums. I don’t see a contact form on his blog.

Funny they had warning sirens at 8pm here, but I did not hear them. I did hear the ones about 9:20pm though.

I felt “compelled” to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I could have waited a few more days, but it was a strong urging. Glad I did now.

And we just had a 4.5 earthquake followed shortly after by a 3.3.

Fasten your seatbelts.


TO which my response is an understandable:

You mean you JUST had one? Just now?

And the calm reply:

Yup, just a few minutes before I sent the previous emails, we had two earthquakes.


And my un-calm reply:

Jesus Christ GET OFF THE INTERNET! Step away from power sources, dude! Priorities! You have to live long enough to have me over for merlot!

Although now I need a Martini!

UPDATE: oh wait, there’s more!

I’m up on the hill and safe. I’m off grid on solar and we had a bright sunny day so I have plenty of juice. My hand crank/solar radio is right here tuned to a radio station that plays a song and then does an update, then plays another song, then another update.

Wave heights for Kona, down the hill from me, are expected at a meter high, but they could be 5 to 15 minutes in length so they could push a good ways inland…

Ten earthquakes in the last hour +/-. Most 1 to 2.

When Kilauea was cranked up earlier this week we were getting 25 or so per day. Most barely felt where I am.


Yeah. Make that Martini a double. How am I supposed to sleep when my friends are calmly prepared for the Apocalypse. I bet he could take the Four Horsemen single-handed, and recycle the evidence.

Additionally: stuck in Twitter jail because I’ve tweeted too much this past hour about the Japanese quake and tsunami. Thanks, impersonal, automated ceiling on server loads.

Seriously, has anyone seen a woman answering to “Whore of Babylon?” BE PREPARED.


You may be measured and found wanting

You may be measured and found wanting

while my ukelele gently weeps

I know, it’s not an original title, but after watching this a couple of times I can’t really think straight; I can only sit smiling blankly, Buddha-like, into the face of the full moon. Watch and listen as Hawai’ian Jake Shimabukuro takes the ukelele to places in the human heart and the heart of the universe that we never knew it could go.

When will that stupid network stop taking these videos down and let us tell people how good their stuff is?

Jake on Myspace

Jake on NPR

Shimabukuro named his latest CD Gently Weeps because of his affection for George Harrison. The late musician, whose primary instrument was guitar, also played ukulele and would take one along wherever he went.

“I really believe he got a lot of his ideas from the ukulele because they work so well with the instrument — songs like Something,” Shimabukuro says.

And here’s Jake performing one of my favorite Beatles songs, In My Life. Can’t disagree with the list of reasons he makes the Babewatch radar, either.

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Don Ho, Peter Gabriel, Tom Selleck, David Hasselhoff, Danno, and a monkey

I have previously annointed Pat and Mick‘s YouTube masterpiece as the most Eighties music video of all time but, having now seen what you are about to see, I must reconsider. This has everything, including Giant Squid, a midnight zoo jailbreak, skydiving, a luau, flaming tiki torches, an octopus drummer, and a David Hasselhoff cameo. What more could you possibly want?

via metafilter

God hates Hawai’i

Hawaii Earthquake

See that map? There are 40 earthquakes on that map, including the 5.3-Scale monster that just hit the south-east of the Big Island about an hour ago. And that only goes back two weeks.

See this?

Hurricane Flossie

That’s Hurricane Flossie, due to hit the location in the above map in about twenty-four hours, with a 15-to-20-foot increase in wave height, winds up to 60mph, and 10 inches of rain.

At 5 a.m. EDT, Flossie had maximum sustained winds near 135 mph about. The storm was traveling west at about 14 mph.

Flossie may weaken as it moves over cooler ocean waters and travels south of Hawaii, according to the forecast. But it could also keep its strength and veer toward the islands.

It used to be that God hated trailer parks, and who can blame him? I felt about mine the way that kids in Springsteen songs feel about their small towns. But why, God? WHY MUST YOU HATE HAWAII???

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