war is not my language

الحـرب ليســـت لغتـي


מלחמה היא לא השפה שלי

71 thoughts on “war is not my language

  1. I’m not a remover of comments, but I think leaving yours all here lets people know you’re not too humble to learn, so that’s a better thing than just pretending you got it all along.

  2. Me neither, I leave stupid people’s comment on my blog too. But out of respect for the Jewish community, could you at least edit my somehow racial slur? :P

    If not, it’s fine… I don’t really care THAT much. :)

  3. No, I’ll be leaving it. If you don’t want to be associated with remarks like that, don’t make them in the first place: I think it stands as a good example. And anyone who investigates down the comments thread can see your remorse. And the fact that, if they drop a comment they’re sorry for later, they’re going to be stuck with it.

  4. Yes, by the way, thanks for the My Blog Log. It’s a nifty little tool but I was wondering the same. Does it track who is currently reading your blog or who last read it?

  5. It tracks who last read it; if a MBLer is on your blog, they’re on the sidebar, but I find they’re a minority of bloggers so that the widget moves slowly.

    It IS fun, though, especially checking out other people’s blogs. I dunno why mine isn’t clickable except on the links below the widget, but it’s cool to see people, especially ones I met at the Northern Voice blogging conference.
    *waves to Northern Voicers*

  6. Who can read Hebrew? That’s like speaking Latin. So not cool.

    …and wow, Rainy Pooh. You responded to my comment within two minutes. O_O

  7. Snc “… speaking Latin…. not cool …”

    Your Grace

    Salve et Merhaba

    Harrumphus, Harrimpha, Harremphorum

    ScHockingissimus [sciocchinghissimo, for your Italian freond]

    Das geDammen und das geBlasten

    The perceptive Mlle Snc [doesn’t Hebrew have no vowels] would NOT say this, if she’d got a well-paid job as a Latin Teacher for that kindly Little-Boots CHAPus [Caligula], who did so much to promote international co-operation and historical progress, when conquering Germania & the Ocean

    Es macht man denken, nee
    Das ist es, doch

    [It makes yer fink — uhhh
    This is it, i’n’it]

    Carthago est DELENDA … or as Eeyore so sagely observed to Winnie the Pooh :

    “I don’t care who you blame,
    as long as you don’t blame me”

    Vale atque Allahismarladik

    L’Aigle le non-Cool

  8. Das ist doch outRAGEous

    for eine Marchoinesse to outVit ein Eagle

    I have this problem continually und continuously with Mrs Lovely-Eagle

  9. Rain was a good fellow
    But, she has a bad side
    Rain..plays the cello
    Rain was never very kind
    She always untied my shoe lace!
    I would trip and fall
    I often wished I could spray her with mace!
    My mom is a fat qhale, as rain would call
    My poetry sucks
    So cluckin’.

  10. lovin’ the fight !

    god i miss outsmarting asswipes.

    hm. rhymes.

    p.s. you, sir, are a good woman to subscribe to! coming from me, it means a lot! i found you via forum on some lady bitching about her 9-year-old seeing the word “shit” or something and i thought you were a guy!

    it’s just funny how back in my super-blogging days, some people thought i was a guy, too.

  11. You can’t read someone’s tone into a post but your reply seems serious. Well in the event that you took my comment seriously I just thought you should know…I was just kidding 0_o. I meant that I see war for what it is which is senseless brutality.

    FYI I actually don’t approve of the wars and wish they’d just give it a rest.

  12. That’s great. I know people read things differently but I’d prefer to get a clarifying question before I’m labeled as a warmonger and stabbed with the sarcasm.

    I see what kind of blog this is. Serious on the politics (as we all should be)–no failed attempts at humor. My bad. Gotcha. Won’t post here anymore.

  13. It’s great that you’re not defensive!

    Okay, seriously: your remark looked boasting and flippant, so that’s why I hit you with what I did. If you got stabbed with sarcasm for making nebulous, poorly-formed statements, I’m still good with it. It’s what we do here. Look before you leap or at least sack up and quit whining about it.

  14. Sorry can’t “sack up”. No balls honey. Don’t need or want any. I read the post itself–not the comments. I wasn”t sure whether or not they were bullshit–you know like on YouTube.

    I’ll look first next time. No need to be rude. I won’t argue with you about it. If that’s the way you read it–that’s the way you read it. And whoever else.

    Check your comment road rage. Later.

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  16. how come on all the alien movies they are always one united race?? It’s weird that we make weapons to use on ourselves :\

    PS you’re smart

  17. uh…i have been recieving filth posts from a maverick in mt gmail…seems you have been eliminating them from your page here, good for you. how can i eliminate them from my mailbox and/or prevent further? signed trog-luddite

  18. That’s easy. Gmail has a SPAM function; simply label the emails as spam when they come in (if you know the email address, you can set your filters so ALL emails from that address go to spam automatically). After a short “training” period, Gmail will automatically direct emails from that address to the spam file and you won’t see them.

    I’ve been sending all my generic trolls to Akismet spam on this blog (one of them got butthurt I smacked it down and posted my blog address to an entire FORUM devoted to lame trolling, and so I’ve been getting a lot of basement-dwelling, mentally defective randos posting “you suck” etc here; as each posts, I Spam it, with the consequence that all their future comments on WordPress blogs will also be sent to spam).

  19. “emily” when you gonna face your self? hope you do it before your ugliness becomes unbearable even to yourself. you will have few options left by then.

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  21. That’s a rather enlightening and (occasionally accidentally) comical Comments string. I, too, am a fan of giving people enough rope to either macrame themselves a pot-hanger or hang themselves, whichever they so choose. Keep up the good work, and commentary, Raincoaster.

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  23. Haven’t been here in a long time, I can’t imagine why. Got here from Archie’s. I have to say I have fallen in love with your blog and your rapier sarcastic take no prisoners wit all over again.

    War is not my language either. But it seems that we all have some sort of understanding of the syntax and vocabulary, probably because we have been exposed to it over and over again from the time we could hear language. I remember how vilified “peaceniks” were when I was very young and people were protesting the Viet Nam “police action”. It seems that we have learned nothing from that, nor are we willing to learn from the long history of Afghanistan as the Graveyard of Empires.

    And yet, we have a war on drugs, a war on poverty, a war on…

    No wonder people are driven to sarcasm. There is so much fuel for it.

    Personally, I try not to watch the news any more. It depressed me too much.

    But thanks for all this. Now I must go mow my lawn.

  24. I greatly fear that everyone who thinks they could not kill anyone is simply mistaken. If it were true, wars could not happen. Clearly, we are capable of this, every one of us. That’s why we have the responsibility to make better choices.

  25. I absolutely believe that everyone is capable of killing. It only takes enough provocation. Or rationalization. That one is huge. “I was only following orders” is one of the scariest sentences in the language of war.

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