New Russian Targets from the IT Army of Ukraine

Hey! Didja know that over at The Cryptosphere we’re sharing the IT Army of Ukraine’s daily target lists? Today we’re hitting Russian media. Care to join the biggest hacktivist action in history? Links in the post to everything you need.

The Cryptosphere

Here we go, people! Remember: Tor, then VPN, then happy hunting!

Russia ruins everything
Russia ruins everything


Well done! For the last two days, the Russians have not been able to access their CRM. As always, on weekends we switch to Russian mass media.

Хороша робота! Останні два дні росіянам не вдавалося поправцювати в своїх CRM. Як завжди на вихідних переходимо до росзмі

https://www.xn--32-6kc4bi9i.xn--p1ai/ (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)
http://xn--80aaajllyo6c2h.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)
http://xn—-7sbbdcrylc1ahd6a1as4e7b.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)
http://xn—-7sbemcagqeo2b3bkwe.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)

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