LolGoth #23: mai mitosis

Yes, it’s another Lol Trent. Can I help it if he’s so pretty?

moar lolgoths heeyer

Trent Reznor in Mai Mitosis


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13 thoughts on “LolGoth #23: mai mitosis

  1. I love the mitosis reference. I always forget which was which between mitosis and meiosis (it’s been a while since high school bio), but this loltrent could help me remember the difference. You never know when I might need to discuss amoeba reproduction!

  2. I thought about making it meiosis for a minute, because that splits into sex-making cells, and I just like to think of Trent that way. But then I thought he’d be missing half his chromosomes and it would be like that old Star Trek episode where the transporter splits Kirk into Good Kirk and Bad Kirk.

  3. So one of them would bring you a rose and read you poetry while the other one would get down to business? And what’s the difference between Good Kirk and Bad Kirk and Good Trent and Bad Trent?

  4. See, this is why I’m nervous about what the bio-boys are doing in those labs of theirs. He looks like twin Tom Cruises.

    “Mai scinetolology, let me ‘splain it to u. Again.”

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