Fairy found alive in South Africa!

Fairies Oberon and Titania

Long has the mystery of the elusive and entrancing fairy perplexed some of the greatest minds in the Western World.

Whether known as fairies, Little People, sidhe, elves, or Faerie(ii or y, for teenage Livejournalers only), they have fascinated our preeminent literary figures as well as those whose interests lie in the purely scientific, theists of the most extreme sort, and atheists likewise.

Truly, there is no corner of the human imagination into which they have not penetrated.

Various proofs were brought forward and each, in turn, mocked. Fossilized fairies. Mummified fairies. Even, in the ultimate legitimization that Western society offers, Retailed Fairies (free shipping to Neverland).

Each fell before the catcalls of the disbelievers.

Now, at last, positive photographic proof of the existence of fairies has emerged from the Dark Continent. This crystal-clear shot of a fairy conducting a conversation with two friendly meerkats is the first hint we’ve had of the so-called “Special Relationship” between the two species. Long have the inscrutable meerkat race been suspected of magical qualities, and now we have conclusive proof of the nature of that intercourse with the spiritual world within our own.

Let the naysayers mock if they dare!

Fairy and Meerkats

This remarkable scientific document deservedly won special commendation in the behaviour (mammals) category in the prestigious Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, hosted by the UK’s Natural History Museum, and it comes to us direct from the not-at-all-given-to-mere-sentimentality-except-Polly-Toynbee-who-can’t-think-anyway Guardian newspaper. It was taken by Shem Compion on South Africa’s Tswalu Kalahari reserve, which is no doubt shortly to become a mecca for sidhezoologists from around the globe. Book your flight now: airplane optional!

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104 thoughts on “Fairy found alive in South Africa!

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  3. that thing looks like a MEGA-FLY
    sry but there’z no way any1 should belive that
    and fairies don’t have to disguise themselves they live in the forests around a bunch of pretty flowerz
    don’u u watch any movies???!!!

  4. I love fairies, but this picture simply looks like a… bug… The head and body are visible, but the legs are thin like a MOSQUITO and there are THREE legs… Sorry. I do believe though.

  5. Don’t be ridiculous: what bug has three legs? Proof it’s not a bug at the very least! It is, of course, a delicate arm and two legs. The other is not visible from this angle, but probably holding a delicate fairy rapier, hence the rapt attention of the meerkats.

  6. err

    … ummm

    F/O – what is it that you believe ?

    Surly not Logical Positivists ???

  7. G Eagle, it’s like spiritualism versus religion: they believe, they just don’t know what in.

    BTW is our tow-headed friend king of London yet? I haven’t checked.

  8. ok who ever took this pic are u really that retarded?
    it is obviously a frekin bug! u idiot u have disgraced the name of all fairy belivers! ok excuse my lingo but, u r a fuckin retard to think thats a fairy. its a BUG! i repeat a BUG! geze! th meerkats r lookin at it cause it was flyin in front of their faces!!!

  9. With spelling like that, you’re obviously a troll. Naturally, you’d want to repress news of fairy sightings, lest humans realize that you live among them, nestling under bridges and only coming out for your sessions at the internet cafe, leaving massively illiterate comments on blogs that dare reveal the existence of your world.

  10. The mummified one looks more real…That could just as easily be a mosquito or some fly..Don’t get me wrong, I believe in fairies strongly, but the photographic evidence on this one isn’t all that good…

  11. It s dragon fly. anyone who tries to pass this off as a fairy are flippen nuts and need there heads shaken, Time to grow up and research bugs!!

  12. Fuck off back to playing WoW you weird fucks its a fucking bug you can see the body segments. It is most likley a wasp as they fly with a number of there legs hanging below them. Learn some fucking biology instead of overindulging in computers and fantacy novels FUCK…… I DONT BELEIVE IN FAIRIES!! I beleive in science.

  13. One again, unsubstantiated statements from an anonymous, ungrammatical troll. Where will you unscientific types learn that only actual PROOF will suffice?

  14. Well of course it’s a faery silly! If it was a black wasp I’m sure any other wasp wouldn’t be so smart as to disguise itself as a faery pretending to be a wasp…geez.

  15. That’s absolutely ridiculous, I mean seriously you people can’t be for real. How the hell is that supposed to be a fairy, I mean for christ’s sake how deluded do you have to be. Its just a mud wasp, or a mud dauber, found all over South Africa. When they fly they hold their two smaller front legs up, so would be out of shot.
    Its looks exactly like this,

    which is indeed a wasp!

  16. So you SAY! But I have more knockout photographic evidence coming soon. Yes, this blog will soon be the world’s foremost source of fairy photographs, them damn Cottingly girls be damned!

  17. do fairies really exist??/
    i hav heard that they are very beautiful and kind. is it true….??
    are they like the one in cindrella’s story….??
    can anyone see them????

  18. The unbelievers are so hidebound that not even an autopsy, a body, and photographic proof are enough to sway them from their horrible, blinkered orthodoxy.

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  20. I do believe in fairies a couple of years ago there was an autopsy about a farmer finding a dead fairy that was mummified on the ground.

  21. Raincoaster, your wit is ingenious.
    Very enjoyable.
    I will comment on your last statement though, relating to photography lying. Have you not seen any magazines lately?

  22. I love the photos and I strongly beleive in fairies, but that looks like an ant squished with a wasp flying. Ireally do believe in fairies, Honest. No offense, but you need to take more clear pictures.

    The researcher

  23. On the contrary, I do not need to take clearer pictures: this is an award-winning photograph that was published in the Guardian, as you can see if you click on it. If you were really “THE researcher” you’d have checked out the source, rather than assume, correct?

    Another participant in the Great Meerkat Conspiracy, it seems. If we can’t trust Wikipedia researchers, who CAN we trust?

  24. lol fairys i think not. ther is no scientific proof of fairys there is no proof thats its not a bug ther is no proof that it is a bug so lets leave it at that i dont beive in fairys personaly but people have there belives putting them don wont be fun so why not go mess with something else leave these people to there fairy biz

  25. Looks like a big bug to me in the photo, carrying maybe another insect. Too bad the photographer didn’t use a ZOOM to get more detail. I don’t call this proof there are fairies.

  26. Fucking Meerkat sympathizer. You think meerkats never seen a bug before? Why do they look so surprised, then, if this is just a bug, EH??? ANSWER ME THAT!! Because they know that if proof of the existence of fairies reached the outside world, their petty little conspiracy games would come crashing to the ground.

  27. faries are not real there just fake you get it and stop wasting your time because they are not real!!!!!! you suck monkey balls

  28. you mother fucker it is not real fuck you and im only 10 you dumb bitches fuck off suck your momas dick ass hole

  29. Gosh, those long words must have been quite a struggle for you to read; you seem to be used to ones with fewer than five letters.

    Small life lesson: don’t piss off the raincoaster. Or, ten years old or not, she’ll do something like this:


  30. this is a total fake, i mean just look at it. What kind of fairy has legs and arms like a….bug…. no offence, though!
    I mean oh my feathers, i really can’t believe how anyone would believe that is a real fairy? OMG-the person that put the picture here is really a ……. i mean seriously omg-never saw anything so ‘wonderful’ just like a bug…

  31. this is a ‘nice’ picture of a bug, but don’t you think it’s so fake? I mean just looking at it, i want to just put a real fairy picture on there. I believe in fairies, but well good job on this ‘wonderful’ picture. Um…….. i think you made the believers in fairies totally don’t believe in it anymore!

  32. “What kind of fairy has arms and legs,” indeed. Have you ever SEEN a fairy, my oh-so-skeptical friend? I’m afraid you’ve been spending far too much time watching X-files, and it has poisoned your mind.

  33. Sub “… you made the believers in fairies totally don’t believe in it anymore!”

    Your Grace

    Unbelief may be intellectually respectable

    …. but Grammatical errancy

    Shocking, on this, a Serious, Educational Blogge, much visited by Incisive Ladies, Children and other Animals in search of enLightenment and Amusement

  34. It’s a wasp….no, not a white anglo-saxon protestant…..a real wasp. How ignorant do you think the average internet surfer is?

  35. Brian, I am beginning to get an idea of what that average would be. To ‘that average’: Do NOT use contractions. Even in silly spell you rarely save any keystrokes and it just makes you look stupid. Send your thanks to Netty Netiquette.

  36. Do any of you think that that wasp is really a faery? I want to believe as much as the next person but that picture is too obvious. Also, I am not here to insult anyone…please remember that.

  37. Yes that is a very interesting photo. I myself took a photo
    of a fairy (sprite) in The Antelope Valley on the morning of Oct 24th 2009 about 15 minutes before sunrise,it was interacting with my dogs. it is standing on the ground next to one of my dogs with its legs visible under its dress or long coat of hair. I have not seen any comparrison shots to mine but the image is very distinct. If raincoaster wishes to view the shot please contact me.

  38. I’d like to believe in the existence of fairies more than I’d like to believe that there are this many people who don’t get the tone of your post and replies.

    When Jonathan Swift wrote A Modest Proposal on eating babies to solve hunger, I wonder what sort of replies he got…

  39. Yes I think it is real. Too bad you others do not have an open mind. Not everything is Harry Potter ya know….

  40. This is not a fairy…it’s a wasp or some kind of bug. And besides, this evidence correlates to nothing else you have provided. I found the the mummified fairy believable and interesting, but this looks nothing like that.
    1.) the mummified fairy was 8 inches long, not 2 cm.
    2.) fairies have hair…like the mummy’s red hair.
    3.) fairies resemble elf like tiny humans…just like the mummy was said to resemble a child’s body, not the body of a bug. And don’t tell me it’s ‘disguising’ itself, because then you have absolutely no proof that it is a fairy, just a bug.

    And the meerkats don’t look suprised, a meerkats job of survival is to always be alert for predators. You need to brush up on your animal planet.

    One more thing…are you serious? meerkat conspiracies? really? lmfao!!! That’s as bad as scientology.

    I believe in the existence/possibility of fairies, but this is not proof, just exaggerated hope.

    -Good Luck on your future findings

  41. This is not a fairy and fairies do not have the abilities to disguise themselves. You all might think im crazy but faires are real. My little sister and i have seen one. I do believe in them. Before you make a comment think, if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all.

    Everything you hear about a fairy in a movie is sterotype.
    My sister and i were playing in the little grassy forest near our home. We were alone and we got lost. Rushing to find a road before dark. We came across a pond and rest at an old trunk. Under a leaf on the ground came alittle nudge. First i thought it was a snake so i took a stick and moved the leaf.It flew fast and hid behind a rock across the pond. It peaked every so often. It was no bug. It had a little face more of a small human. It attempted to come near but then flew away. After finding my way out i wrote about this in my journal. So with a cell phone and map this time. My sister would come with me every spring and summer to visit the pond and i would take my journal. Faries are very shy and they are very much real! If you disagree then dont reply a rude comment. Keep it to yourselves. Thank you!

  42. Carol i have a life and it’s not making rude comments. I express my stories on my time that i dont have school or anything to do. I’m probably younger then you and more mature.so please.

  43. IDK but i thing is a firefly but i know where to find real ones the are at my grandmothers house< they eat her honey sugar a nd fruits. they play with my grandmother and they tell her about them if you want more info go t0 my website

    [update by raincoaster; we would, but I checked it out and it’s just spam, so no, nobody will be going to your website]

  44. AGAIN with the unsubstantiated allegations. You can tell specifically what it is not, but you can’t tell specifically what it is? On what basis? Do you have a picture of a fairy you hold up and compare? Where did you get the photo of the real fairy, then? And why don’t you have any photos of real bugs?

    I can say this is definitely not a bedbug, for instance. But I can’t prove it’s not a fairy.

  45. Guys, I think that pic is just two meerkats that don’t like big flying bugs. Maybe there are such things as fairies. But I’ve seen bugs that look EXACTLY like that, so unlike raincoaster, I CAN prove that it isn’t a fairy. Sorry, but it not.

  46. And Raincoaster, no offence, but if you really think that that thing in the picture is a fairy, then you, for some reason, are desperate to believe that fairies exist. The only thing is, well, Why? (raises eyebrows)

  47. Thank you , but how can you attract one? Because i read a book about the fairies and the woman took fotos of them and said how to attract them, but how do you attract one in South Africa??It’s just that they are so facinating that i really want to see one……

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  49. Again, the “Scientists” claim that actual proof isn’t proof. We direct you to our Mummified Fairy thread for further proof, and further proof that nay-sayers will neither back up their claims nor admit actual proof.

  50. Dude,everyone is trying to say THIS PICTURE is not good or even close to evidence of fuckin fairies,an no,not a “troll”, but someone that’s trying to get thru ur thick skull that THIS PICTURE is NOT a fuckin fairy,not a nonbeliever,its just clear that THIS PARTICULAR PICTURE is not proof of a fairy,none of your replies will make the bug flying infront of the meerkats appear to be anythingelse,an not going to read your retarded reply so don’t bother commentimg back…close minded idiot.

  51. ok that looks like a genetically engineerned mosquito!I believe in fairies. but its like a half, half thing but this really doesn’t look like proof.its a bug i’ve look it up and discovereD something resembling that eaxact creature.i apologize if its really a fairy but to be honest this picture convinces me no further i think its a fake.,That is not a fairy.

  52. Im going to make a fairy house today I already have two. faires are smaller than the earth they can live everywere so check In an apple tree. so your lucky if you live by trees.

  53. You guys think only mythical creatures can be found in your countries WHY! You make others feel out of place about their contries

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