MHDDoS_Proxy Updated, plus Russian Diplomatic Targets from the IT Army of Ukraine

A major change in the cyberwar in Ukraine: the IT Army of Ukraine has switched from open source tools to closed. This allows them to control the target lists completely so that they will ONLY attack Russian targets: the Russians or their allies had been using the open source tools against Ukrainian targets. That’s no longer possible.

The Cryptosphere

Sorry we’ve been offline: Ottawa has had a massive internet outage that’s still not fully resolved (we’d like to think that’s Russia trying to stop us from posting these, but we’d like the liability courts NOT to think that). And dropping the phone in the bathtub effectively removed all our other alternatives. Anyhoodle, we’re back. Let’s get to it, shall we? Big one today.


Another update of mhddos_proxy ( has been released, simplifying its use and improving security.

Recently, we’ve noticed that tools created by volunteers are increasingly being used by a hostile party. This also applies to everyone’s favorite mhddos_proxy through open-source code, the enemy could use it against us and our allies.

The only solution, according to its developers, was to close the source code. We do not want to provide such an effective cyber weapon to our enemy, so we fully support such a decision.


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