Today in Enteroctopus Dofleini Movie News: It Came from Beneath the Sea

Here it comes. [sho' nuff] What is it? [the Giant Pacific Octopus] Is it real? [no, it is an early work by Ray Harryhausen, master model monster] A Tidalwave of Terror Engulfs the Screen as the Raging Monster from the Dawn of Creation Attacks the World of Man. [they just don't alliterate and hyperbolize like they used […]

From the Department of “We’re All Fucked”

I WARNED YOU ALL!!!! I warned you, and you laughed, didn’t you, or at least you lol’d and posted it to Twitter. I know you, you and your lol-ing, Twitter-posting ways. But you didn’t take it seriously, and now look what’s happened while you were off posting cat pictures to Facebook: they’ve begun to spread. […]

Aquatic Dragon Sighted!

What a day for nature lovers! Classic Rock radio 101 has reported the sighting of a rare Aquatic Dragon off the coast of Victoria, BC! Praise Cthulhu, we thought they had been hunted to extinction, along with their distant cousins, the Pacific Tree Octopus. This amazing creature, nearly 100m from its savagely curved beak to […]