Then vs Now: the decline and fall, from an equine perspective


George Stubbs Lion Attacking Horse

George Stubbs A Lion Attacking A Horse was painted sometime around 1765… The horse is majestic but doomed, the lion, a ravaging monster. It’s Claude Lorraine meets Lord of The Rings.


Lion on Horseback

The shocking pictures come from the animal park at Xiamen in Fujian, south-east China, where the public seem to delight in humiliating circus-style stunts and have no regard for animal cruelty. Conditions are poor, with big cats including lions, tigers and leopards and other large animals including bears kept in solitary confinement in tiny cages.

So I see the fin was a little late this siècle.

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29 thoughts on “Then vs Now: the decline and fall, from an equine perspective

  1. From what I’ve seen of the way they treat animals in China, I shudder at the thought of ever being a prisoner there. Only a few steps from the Great Wall I remember seeing black bears at the bottom of 15 feet of vertical concrete. If you’ve got four legs in China, you suffer, then you get eaten.

  2. The lion appears to lack both teeth and claws. At least it’s fat, even though it’s not clean. Neither of them are clean, and that horse’s hooves are worn right down from trotting on pavement. I’d like to think the concept of kindness to animals could be introduced without the carrot/stick of a profit motive, but it sure doesn’t look like it.

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  4. The lion isn’t trying to eat the horse. That’s definet. Its an act. Its sad that the animals are kept in cages and horrible that they are forced to do those tricks, but the lion is hurting the horse.

  5. Every country will, “FOR THE MONEY” say this stuff is ok!
    Rich ppl like killing and the poor do it too.

    Germany has in their constitution “animal rights policies”. No one else does.
    There has to be places/ countries that have some kind of perfection, but I never really hear of them.

    Slowly across North America, Europe and many other places animals have rights and are given a priority. But, it is too slow.

    Politics, Money, Gun groups etc have interests that are not mature [and this is putting it politely].

    Legislation is so slow to gain acceptance among the masses. It’s very upsetting.

    So lets make an issue of this with our Government Elected Representatives… It is all us little people can do.

    Best regards!
    [Sorry about my choice of name]

  6. becca, they shouldn’t be jailed, they should have a lion jump on them and then be locked in a cage, every single day. And any place where they actually treat animals with respect, I have yet to see. This behaviour is sick.

    On average 136 animals are treated this way.

    and 4 die every year from the cruel treatment.

    This, along with torture, prison and the death penalty originated in China.
    People would pay to see these kind of acts, and that still happens today. People love seeing animals being tortured. We’re all talking about saving the people from torture, slavery, mistreatment, but have you ever thought about the other creatures God put on this planet?

    97% of people will have answered no, and have a big argument that we are more important. That money is more important.

    98% of people refuse to pass this message on, or can’t be bothered. be one of the 2% who do.

    “God created everything to be respected, and up in heaven Him, the saints and the angels are weeping at our cruelty to fellow passengers to the grave. HAVE A CARE, FOR ANIMALS EVERYWHERE!!!”

    Thank you for reading this all-inportant message, and hope you pass it on. Thank you.

  7. Thanks. I’m starting to think these are the End Times. I mean, within five years, poof, holocaust. I keep hoping someone will convince me that I’m wrong, but I’m still waiting.

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  9. I reached for the popcorn when you got challenged, but it petered out :-( I have to admit that I was not brave enough to click on the link to “the worst animal violence that i had see” – this image alone gave me pause.

    I was watching Stephen Hawkings Into the Universe the other night and they were talking about finding aliens. Everyone seems so excited about find other life out there – we have it here and we treat it like this.

    Off to find the follow-up…

  10. I don’t know why they couldn’t see that I’d linked to them. It surely must have shown up in their trackbacks. But I got challenged in that manner several times, by several similarly blind/dumb people, so now I always preface the quotation. Which is a waste, actually.

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