Dead Cottingley Fairy discovered

mummified cottingley fairy is mummified, akshuly

mummified cottingley fairy is mummified, akshuly

This time not in Devonshire; this time, it’s a Yorkshire fairy, eeeeh bee goom.

Well, strike me mum! Here’s yet more proof (if any were in fact required, and we are ALL ABOUT PROOF around these parts, as you know) that dead fairies are real. Or. Well. WERE real and are now post-real and in fact mummified, if not petrified, and who knew they had stagefright in the first place, eh?

Answer me that!

Yes, today via Propnomicon comes word that back in the dark days of January another former fairy has come to light from the collection of a prominent also-formerly-alive American archaeologist. Here is the update, via the El Dodo Albino news organization:

Octavius Zedock was a prominent cryptozoologist belonging to the Theosophical Society in New York who dedicated his life to the study of creatures whose existence has been denied by science for years.
His research was extensive and in his lifetime collected a large number of specimens not officially classified, and that for years have been kept by the Company. Today, the silence was broken and the specimens come to light for the first time … is time to learn, it’s time to discover the truth behind the myths.
The specimen collected in the city of Cottingley , England in the 20’s, shows the reality of the existence of fairies. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was right, there was something magical in the forests of that place…

There is more, but I can’t read Spanish anymore than I can read Elvish (somewhat less, thanks to a miss-spent youth, actually) so you’ll have to Babelfish it yourselves.

The emergence of this long-lost mummy raises interesting questions about the cultural heritage of the UK, particularly in the age of the EU. Can the country prevent its fairies from slipping away to foreign shores in the company of shifty Yanks in khakis? Only time, at about ₤300 an hour, can tell.

This forms the latest in our ongoing scientific investigation of the very real, and very hushed-up, phenomenon of dead fairies. If you have or are a dead fairy, or even a live one, you are encouraged to contact the editor of this blog via the comments section here or on the original Mummified Fairy post, where you will have lots of company. About 2200 iterations of company, in fact.

25 thoughts on “Dead Cottingley Fairy discovered

  1. Are you angling for a colossally copious cacophony of comments about this cryptid? Well, even if you aren’t, I wanted to be the first out of the gate. Besides, I’m a fan of the fossilized fairies, frankly.

    OK, alliteration mode off…Must be the water around here. Michigan, man…

  2. reine: ah, the unscientific approach. “I don’t like those people, therefore I will not examine their proof!” Haters gonna do what? That’s right, skip the evidence!!!!

    Necromancer, that will get you blogrolled. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for alliteration?

    Also: I’m aiming to break five thousand views today, that’s what I’m aiming for.

  3. Love fantasy novels, not quite sure whether the creatures actually exist outside the confines of fiction and imagination though. Need more than a few pictures and “archaeologist’s” claims to fame. I use the term few loosely. Scientific evidence can still be rather subjective in these cases I’m afraid especially when it’s decades old. Not to rain on anyone’s parade though – despite my own doubts I still aver that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Debating is not the order of the day.

  4. Well, of course you must read the other posts; we have been collecting evidence for YEARS, and any good scientific mind would definitely insist upon examining all of it before leaping to a conclusion.

    As for the 5000 benchmark, we’re only about 50 away from that now, for some reason. I detect a disturbance in the Force…in other words, by dawn whatever story just broke on tv or radio will be on the blogs too and I will know what the hell is going on. This is simply the most recent discovery I could find once my hits started going insane.

  5. Erm, I’m from Yorkshire and we don’t all go around saying “eee bee gum” (actually it’s “eee, bah gum or by eck”) we do however, eat black pudding, wear cloth caps and keep Whipets and pigeons. And we do have a propensity to photograph paper cut-outs and fool authors a lot. :-)
    I now live in Norfolk.

  6. I will take a look at the other posts when I have time to burn but at the moment I have a 220 page reading project staring at me that I’ve left till deadline as usual. So I must be off the computer and buckle down. The life of a reviewer is always busy but when procrastination enters the picture things can get a bit messy-lol.

  7. As you can see, there’s not much eating on this one except maybe the ribs. You could do Buffalo Fairy Ribs with Dippin’ Sauce I suppose, but you’d feel awful guilty and children would avoid you.

    Melissa, I understand completely. There are an even 4300 posts here for perusal any time.

  8. Reblogged this on curvyelviesays and commented:
    This is all I know: that most paranormal type shows like True Blood and Supernatural have alot of references to faeries. Not to mention the lore of faeries throghout time. Clap if you believe….clapclapclapclap

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